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David Icke Actually Telling It Like It Is

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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 03:37 AM

Originally posted by stevooo
He needs to just come out and call a reptile a jew,

Oh for crying out loud. The Queen is Protestant

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 04:20 AM
reply to post by thedarktower

This isn't something I normally do...nice job star and flag. I recently started looking into what David has been saying and then you popped up with this thread. Anyways, I have nothing to contribute other than to thank you for the effort. You made my evening

I just realized I should extend my gratitude to Unity_99 too. As David would say, thanks mate!
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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 05:32 AM
reply to post by Kandinsky

Thanks for the link, only bout half way through it so far so bare with me.....
Granted it is thorough info, but i can't help but think so far that if you are trying to discredit someone or bring their dealings into the public eye - Rockerfellers - How satisfying would it be to use their own funding and assistance against them?
Anyway gimme a bit more time with that link...

Oh and a big Thankyou to DODGYDAVE. I swear i thought the royal family looked like lizards when i was a kid LOL, actually thats when Icke was still presenting Grandstand! S'pecially that Phillip one. He's a wrong'un.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 06:38 AM
reply to post by daydoesez
It's a heck of a long article and Icke didn't appreciate it at all. It basically identifies how he was entirely opposed to people being tax-exempt as it's a tool of the NWO and such-like. It's a way for the rich and powerful to pay less tax and increase their wealth at the expense of the rest of can also be used to conceal wealth and connections.

It was a surprise then to find Icke and his off-shore, tax-exempt Freedom Foundation (for funnelling US donations). He's done the same thing he accuses and condemns others for. Whereas in their case it proves his contentions that they are child-sacrifcing/raping satanists, Zionist murderers....what does it say about him? That his FF was then connected to those 'arch-Zionists' Rockefellers is even more demonstrative of his speaking from both sides of his mouth.

In 2007, before he apparently concealed his off-shore/tax exempt foundation, it brought in $100 000. That's no mean sum and is only the donations-end of his income. It doesn't include USA book sales, DVDs or tour dollars. So we can see that he is making a healthy turnover in the US alone, using tax-breaks and the services of organisations directly connected to people he claims are evil.

In 2007 David Icke’s Freedom Foundation received a total of $112,090 in donations; we can safely assume - for the moment - that most, if not all, of those tax-exempt donations came from the same sort of people who eagerly buy his books and DVDs, and who joyfully attend his marathon lectures. However, sometime during 2009, Icke very quietly removed the link to the Freedom Foundation from his website (only subscribers can access it) and disbanded it discontinuing his relationship with the IHC, leaving few traces of its existence, except for those who dig deep enough. Icke may well insist there was nothing sinister in his arrangements, perhaps; but his silence on this issue might suggest otherwise…
Icke Investigated by Will Banyan

He's only doing what rich people always do and who cares? Fair game? As I see it, before people begin giving hero status and martyr-like qualities...they should no more about him. In my eyes, he's a human being with the same qualities of greed and deception that he seeks to condemn in others. Perhaps he doesn't see it that way? Maybe he believes what some people in this thread believe about him?

In my opinion, he's spreading hate in the minds of his fan-base and taking their money for it. That they can't see that hardly matters...they'd find someone else to do their thinking for them anyway. When I try and draw attention to this side of Icke, it isn't for the people in this thread; they're stuck in their ways anyway. Hopefully people will read the links and give Icke a wide berth...leave his madness and hatred all to himself.

(I apologise if I came across ranty or moody in previous posts)

ETA: This is a screencap of the Freedom Foundation website....

This is a snip of the tax forms from the organisation that ensured his cash-flow was tax-exempt...
...and this is the direct link to the Tax Form.

There's a simple summary here...

Instead the preferred path can only be described as pure chutzpah. Icke and Dr Makow promote an article that makes some serious accusations against Tides; but neither bothers to disclose that Icke's now defunct Freedom Foundation was under the fiscal umbrella of an organisation that accepted Tides money for its other projects. Some might argue that it is not relevant; but Icke's association with Tides, no matter how indirect and non-financial it actually was, should have been disclosed. One can only hope that Mr Icke will in due course, correct this unfortunate omission…
Martin Frost article

I'm curious as to what mechanism Icke now uses to gain tax-free access to US donations? There one year and gone the next? Unlikely!
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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 07:10 AM
reply to post by Kandinsky

LOL, please don't apologise. I find that the subject of Icke(whichever way you lean) can have this effect!

Interesting article though, and there are so many possible reasons for this going through my mind, need to do some more reading up.

