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Common Sense on Comet Elenin - Think for yourself.

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posted on May, 31 2011 @ 05:41 PM
People have believed Comets were signs of doom since the creation of time, and yet people today believe they are more intelligent than their caveman ancestors. If anything this proves people in any age of time were just as intelligent as they are today, because people still believe in the same old myths.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 06:04 PM

Originally posted by thorfourwinds

Originally posted by Gastrok
reply to post by thorfourwinds

I can't see how the thread "Dodged a Solar Bullet" relates to this discussion. Enlighten me please & thank you.


If you can't see, perhaps you should re-read our post carefully, actually read what was offered as enlightenment re: Earth's magnetosphere, and then, when sufficiently prepared, come back with further communication.

We look forward to your reply.

In Peace, Love & Light


gee thanks for you help...

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 06:11 PM

Originally posted by Revelation11
reply to post by amaster

So what do think caused my part of England to receive hail on the 31st of May?

Ummmm a thunder storm?
You do know that we get hail in mid August if there is a thunder storm dont you? Hail can fall any time of year. Not sure what you're really asking this for.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 06:13 PM

Originally posted by notsoperfect
reply to post by amaster

Interestingly enough, there is no wiki information regarding Leonid Elenin. If a person has discovered the infamous comet, you would expect there should be some wiki entry on when and where he was born, what he has achieved, where he has studied, etc etc.. None.. He is definitely a non person.


What a great place to "recycle" a previous post on a recent thread by member Pazcat pertaining to "fake" Elenin photos and we posted this:

Good catch.

We, too, had noticed the color photograph appearing to be a "different" diffused "blob" from the original diffused "blob" released at the time of "discovery" - but just let it go as the pics were just so much junk/disinfo at the moment and the photos didn't show the trailing moons and debris (oops-that's another thread).

Please allow us to add relevant information to this, your very fine thread. We only got as far as the first link you provided to take issue with the information presented as "fact" in the Discovery News article.

This from Discovery News 22 March 2011.

A dizzying collection of doomsday predictions have been linked to comet Elenin. The hysteria was inevitable as anxiety grows over the approach of 2012 -- that is supposedly a [color=limegreen]game-changing year for life on Earth. At least according to some interpretations of the ancient Mayan calendar.

[color=limegreen]If you believe the gobbledygook on numerous websites and YouTube videos, this is a "renegade comet" that just couldn't wait for 2012 to mess with the Earth.

Though it's now over twice as far away from Earth than the sun is, comet Elenin has already been blamed for [color=limegreen]triggering earthquakes and [color=limegreen]shifting Earth's rotation axis. The comet has also been accused of [color=limegreen]melting ice on Mars and stirring up a [color=limegreen]storm on Saturn. It's predicted to [color=limegreen]flip Earth's magnetic field.

We, for one, would like to see the individual sources and links to back up those statements.

It just gets better.

And that's just the beginning. [color=limegreen]There are numerous "Cometgate" [color=limegreen] allegations of news media and government cover-up, and the existence of hidden comet shelters for U.S. officials.

Somehow, this of which he speaks sounds vaguely about this? "Cometgate...!!! Elinin+2005 YU55+Nibiru = A Major Concern for Humankind: Triple Threat From Space." posted 27-2 2011 here on ATS. We do believe that we were first to coin and use the term, "Cometgate" almost a month before this article appeared in Discovery News.


It continually appears that many writers from various diverse media participate at some level on ATS, and "borrow" stuff without due credit. Cases in point: Phage with his fine thread, Dodging a Solar Bullet and Hoaxkiller1 on the Jerusalem/Dome UFO Hoax both of which had content used in a foreign publication without links or credit. There are probably more that simply are not noticed. And "Cometgate" is a good point, also.

From Cometgate...

...Nowadays, wherever one goes, there is a general uneasyness and hushed talk of the great government conspiracy of all government conspiracies unfolding. Could it be even remotely true that the "Trinity of Doom" has been in plain sight all this time? It has become the water-cooler conversation du jour and people are beginning to connect the dots after getting their attention focused by the skyrocketing costs of everything - especially food.

Nothing focuses the attention more quickly than the unbearable thought of not being able to provide for your family. When it becomes obvious that no matter how hard you work, the man always figures out a way to screw you out of more, it becomes a societal problem. IMHO, the economic crisis is but a cruel subterfuge and damn it, how much more shattered crystal do we have to put up with? Another interesting movie, State of Siege. Just saying.

