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A non-American view of Egypt

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posted on May, 30 2011 @ 09:13 PM
This is an opinion piece I came across while perusing the Al-Jazeera website. Personally I believe it's a refreshing change from the heavily sanitized releases we get delivered by the main U.S. channel's showing countless Egyptians cheering our goals and policies.

...this is not an opportunity for the people who have risen up, but for the force that has aided and abetted their jailers, and ensured they were kept in shackles for decades in the name of political realism. It is its "opportunity", the chance for its decision makers and bureaucrats sitting in their Washington boardrooms to fashion the region's present and future, just as they did its past. In Obama's words, "to pursue the world as it should be" - not according to the yearnings and aspirations of its people - but to America's cold calculations.

As a statement of opinion it obviously has a biased slant but I think written by anyone against globalization it would sound the same.

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