Still, at a very basic level, Icke has been able to strike a chord with so many of the 'still sleeping' people i know. Anyone who can make people less obliging and trusting of authority is a good thing IMO.

As for the more 'out there' theories, be honest, isnt there just a tiny little bit of you that can see the lizard likeness in the Royals
Actually my dislike of the royal family may be causing me to want the lizard thing to be true!

I still have love for Icke, my intuition tells me that he is a good man, who's hearts in the right place and non of us gets it right 100% of the time but make no mistake i do not hero worship ANYONE AT ALL..... thats dangerous business.

BTW loving your new silver outline. Suits you! ( will wade through the extra info now )
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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 11:06 AM

Originally posted by potential_problem

Originally posted by Digital_Reality
It blows my mind how he can talk about reptilians and shape shifting then the next minute make total sense and sound rational on another subject. I just don't know about this guy.

You know, watch some interviews with serial killers.
Same thing, they are convincing, funny, friendly even, but psychopath is psychopath.
It's their ONLY path.

p.s. and no, not every psychopath is serial killer(if someone is able to understand what i made post about it would be OBVIOUS).
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Each of us is entitled to our own journey and awareness, the grade or size of our spirit/star, for the as the stars in the sky vary so do our souls. No one is dragging you along the path of awareness.

3 of us can see the same craft in the sky, note it as anomalous, the same 100 feet low height, the same soundless movements, the same appear out of nowhere, and disappear right at our roof. One can acknowledge they had a siting. One can acknowledge that not only did they see the craft, the were greeted before it appeared loudly, as they were about to go into the house and had an experience with the craft. The other, while at least understanding this was not a satellite, they don't fly to your roof at 100 feet, and it wasn't a weather balloon either, they can't quite figure it out and because they insist on staying in a conventional box, will try to convince the other two they all experienced a group hallucination, and create a scenario that never happened, while the other two think that one has lost his marbles, he is convinced they all temporarily did, though that doesnt' happen unless you're insane, and trust me, those symptoms don't just appear for random sitings but disappear for all other normal functioning.

The reason 3 will experience something in their own way, is 3 have different perceptions.

You're entitled to yours. I personally know what he's spoken exists and in fact, am so grateful for seeing under the radar, no fear. No one can harm your spirit if its of Loving intent and only desires equality and eutopia, all they could ever do is free you from this hologram. And that only happens if you're not meant to do any more work, but if you're still on the hook so to speak, you're not going to be leaving that quickly even if though there are many militaristic things under the radar that aren't our friends. So I just beam out love to them all anyway, expecting them to wake up too, and don't have fear, just speak my mind, but always respectful of the other, not subservient however.

There are a lot of things under the radar. When we saw this slip, it wasn't unintentional. The one who made it slip for us did this on purpose. One could even argue, was this an attempt to intimidate, we didn't feel intimidated, only more informed, if anything grateful. Is everything under the radar, negative then, are all the troopers bad guys, is every reptilian entity or being negative? Or as we vary and are in tests is this not the same with them? I already know the answer.

Is every form reptilian? Are there other things under the radar, Felines from the moons of Sirius A or B? Again, I already know the answer to this, but sharing information is hard, and you'll never the proof until you're ready to see, and then if it is given, you won't have evidence to share with another

The students aren't handed cheats during their tests!

We are called to begin the journey and wake up.

When we experienced what we saw, we had a house guest stay for a week. He was the grandson of a close friend, who I've known since he was 2, a beautiful young man, troubled with hardhships and his estranged mother's black market life, the grandmother had custody, and indigo who already punched a drug dealer who was connected with his mother.

His grandmother had custody, but her heart was broken. Though she is a very fierce lady and can clear a room at 5 2 of some very tall men, and protect her grandson, she is in agony because of her daughter's lifetstyle, who as a child had dreams of Family and ET, and crawled into her bed frequently and shared them, and told her grandmother Yeshua was coming soon.

The boy would get so upset he would climb buildings, he always climbs to the highest roof and ignores police directives to come down, whenever he's troubled and no one can talk him out of this odd behavrior, then he just gives the police the slip, like a ninja.

He's AB- bloodline as well, with eyes that turn to gold whenever he's emotional like his eastern european /dutch father.

My friend was really into Nesara and would scoot on my computer whenever she came over, as she didn't have one. She had pictures of a lion egyptian goddess on her wall and when tipsy, would talk about the lions under the sink protecting the property.