What with shows like Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory, it is easier for people to [color=limegreen]question authority and come to the realization that world governments are not only aware of [color=limegreen]impending life changing (or ending) events, similarly to the alien disclosure topic, but want to [color=limegreen]prevent world panic while also preparing earth-fleeing arks and, in some other cases, [color=limegreen]massive underground bunkers for more of the chosen few that were left out of the initial "lottery" and therefore unable to leave the planet.

The timing of the MESSENGER spacecraft's deceleration in orbit around Mercury last week is also suspect because our innermost planet supposedly "aligns" with the comet's position this month.

Another interesting item may be this.

The first graphic is from the same story in Discovery News 22 March 2011. Note the distances from the Sun and Earth.

Now, this is the information from JPL's Small Body Database Browser today, 16 April 2011.

A question might be: Why is there over a million kilometer discrepancy in a period of three weeks?

0.234 vs. 0.242 = a difference of 0.008 AU = 1,196,783 km = 743,646 miles = 3.11 LD.

Yes, it could possibly be due to the fact that the information in the JPL Small Body Database Browser was updated 15 April 2011 (just yesterday).

OK, so that would indicate that the previous projections that everyone was hanging their hat on and basing all sorts of "miss" scenarios was based on incorrect NASA data which was off by a mere three-quarters (3/4) of a million miles... that's 3.11 LD (Lunar Distance).

Will these figures change as the object draws nearer?

Will the presence of additional incoming "visitors" in September-October-November be made public in the next 60 days?

Does anyone have the previous solution date and the relevant distances from C/2010 X1? We just want to check if this is where the article's data came from.

This is the same NASA that guarantees that an object that they are presently tracking will pass between the Earth and Moon at a miss-Earth distance of about 18,000 miles - inside the orbits of many of the 13,000+ satellites (that we know of) and whiz off into space with no damage whatsoever to Earth ... somehow, one might question this smug attitude, based upon previous performance.

Asteroid Apophis will get to within 0.1 AU of Earth in January of the year 2013. In late 2012 and early 2013, Apophis will be observable using both optical and radar equipment. That will be a very exciting time for astronomers, and for the rest of us! Apophis is expected to be visible to the eye alone in the night skies of Europe, Africa, and western Asia, a first for an asteroid in recorded history (as far as we know).

Yeomans said: "In fact it will get beneath the geosynchronous satellites (which are 22,000 miles up), the same satellites that are probably used to beam your radio signals to your listeners. So that's kind of exciting. But it won't hit the Earth."

This is the same NASA that announced that the 3rd closest near-miss in recorded history - 2009 VA - 6 November 2009 - which was discovered a mere 15 hours before potential impact!

Let's look at this event just for grins.

This asteroid was about 23 feet (7 meters) in diameter, with a 6 kiloton of TNT equivalent, and missed the Earth by about 8,700 miles (14,000) kilometers.

Interesting. According to NASA, their tracking devices "are able to track anything as small as a golf ball" and are doing so with the "space junk."

So, how did they miss an object 23 feet (7 meters) in diameter?

This is a question that deserves attention, IMHO. Both cannot be true - unless this is another example of Newspeak and we're to "move along - nothing to see here..."

What if it had hit Earth?

Here is "What if?" for this small asteroid hitting Sedimentary Rock at a distance of 10 miles distance from point of impact. Earth Impacts Effects Program link here.

Earth Impact Effects Program
Please note: the results below are estimates based on current (limited) understanding of the impact process and come with large uncertainties; they should be used with caution, particularly in the case of peculiar input parameters. All values are given to three significant figures but this does not reflect the precision of the estimate. For more information about the uncertainty associated with our calculations and a full discussion of this program, please refer to this article.

Your Inputs:
Distance from Impact: 16.10 km ( = 10.00 miles )
Projectile diameter: 7.01 meters ( = 23.00 feet )
Projectile Density: 3000 kg/m3
Impact Velocity: 10.30 km per second ( = 6.40 miles per second )
Impact Angle: 27 degrees
Target Density: 2500 kg/m3
Target Type: Sedimentary Rock

Energy before atmospheric entry: 2.87 x 1013 Joules = 0.69 x 10-2 MegaTons TNT
The average interval between impacts of this size somewhere on Earth is 3.7 years

Major Global Changes:
The Earth is not strongly disturbed by the impact and loses negligible mass.
The impact does not make a noticeable change in the tilt of Earth's axis (< 5 hundreths of a degree).
The impact does not shift the Earth's orbit noticeably.