That week he was there, we saw what was under the radar, we had numerous flashes and soundless crafts fly over the roof, and she would say they were satellites on the phone. We had spontaneos deep wounds appear on our arms, him and me. He had the most mind boggling conversation with a insider friend in Finland, that pretty much revealed alot of things, and we sent that to his grandma and she got it, its pretty hard not to, that conversation was impossible. In it he recognized my friend from finland, remembered who he was, and that would be the Lion from Sirius connection. He also felt he had been stuck here, in this lower testing over and over, and was determined to pass and expand his consciousness hundreds of thousands of times, progress, and he had a mission for later in his life after things happened here. He and my friend started trying to type in a different language. He translated what my friend was saying, and sang it to me in a song, telling me this was a hymn. My friend, his grandmother, was given Project Camelots links and she has quickly caught up now, watched every video they put out. She just loves Kerry.

So I'm not sure what those 9 foot tall beings that were obviously trying to stop anything from taking his dna, but failed miserably, they took anyway, and mine too, were. They didn't have human legs, ie. reptile, feline? Don't know, have so far experienced both.

To see whats here, aside from the classic angel on one shoulder, devil on the other, and the choices we make every day, and the energies we invite in by those choices, that we're alligned with, as that is the classic test, there is also the same beings here on this planet, that you will find in writings, myths, legends, and hyrogliphs, statues, carvings, throughout earth history.

Aldabaren and Taurus plays its role as well here. Alpha Centauri. Ple'o'sha'n. Orion, Sirius, Andromeda. In our Solar System, the Moon, Mars and Saturn have some importance and seem to be connected to some negative plans here, old empire ones.

I'm not even sure that is a good idea to wake up more, to stand under the stars and ask for sitings, if you're not pursuing the spiritual and learning from Budda and Yeshua to seek and once you find, to Love and Serve others and take the world and all its traps and distractions out of your eyes, and care for the entire human race as one Loving Family, and try to solve every problem as you would do if you were in a huge, prospered family that access to abundant resources, to all the problems here. Ie. would you allow homelessness, or force someone to work for lodgings on their own planet, or expect volunteering instead? If your brother becomes mentally ill, do you walk away from supporting him and condemn him to homelessness, and unending poverty and harmful medications? If your sister's husband leaves, dies, do you force her to go back to work while still bleeding, and have her baby fail to bond with the primary caregiver, and thus develop separate anxiety with an 80% of sociopathy not to mention increase her chance of childhood death statistically, or would you respect that Nature makes work of equal value different and parenting is the King of them all, all others serve this?

Would you throw away your elderly aunt because she isn' capable of being a slave? In a disaster would you look after everyone equally or just dog eat dog in your close family?

If your brother gets cancer, would you shrug your shoulders that he loses his home and everything because you think a pyramid system of medical treatment is OK, and don't want equality?

If your sister thinks she has the right to access the seeds of the earth and grows her own "medicine" do you think she should have known and its ok to have ohter branches of the family throw her in prison for life?

How about a real crime, your nephew raised in a slum, because you didn't value equal love and abundance in your family, turns into a criminal and harms another, so you think he should be killed?

Or would you want a different way altogether for everyone?

I'm serious, if you're not wishing a new world, don't seek to much. Because whats under the radar has a kind of karmic permissions, they can't harm people who are Loving, unless its really your time to go and that is soemthing that would grow your soul, otherwise, the negative things that happen depend on Love and Intregity, this school is far far far more under control than anyone thinks, by the Higher Up family, but it is interactive and a test, of Love, and we pull in our frequency.

Best thing we can do here is clean up our lights and strive to understand and love others.

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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 12:50 PM
I just want to say to Jordan Maxwell, who's lifelong work I appreciate and admire, and who is so much of a light to humanity, such a gift to us. Can imagine how contact with not only these buried truths, or that which is shared in knowledge amongst certain families, along with contact with some very powerful people in this world can make positivity take a big hit, affect ones fear or love ration, it would be very hard to walk in certain dangerous paths, and not be affected strongly by it. So for him to go into the trenches for others as he has, he needs a circle of friends and protectors to pull him up, his own family/Family, angels, Love surrounding him. That video where they sat and shared different perspectives prior to dinner, David Icke, PC, and Jordan really activated a flow of that positive energy yesterday.

Today its come so strongly, that one of the best ways of metaphorically picturing this, is we're students, in the real world (which in itself is a creation of yet another creation in this endless Infinity where there is always another level, and always something Beyond the last Beyond/boundary). But we are are all in a symbolic school room, watching this movie, its a learning lesson. Now Time is different as there is no time, back home, and its merely perception. So we all know when we watch this movie, we will be a proverbial second. "Honey, I'll be back in a sec!" We do come back, all of us!

However, that perceptioin of a nano second back home could be a kaziliion trillion years in this movie, the never ending story school, depending on how many U-Turns a person makes and trips down the dark side so to speak, there is a point where gradually the levels are quickly refound, where we've absorbed as a state of consiousness some of the lessons.

Now, we're out there, home, watching the movie, metaphorically, but a sliver of our consciousness, actually joined into the movie, forgetting self and is now stuck in this school temporarily. Much like reading a book and really becoming the main character, we temporarily disappear into the book.

Now, this is a very tiny box, in this tiny projector/movie, where negativity can emass sides, if it doesnt see through the lessons and world and that love is the answer, but love they actually chose on their own with free will, so this school is really becoming, a Good Loving Person on your own, with help, it is a Team Effort, but actualized by participating in the school. The true duality is AI, oppositions built into our dna, that make it a struggle to easily choose the right answer or Love and Equality, dna, programmed mortality, sickness, hostility, a love for luxury and ease so we can overlook the others suffering, addiction potentials, etc. Its all AI, coding in the system. It never was equal armies of dark and light like the gnostics are lured into thinkning.

Wheres the equal armies. This is a small lower level box in a movie that isn't real. Only Love/Goodness/Equality is Real. That isn't to say what we experinece here isn't real, that the suffering and hardships arent real pain and suffering, that it was all just love, with only perceptions, and it didn't matter what role you played. It did matter, for choosing to regress in the school and put yourself under the power of some big bad fish, isn't a good thing, and really prolongs teh suffering.

In fact the suffering is a bad enough that other Family members only wish they could take it all on themselves and yet you could graduate, they would willingly take every bullet themselves, every pain, if you could still learn, and some of them do what Robin Williams did in the movie What Dreams May Come, they enter their sliver into the school, and try to nudge others and family out, like Robin did in the hellscene with his wife, where there was a risk, he could forget himself and be lost for a while, because the negativity is very hard to deal with, the lower frequency, and it can really affect even Family if they come in.

But, one must not forget, that we have Family watching over, that chosing Love and compassion for others, and equality really brings in that connection and protection. That we're not afraid to go home if anything should happen, we want a vacation now, big time. And so a ticket out of here would be celebrated by many here. So we're not afraid. We also know the school itself may not become an advanced world until it transforms, because that is not one persons ability, but a class room waking up and choosing Love, but we don't care, and only see the positive, because if we're doing all we can, so we won't have regrets, thats the right thing, and we also know, that permissions arent being given and putting under the dominion of any bad guy fish in the tiny box. We also know that most of their laws, psuedo laws, codings they've done to turn Churches into traps, coding things to Saturn and dark stars, trying to twist religions around, drug laws, etc etc. All these petty things are actually crimes in themsleves, and they fall back on the perpetrator. It has to do with the intent of a persons heart. So someone in the Church isn't worhsipping Saturn or bad guys, they see God as the Highest Love and Goodness in existence, thats the intent of their heart, they turn xmass into a day of universal peace and love, regardless of the occult meaning. They transform their bad days with the hearts of a child and niave love.

So unless you're harming another with bad intent, don't think they have dominon over a soul, for all the long tiring work they've done entrap people, the karma fell on them alone.

Put one drop of Love on a scale, and 1000 negative charged universes on the other, and that one drop is real, and it weighs the most. The expericnes in those universes are real but not equal to the Love.

Until we can align our minds to the frequency of the one watching the movie, who is only Love, Goodness, Profound Equality, Humility, Joy, And A Gift to others, we can't get out of the movie and rejoin that mind. So thats our job and to help as many as we can along the way.

There is nothing to fear, if one has faith and knows the way is Love and always has been, and getting a quick ticket back home is a good thing, and its not likely we'll be so lucky as to one when theres work to be done.

Also, remember the true duality is just the AI, for example, we don't remember that mortality is an illusion, so we horde things. In a disaster, there will be a need to share our meager provisions with others. To one without faith who is only eager to get the ticket back home, the Loaves and the Fishes, sharing what little there is, is a good example. To someone who is very materialistic and afraid of death, then that would be foolish and its every man for himself. Again, another type of test.

So the big bad fish here, are only very small illusions to Love, nothing to fear.