Atmospheric Entry:
The projectile begins to breakup at an altitude of 46000 meters = 151000 ft
The projectile bursts into a cloud of fragments at an altitude of 35300 meters = 116000 ft
The residual velocity of the projectile fragments after the burst is 8.25 km/s = 5.12 miles/s
The energy of the airburst is 1.03 x 1013 Joules = 0.25 x 10-2 MegaTons.
No crater is formed, although large fragments may strike the surface.

Air Blast:
The air blast will arrive approximately 1.96 minutes after impact.
Peak Overpressure: 1.02 Pa = 0 bars = 0.000144 psi
Max wind velocity: 0.0024 m/s = 0.00536 mph
Sound Intensity: 0 dB (Barely Audible)

What is the air blast?
The energy due to the impact causes a distortion in the air. This distortion travels in the form of a wave. If the energy of the impact is very high, the wave may initially be a shock wave, travelling at a velocity greater than the speed of sound in air. The wave eventually decays into a sound wave travelling at 300 m/s (671 mph).

Peak overpressure is a measure of how much the pressure in the blast wave exceeds the atmospheric pressure of 10 5 Pa (1 bar). The air blast caused by the impact can cause a great deal of damage.

The damage due to the air blast may include the following:

Multistory wall-bearing buildings will collapse.

Multistory wall-bearing buildings will experience severe cracking and interior partitions will be blown down.

Wood frame buildings will almost completely collapse.

Interior partitions of wood frame buildings will be blown down. Roof will be severely damaged.

Multistory steel-framed office-type buildings will suffer extreme frame distortion, incipient collapse.

Highway truss bridges will collapse.

Highway truss bridges will suffer substantial distortion of bracing.

Highway girder bridges will collapse.

Cars and trucks will be largely displaced and grossly distorted and will require rebuilding before use.

Cars and trucks will be overturned and displaced, requiring major repairs.

Glass windows will shatter.

About 30 percent of trees blown down; remainder have some branches and leaves blown off.

Up to 90 percent of trees blown down; remainder stripped of branches and leaves.

Of course, this is the same NASA that reports "near miss" asteroids to Earth three days after the asteroid passes by the Earth.

This is the same NASA that has up-to-date orbit diagrams for asteroids that impacted Earth months ago - and, theoretically, would not have current orbit data.

This is the same NASA that has different names for the same object - with different orbit diagrams and specifically pinpointing them at different places in the sky.

This is the same NASA that doctors photos and, well, ... you get the point.

(Step up here, Dave Morrison or Donald Yeomans - defend your "honor!" How about an old-fashioned one-on-one?)

In Peace & Light

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 06:15 PM
Perhaps this was already mentioned I only made it through page 3. NIN means "a sign" though I'm don't remember it's origin. Also, as you mentioned the comet comes from Leo and the guy is named after a meteor shower from the same constellation. Most meteor showers come from comets. IMO the comet itself will not hit us but pieces it left behind will. I have to keep saying this...go watch deep impact! The kid who discovered it in the movie is called Leo too and the comet is called Elle... So on top of all the coincidences we have involving his name and end time prophecy we have that movie too...

People waiting around for "credible scientist" are just fooling themselves. It's not gonna happen. In most cases these scientist work for the government. As you said, they have been able to keep things hidden before. They have been caught lying before but this this time is different right? This time they are telling the truth...please.

Theoretically, let's just say it is gonna hit earth and lots of people are going to die. You really expect them to come on TV and say ya lots of people are gonna die, we will be able to save some but not all. Use this time to spend with your family blah blah. Never EVER gonna happen....

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 06:18 PM

Originally posted by ragsntatters
Why did we not see any major earthquakes on the 15th of March 2011 if alignment is such an issue?

Edit: Also, here's a thought? Can we see Elenin yet? If not, what if TPTB have shot some object up into space like a screen or something that prevents us from seeing it from Earth and it is in fact something massive
edit on 31-5-2011 by ragsntatters because: afterthought

Here is proof.

Proof that no idea is too wild to speculate about. A giant floating screen that we've (because it would have to be the USA that does this) launched into space to black out the sky so that we cannot observe the giant incoming planet that is going to end life here on earth. Oh wait they've really done this, thats why that portion of google sky is blacked out. Its not a computer glitch its a giant floating screen. The biggest piece of wool ever pulled over anyones eyes? Too funny really.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 06:22 PM
So as near a I can figure,everybody on here who disagrees with someone else is either a numbn*ts,a troll,or ignorant?....WHat does it matter what someone else thinks?...Agree or not,nothing said on here is going to chage anyone elses mind...