What I loved about the videos, the space time one, of David's and the Project Camelot ones found concerning Jordan Maxwell and David and Jordan talking, is everyone is bringing up the politics, nwo, his controversial messages, but the most important, and the very thing that proves who all these people are and what they're about, are these videos, the ones addressing the metaphysics and where they share from their hearts and provide encouragement to a dear friend of theirs. Those videos cant get any better than that, and to me, anyone that can't see the light in all of them needs to really work at taking those blinders off.

It was so geniune and from the heart. And really loved David's positivity. He sees the win only, for he knows no one came if it there was no gain here, if many weren't going up a level or two or three, or home, we wouldnt be waking up and nudged, kicked in the pants, to do something.
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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 05:54 PM

Originally posted by ThirdEyeofHorus

Originally posted by stevooo
He needs to just come out and call a reptile a jew,

Oh for crying out loud. The Queen is Protestant

clear proof of how deep the "reptilian" conspiracy has spread it's roots - they even control the CoE!!

Yeah..I know..

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 06:09 PM

Originally posted by Josephus23
reply to post by ofhumandescent

I think that most people are missing the problem with Icke.

I think most people have a very good idea of the problem with David Icke.

He packages utterly looney-tunes ideas with a fair bit of "reasonable" stuff so some people think that because he is right about "point A, B, C, etc", therefore everything he says is correct - there's probably a description of this kind of behaviour....

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 07:44 PM
reply to post by Kandinsky

I respect your opinion, but this thread is about David Icke, and his ideas, (the op didn't even link to any of the "reptilian" stuff. So, i find it odd, as you're obvioulsy such a critic (& apparently knows his personal finances - source please?", why have you spent so much energy trying to shoot down those who would really like to have a reasonable discussion about the material presented in the OP, as well as Icke himself.
The OP has asked about whom you'd cite as a "credible source" on conspiracies, and as of yet, you've not responded. He/She(?) would like to know, and so would I.
I did actually attend one of his lectures - scheduled for 3 hrs but went on past 6, and was very "entertained", and not once did he bring up the "reptilian thing" (2009 or 20010 in Santa Fe).
No, i don't drink his kool-aid, but it is people like him who help inspire the "sheeple?" ( i don't like that term" to question the status quo, and learn to try to THINK rather than be spoonfed opinions by the MSM/International intersts.
So, thanks for all the bashing, but, why are you on a conspiricy forum when it seems as though you're "anti conspiricy"?
I have followed the "Roads/Rome" thread in your signature since inception BTW, and am also a new member (heck this might be my 20th post, I don't know), so obviously you seem like an intelligent individual.
So I ask again, why such hostility? No one in the conspiracy research field has all the answers.
But like the OP, I'd sincerely like to know who you'd refer as a "reliable source".
After all, most of us here seem to question the status quo and are searching for answers beyond the scope of the spoonfed MSM/Govt. garbage.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 08:15 PM

Originally posted by ISeeTheFnords
reply to post by Kandinsky

I have followed the "Roads/Rome" thread in your signature since inception BTW, and am also a new member (heck this might be my 20th post, I don't know), so obviously you seem like an intelligent individual.
So I ask again, why such hostility? No one in the conspiracy research field has all the answers.
But like the OP, I'd sincerely like to know who you'd refer as a "reliable source".
After all, most of us here seem to question the status quo and are searching for answers beyond the scope of the spoonfed MSM/Govt. garbage.

I think that you are confusing Kandinsky and I, but you appear to be addressing me in this portion.

I appreciate the fact that you have followed the Rome thread. It is a labor of love for several of us.
I will say that I am greatly saddened by the departure of the author of the thread, but I digress.

So to answer your question:

My problem with Icke is the exact same problem that I have with so many others of his ilk.
Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, David Wilcox, etc...

And that is this... They do not truly want people to think for themselves.
They present information as truth, while showing no shread of evidence to back their claim, other than packaging it around other truths, and then wait for aduration and applause.

I realize that my view of these fellows is most definitely not a fan favorite in this thread, but I must stick to my guns.
Take the Rome thread. We speculate abundantly in the thread, but we always state when something is speculative.
But the thread's collective has also provided an untold number of links to validate most of the claims made in the thread.

David Icke engages in classic disinformation.
He packages his absurdities around mostly known truths.
None of his own personal theories can be validated in any way.
In fact, his personal theories are absurd, and while some people might latch onto his ideas and enlighten themselves to the truth that he preaches.
The majority of people in the world view him as a complete and total lunatic.
And the result is that these people then associate ALL of his beliefs with his absurd beliefs.

This makes us all look bad.

I am a fan of research. If something cannot be proven then it is speculation.
I speculate as much as the next conspiracy theorist, but I will state that it is speculation.