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 06:23 PM

Originally posted by Wheelindiehl
reply to post by Gastrok

A "near" miss of 22,000,000 miles would depend on the size of the object passing by. If it is a brown dwarf that's bigger than Jupiter then that is pretty close, if it is a comet or asteroid then Earth probably wouldn't even notice.

Have we not established that a brown dwarf would be visible with the naked eye? Where is the scientific evidence that it is nothing more than a common comet? Even if you believe NASA and the hundreds of astronomers tracking this object are deceiving us, this does not constitute evidence that it is a brown dwarf.

Venus, which is nearly equal in size to the Earth and quite a bit bigger than a common comet, passes us at a distance of 23 million miles at its nearest. Maybe we should blame our weather and earthquakes on Venus? Someone here surely wants to try to make a correlation to the data...?

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 06:26 PM
Im not concerned abou brown dwafrs...Im stressing large rocks in the tail of this thing nd its the tail we will be passing thru

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 06:57 PM
I'm no physics man thats for sure, my mind finds number work relatively difficult unfortunately as it all fascinates me (I'm more of a writing man myself). However one thing I do know is that all these theories and evidence should not be discounted due to official lines - science wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for contesting theories that challenged the norm which some even died for such as those who supported the heliocentric theory. I apologise if I'm putting an unnecessary slant to this and these awesomely scientific minds that I am deeply jealous of (I only managed really to latch on to psychology, perhaps because it's often a pseudo-science haha).

One thing I do know - if all this happens its gonna suck missing out on The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, cannot wait for that shizz.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 07:07 PM
reply to post by amaster

Hi all, first id like to say that this is a very interesting topic and there have been lots of informative information given by my fellow ATSers.

I'd like to point out that i am in no way experienced in astrophysics or spacial anomolies what so ever, but i have something to throw out there to you all if you'll indulge me.

I have had a quick look through and cannot find anything on here about this, but i would like to say sorry if it has been posted before.

Whatever ELENIN turns out to be we can all agree that it will have some efect on our planet, rogue planet could mean extreme gravitational efects ect and if it turns out to be a comet then it looks like we possibly might pass through its tail and get a beating!

While pondering this my thoughts were directed towards the MOON and what possible efects either of these might have upon it. As i understand a slight movement from its present orbit would be catastrophic to our tidal patterns, and presumably the altering weather that comes with it.

Now i live in the UK (south wales) right on the Bristol Channel which has one of the largest tidal movements as it is so should i be thinking of a road trip to my relatives in the hills

Taxed my car today............wish i had only done it for 6 months now

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 07:11 PM
reply to post by Caji316

Funny i just looked on soho and it looks like they doctored the image right where this video says it should be... hhhmmm
edit on 31-5-2011 by eastbosbud because: (no reason given)

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 08:10 PM
reply to post by amaster

Wow, I love those words! LOL, it certainly gets Spidey senses going! Insane you say! Perfect!

I have had my share of such thoughts! Thanks!

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 10:15 PM
Could the fact that this thing is supposed to pass us 3 times every 10000 years explain the poleshift that is supposed to occur about every 10000 years?

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by thorfourwinds

this is what i`m talking about

My other threads may be shocking but not fully out of place

This are for you my friend, nice and clear enough for any troll to stop once and for all

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 04:59 AM
Well, I must say that it has been quite refreshing to finally read through a thread where civil discourse is demonstrated. Minimal name-calling and condescension makes for a much more productive environment.

I've spent quite a bit of time reading through all of the comments in this thread, and I think that some of the theories presented here are quite interesting. However, while I have only scanned the contents of Mensur Omerbashich's paper concerning astronomical alignments' impact on seismic activity, I must interject a few comments based on my observations:

1. Mr. Omerbashich has authored or co-authored 12 papers since 2006.
2. The paper appears to be well formed with an abstract, significant data analysis, discussion of his theory, and a bibliography (though some of the bibliographic references are to papers that he had previously authored.) It's probably not something that he put together overnight.
3. The theory that he presents is no more far-fetched that some of the others that have been presented in this, and other, threads.
4. In order for this paper to be accepted for publication on website, it must conform to Cornell University academic standards.
5. And finally, it should be noted that insanity and genius are not mutually-exclusive attributes. One need only refer to the biopic "A Beautiful Mind" to see that a schizophrenic genius can develop a Nobel Prize winning theory. So while Mr. Omerbashich may fancy himself a descendant of King Arthur, it remains to be seen whether he had an imaginary friend assist him in completing this paper.