If he were to present his ideas concerning reptiles and aliens or what have you as simply possibilities then I would have no problem with Icke, but he does not.
He presents them in a way that makes those who disagree with him appear as fools.

It is not the truths that he says that are important.
It is the untruths that he says.
Because they then discredit the truths.

And they further marginalize us. And when I say us, I mean the typical ATS poster.
That was my reason for referencing Bill Cooper.
He was a total loon when he began his journey down this rabbit hole, but he saw that the only way to convince people was to apply the elements of the scientific method to his research.
And nearly every truth that comes from Icke's mouth can be traced to Cooper.

As Cooper used to say, unless you can research it and see the truth with your own eyes then don't believe it and don't trust the person telling it to you.
There is a reason that Alex Jones hates Bill Cooper.
Because Cooper saw straight through the charade presented by both Icke and Jones.

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 06:40 AM
reply to post by Unity_99
Here's a video that was made by a big (former) fan of Jordan Maxwell; I doubt you'll enjoy it, but others might?

Pterodactyls in 1980s USA?

I guess we're back to that thing about the greater the liar the more truth they bring? Maxwell is a compulsive liar and therefore a true gatekeeper of the Truth!

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 08:09 AM
reply to post by Kandinsky

I will watch them. But people do all kinds of things at different stages, especially if they're being influenced by certain groups around them. You have to read eyes. The videos I posted, it was looking into a window in people's souls, and there is a reason, after his research and the people he "associates" with, if thats the right term, for losing hope, his eyes are sad. I have long had a habit of not trusting what I see, when things are said, some of it is agenda being pushed through people whether they want to or not, other times they need to act the clown for a while, discredit themselves. Its those windows that open up when they're spirit coming through, real human moments, that I get a sense of soul, recognizing them. Those are the moments that actually help me really see who they are, and a feel for whats happening around them. Everyone's family/Family, and they're all loved.

Two summers ago, August, energy hit, I knew it was some kind of energy. Had migraines from it, and had to sleep for hours often in the afternoon, but while awake I kept stepping into more of myself, it was really hard to explain, as if there was a greater field of my soul, and in that state, I recognized people, though a viel was stil in place, the sense that we all knew each others goals and assignments before we came down, in different decades and stages, and when we woke up more, either spiritually or to the state of the world, we would be like stepping stones to each other. Well that window happens off and on, more frequently and seems to activate when someone is being geniune or expressing love, warmth, goodness.

I'm glad these are the first video's I watched of Jordan, in the company of friends, they were all themselves.

Edit to add: I'm beginning the second, and the debunker is a joke. I have studied the codes in the language.
El is the Caanite for Saturn. Saturn all things are coded too, surprisingly enough. IS RA El, is the Egyptian trinity, and it depicts the bloodlines long standing roots and the true gnostic, distorted beliefs, that go back to Sumar, and even further.

Also, the blueprint, for domination on this planet is used elsewhere too. The empire feels it works well so why fix it.

Saturn is the dark star in Sumar, possibly based on an eclipse or astrological event. When they code things, they don't mean our sun, they mean the symbolic gravity one, the opposite to "light as a feather".

Spell * ing
Curs * ive
Ma('s) * trix (cks)
Sat Ur Day

The English language is almost like a magic spell and some it is backwards, all languages are heavily coded and corrupted.

I've been told even the barcodes on your receipt from stores has some kind of coding to hand you over, tie you to, or bound you to their Logos.

Logo's are a whole interesting ball of wax. Starbucks, and various company Logos. In the gnostics, Logos is used for demigods, the annanuki, or even legion, whatever you want to call them.

What they don't understand in this Trap and Trick, that they're not in control, that their pseudo laws are crimes. Jesus wrote on the sand with his finger.

Its the intent of our hearts, and what value and meaning we give individually to things that is the only indicator of how well we're doing in our tests.

So the pits/traps they dig for others, they alone fall in.

Reminds me of Mickey Mouse's in a sorcerors cartoon where an evil wizard summons up an entity to harm others. The entity goes out and cant find anyone to harm, as they're good people, so he returns and harms the summoner.

I think the controllers should pay attention.

Try that in hebrew. What a joke! First of all, I don't know how corrupted hebrew is as a language, but the english one, its heavily coded. The designers and official stamps put on it, and its borrowed from many sources is to depict exactly what these gnostic, magicians wanted depicted. And they made no mistake at the word genisis.

lived, is devil backwards.
live is evil.

Heaven is very heavy, not sure I want to go to that kind of gravity, that usually has a lot of guilt. Perhaps I prefer the Beyond outside the holgraphic school universe,
You have to turn the fabric inside out to get there, akin to the core of the earth turned inside out like a tshirt. One thing, when you pass over, please do this:

---no matter what the review, feeling ashamed is normal, but that doesnt mean you'd want to hand yourself over to torturers, or put into the fabric of space more suffering. There is always a better way to learn our lessons and make up for anything, than that. Always seek healing, light, and hope. Don't give up on Family.
Because its a thoughtscape too!

---Don't program another dream. Close your eyes and do what Dorothy did, click your heals and say, theres no place like home! Your soul knows your true home and Family and don't settle for a dreamscape or a nightmare.
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posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 08:45 AM

Rik Clay & 2012- RIP 1/9

2012 exposed by Rik Clay R I P Banned and Reposted 1

Rik's blog recovered:
A look at Starbucks and 1111.
The Worship of Saturn.
The Real Men In Black!!!

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 09:03 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Maxwell's game of etymology is just plain wrong.

He constantly refers to words and tries to define them in a very superficial way.
Try looking up the etymology of the words that he uses.

He is wrong a good percentage of the time because he relies on the same trick that fools most in science.
Correlation is not causation.

Simply because a word appears as if it is derived in a certain manner does mean that it is derived in that manner.

What happens is exactly the same thing that happens when people begin to quote Icke.
Eventually said person will come across someone who is educated in etymology and be made to look like a fool.
And all of the truths spoken by Maxwell, especially those truths concerning the Roman Empire, are then parroted by his followers and become false in the eyes of the listeners.

This is the end result of disinformation and thus why it is so darned effective.

With the advent of the internet those who have power realized that they would not be able to keep these secrets unders wraps.
So the only method available to conceal these truths was to hide them in plain site.

And no better method exists than disinformation.

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 09:09 AM


Hidden Symbols & Meanings, In Popular Logos 2

Hidden Meanings & Symbols, In Popular Logos

(there are many parts, this is his book in video form, and this is his channel on youtube)


Many parts to this video too, but innerstanding does such good research, its impeccable. Even if some of his conclusions, I don't agree with, his research is really exceptional.

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 09:14 AM
reply to post by Josephus23

Its that way, out in the open, obvious, thats really how they do it.

I recommend watching the video's I listed above. Code to the Matrix and the last one. It is put right out in the open. There is a reason for this. They would lose this hijacked "school" otherwise.

They've made it so that truth is a corpse, dismembered and scattered all over, but its actually not hard to realize that its all out in open, every official story has a hundred loop holes, things don't make sense, so are we paying attention? So even buried like it is, to find the truth, the fact we need to start looking is out in plain sight.

This simple surface explanation for the english language affects so many key words, like I said the whole langauge is heavily coded.

I agree with Jordan Maxwell's decodings.

Here's one of my earlier threads:
English Language, hidden codes in the matrix!,

Now that I've found Jordan Maxwell's videos, and the author of code to the matrix has made even more videos, I'll think be adding to it. This stuff needs to be exposed.

The problem most people have when they encounter this information is they can't see how this one den of vipers, interconnected, bloodline group, throughout many nations has been in control for so many years, thousands upon thousands, (and we're only talking this one earth history cycle, there are histories to this planet long gone, its far older than we think, and far more generations lived here than we know of). That they do things in conspiracy, and follow scripts. They are told they were born for their roles.

I call them a den of vipers because even if you were one of them, you woudn't want to be sitting at a table wtih the others, they don't have love for each other either. More intense competition and heavily influenced by negative legion type/annanuki type beings.

They literally run this planet that could be reaching for heaven like a hellzone.

Its a long long term plan and its the same people running the show. That part isn't all done by possession, like the same immortals running the show. That too. But literally, the cloning, in some of these families. They have not even been processed as they should. They reincarnate into their own grandchildren, which means that soul is booted out, usually through some horrible torturous ritual. I understand whats going on.

I guess most people don't understand the nature of the universe, this world. They really think its this solid material rock in space, that hangs around for no reason.

Its more like an interactive program. Very fluid. ie. Sungaze, at dawn and pour your heart out, and you'll find your called out to do it. Or suddenly in tears, depressed, things arent right with the family and your so down thinking everything is your fault, and you're standing at the door on an overcast day, with Family/Guides/Ets, hugging you, picking you up, lifting your spirits so high you're in a state of uplifted joy and giving encouragement and suggesting to just be lovign, and use alot of humor, and then you notice the Sun has just come out of the thickest clouds while this is happening.