So, in good faith, I cannot summarily dismiss this paper based solely on the questionable character of the author. If I were to do that, I would never have become a member on ATS.

I have a few other comments, but those will have to wait until I have completed a sleep-cycle.


posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 08:27 AM

Originally posted by karen61057

Originally posted by ragsntatters
Why did we not see any major earthquakes on the 15th of March 2011 if alignment is such an issue?

Edit: Also, here's a thought? Can we see Elenin yet? If not, what if TPTB have shot some object up into space like a screen or something that prevents us from seeing it from Earth and it is in fact something massive
edit on 31-5-2011 by ragsntatters because: afterthought

Here is proof.

Proof that no idea is too wild to speculate about. A giant floating screen that we've (because it would have to be the USA that does this) launched into space to black out the sky so that we cannot observe the giant incoming planet that is going to end life here on earth. Oh wait they've really done this, thats why that portion of google sky is blacked out. Its not a computer glitch its a giant floating screen. The biggest piece of wool ever pulled over anyones eyes? Too funny really.

A giant screen in space? You are aware that something of this magnitude would be visible from Earth, especially during the day. In order for it to block out the visibility of a portion of the sky, it would have to block out the transmission of light, meaning that at some point during the day, somewhere on the planet, it would cast a shadow. Not to mention, with as many amateur sky watchers as there are in this world, someone would have noticed this.

I don’t deny the blacking out of a portion of the sky on Google Earth, but keep in mind, it’s nothing more than a picture on a computer program; it can be edited. For instance, take a look at all the “whitened out” areas of Antarctica. There are countless instances where portions of the satellite images have been manipulated. Now, what this blackened out portion of the sky is hiding is of course, speculation.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 08:30 AM
reply to post by DexterRiley

Did you read the astroblogger link that pretty much summed up why that paper was nothing more than nonsense or did you choose to forget that part. I mean you can ignore all the mad man stuff, it's irrelevant when it comes to this paper(maybe), but you can't ignore the facts that the paper is based on very poor science. Not only is it scientifically wrong he has little understanding of the physics he is trying to explain.
Seriously scroll down until you get to the article, it shows you why and what he is doing wrong.

He has form too, this is not the first time his scientifc ability comes into question, even in his supposedly specialist field in geoscience. It would only make sense that if he can't get that right then it should bring into question any further studies of his. And it was right to question it because it is blantantly wrong.

So it's true that ultimately the fact he believes he is the King of Bosnia(or whatever), King Arthurs Heir, Is an extreme right wing nationalist, believes volcanoes are set off by NATO, is claiming $10 billion from the US for stealing his idea, the world is run by an Anglo Zionist group and also a racist just to name some of his beliefs(there is more) plus the fact there are verifiable lies about his working and study history on his website..... yes it's true none of this should have any effect on the paper, however the paper itself is the worst thing for that paper it has been exposed as bunk.

Sure you can take the line of not entirely understanding the science behind it all as I suspect many don't, but that doesn't mean because it sounds good that it is correct.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 10:36 AM
Although this is neither here nor there I'd like to urge anyone wanting to provide data in regards to Elenin -- especially in regards to alignment -- to use the JPL's HORIZONS system rather than the much weaker small body applet.


Change epehermis to vector table.
For target body you can type "Elenin", or "@planet".
Coordinate center "@sun", or "@planet".
The other options change to your taste for the time/output.

If you trust the JPL enough to use their data, please use the most accurate data you can. And since you can output it in a vector table it's simple enough to do 2 or more outputs and do a vector projection to test out the validity of potential alignments.

Thanks and peace.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 10:54 AM
The comet has a large electrical charge. This is what matters, not how small its mass is. The electromagnetic force is 27 ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE more powerful than the weak force of gravity. This is how a puny comet, with large electrical charge, can affect things much bigger than itself, such as Saturn as it passed there, and now Earth.

Read this: for a taste of what is going to happen.

IF the comet comes close enough, it could affect the Earth's rotation. Read your Bible, which all you christards claim is absolutely one hundred percent true, except for when you think it's not. The Sun stood still in the sky, meaning the Earth's rotation was stopped or altered. Immediately thereafter, huge floods. Think of water sloshing in a bathtub. Followed with a rain of meteorites. Comet's tail.

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