Or the room lights up with cascading sunshine whenever a positive thought fills your mind, some inspiration. Or while driving.

Then then the birds havnt back in the spring yet, and you're out walking and missing them, and doing some meditation and prayer, and asking for the birdsong.

Very next mornign, you wake up to this incredible music of nature, and birds are singing just for you. They disappear due to a dirt bike race, and you make some coffee and feel annoyed, want the birds back, walk outside and they all came back.

This universe, this world, is highly interactive and magical, not magick, its not what we think it is. Remove the box.

Sit quietly, meditate, and ask these questions in your soul for a month. Take a journal and note every time the sun lights up your room for positive thoughts, for those ephiphanies you have.

Be your own investigator. It only gets better when you realize what you're in and that you have access to Source/Family, and you were never sent here alone.

I don't know the whole past history, but I keep feeling that earth isnt my earth, but is the predecessor or another clone or symbol for an earth type planet in our system, ie. that Mars once was were we are now, and Tiamat maybe as well, that were processions. I wonder if they, tptb remember the whole history of earh(s) and would like them to cough up what they know. I've never felt tied to this cycle, more to another one.. a different similar home, that is somehow tied into this one, and the people are.
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posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 10:53 AM
reply to post by Josephus23

My problem with Icke is the exact same problem that I have with so many others of his ilk. Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, David Wilcox, etc... And that is this... They do not truly want people to think for themselves. They present information as truth, while showing no shread of evidence to back their claim, other than packaging it around other truths, and then wait for aduration and applause.

This is where I stopped reading.

I think you weren't paying attention when Icke during each show at the beginning states the following words ''Please do not just believe what I say. I am not here to convince you. You are entitled to think and believe whatsoever you want. I only would like to show an alternative story, a different view. Please do your own research''


posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 11:52 AM
I was watching some of David Icke's older videos quite some time ago about the "reptilians"........I thought, was this guy for real? Does he in all honesty believe this crap? I myself thought it was some kind of a joke and I still do.

posted on Jun, 2 2011 @ 02:42 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

You have to read eyes. The videos I posted, it was looking into a window in people's souls, and there is a reason, after his research and the people he "associates" with, if thats the right term, for losing hope, his eyes are sad. I have long had a habit of not trusting what I see, when things are said, some of it is agenda being pushed through people whether they want to or not, other times they need to act the clown for a while, discredit themselves. Its those windows that open up when they're spirit coming through, real human moments, that I get a sense of soul, recognizing them. Those are the moments that actually help me really see who they are, and a feel for whats happening around them. Everyone's family/Family, and they're all loved.

This comes down to interpretation above evidence; when I look at the eyes of the Ickes, Deans and Maxwells the only thing I see is darkness and dishonesty. Even behind Dean's tearful moments, his eyes are watchful and aware. Still, it's only interpretation and no better as evidence than your own view.

On the evidence of their actions, they can be shown to be misleading, dishonest or both. The points I've raised about Icke have been evidence-based with independent sources. My opinion of him has clouded the presentation, but the facts are still in there.

Me and Josephus probably hold opposing views on many things (esp. Cooper), but his points about the etymology of Maxwell's claims are accurate. He uses Modern English to apply patterns and links to diverse languages from the ancient world that are no longer spoken or written. It's essentially cherry-picking sounds and symbols that support the view of the world he wishes to present. He rarely refers to the huge body of scholarly works on the very languages he bases his ideas on. Much like the late Z Sitchin, there are no academic sources that share his view. In fact, a half hour looking at linguistics and root words leaves his assertions in tatters.

Beyond the nitty gritty of the academic failings in his work, there still remains the myriad questions of consistency in his stories and recollections of alleged events.

Where I continue to step on the toes of these self-proclaimed 'messengers' is with the full intention of highlighting their base humanity. They aren't beacons of truth....or special ones. If there's some message of love and truth in life, it doesn't require these guys as leaders, messengers or prophets.

Icke has changed his tune, but it's still basically hate and mistrust. Dean travels the conventions with his misleading photos (he must know this) and crocodile tears. They claim ignorance and conspiracy when challenged or doubted...

I've been asked many times who I look to to provide the 'message.' Who is it I trust? After many years of asking questions and 'doing the research,' I don't believe there are any messengers or that we even need them.

On reflection, I've probably been somewhat aggressive in the tone of my replies to you and the thread in general. I apologise for that, it's because I'm passionately against these false prophets and failed to be objective and neutral in my responses.

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