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Anti-Jewish Collegiate Socieites

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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 03:40 AM
reply to post by dontreally


Emotional much LOL

Despite the fact Im arguing against something that is obviously so near and dear to your heart I am actully impartial, I couldnt care either way Im just calling it as I see it, I have had many debates on this site and have found myself to be wrong a few times and each time I have admitted it, once even made a thread advertising that I was wrong.
So far you have done nothing to sway my or anyone elses opinion as you argue without rational and resort to insults much to often and the complete drivel of a premise of your OP has really just shown how foolish you are in looking for anti semtism where none exists, But allow me to retort.

Phrasing a statement as "And as for the Elite arent they all Jewish???? " renders it "rhetorical". Not a question initself, but a statement phrased as a question.

Yes my bad, could have worded that better. It should have read "as for the elite arent most of the powerful ones Jewish?"

Furthermore; you follow up that statement phrased a question with proof; "Who controls the Money? Who controls the media? you have those 2 things in your power everything else is pretty much yours. For me the only question is were these people just lucky and good at business or is there some conspiracy that these people are engaged in? "....

Yes I did and its a valid statement as its fact, the fact you only give it a partial answer by saying "not all bankers are jewish" and then "what about Ted Turner?" kinda weak IMO.
Who started all the banks?
Ted Turner and (Ill help ya out here) Rupert Murdoch are the only major non Jewish players from what I can gather and overall there share of the MSM is tiny Turner has CNN (maybe) and the rights to some old movies and sitcoms. Im not American and could be wrong, feel free to correct me in a non virulent manner

since you go about complaining about my posts; this posts violates term 15 of this site: "You will not Post any material that is knowingly false, misleading, or inaccurate", aswell as violates term 16: 16) Behavior: You will not behave in an abusive, libelous, defamatory, hateful, intolerant, bigoted and/or racist manner, and will not harass, threaten, nor attack anyone. And this is CLEARLY defamatory. Good thing youre only given a 4 hour window to edit posts; becausde yours are crammed full of bigotted, and defamatory comments about Jews - Orthodox Jews - based in your own words, on 1 - just 1 - correspondece with an orthodox Jew. This makes your case that much more feeble.

When did I complain about your post
Yeah I said the OP was drivel but thats only because it was. Anti Jewish collegiate studies and then as proof of this you site some frat names

I think going back through this exchange you will find the only one being abusive, hateful, intolerant, bigoted and racist is yourself as evidenced by your insults towards me and your pearler of a statement about Arabs not deserving a state of their own. I have not said one bad word about Jews and dont have anything bad to say about them, I mentioned the Jews I have met have all been fine.

You are totally ignorant. Ive already explained for you that firstly; not all bankers are Jews (for instance, henry paulson = banker and Non Jew), second there are the industrialists - most of which are non Jews

Wow!!!! thats huge!!!!! a non jewish banker
When I say banker I mean those who own the banks, most cashiers and tellers at banks arent Jewish either. I guess thats proof Jews dont run the banking system.
This Paulson guy got his start working in Goldman Sachs (hmmmmmm I wonder what racial group those names come from????) and then ended up working for the Gov, he was an employee and yes CEO but still an employee.

thirdly there is the historical continuity between the noble/philosoopher kings of the past and the ostensible 'rule of the people' in the present

Sounds genuinely interesting as opposed to most of what else you have said, do you have any reliable sources on this? dont just quote lineage as I myself have Aristocratic blood from both the French and British sides ( to be fair it is a loooong way back)

Democracy is a fictitious concept; it is always manipulated by the "philosopher class" which is made up mostly of people of aristocratic lineage

I agree with you that our current democracy is a farse, but I had always assumed it was manipulated via money and the media. Care to explain how these "philosophers" control this?

they do use Jews, and to explain why they dont just destroy them. They HAVE ATTEMPTED to, many times throughout history

I call BS, if they wanted Jews gone and this "Philosopher" class have as much power as you seem to think wouldnt they have just sat back and let Hitler do it for them???

those Jews who you seem to think are Jews only have the outer, external garb of being "Jewish". They have no cultural or historical affinity to this fact

From what Ive heard not many Jews nowadays can claim an ancient Jewish heritage, something about Khazars converting? If this is true its just another reason why the state of Israel is BS. Once again feel free to correct me if Im wrong.

Your arrogance is a truly repulsive thing. No. Jews are not the "only"- as you keep generalizing them as - bankers, or media moguls. Is Ted Turner, a Jew? honestly man. Wake the # up. This is another violation of term 15 and term 16. If youre going to complain about my describing your obnoxious rants as being obnoxious rants (which infact, isnt an infraction of any board rule; so its strange that DTOM decided to edit my post) then be careful to read over your own posts; theyre full of incorrect generalizations, blatant falsities, and accusations of a Jewish cabal when in fact when looked at OBJECTIVELY - yes, Jews do have an innordinate (meaning disproportinate) influence - in more then just banking or media, but also the sciences, literature, economics, etc - there is MANY more non Jews in positions of authority in international banking - the World Bank, IMF, for instance - politics, academia, etc.

The fact you have attacked me personally and have not listened to what Ive said or responded to all my questions shows arrogance on your behalf not mine. My views are not set in stone, I would be more than happy to be proven wrong. Just because you go to College or know a few Jews does not make you an authority on the subject and the fact you think you are makes YOU arrogant.
When did I complain about anything you said
from my point of view this is a debate the fact you resort to insults just makes your case look weak and I didnt think about it let alone complain to anyone about it.
Ive looked into the Sciences thing and the high number of Jews listed isnt just science but also includes Philosophers, take those out and its in line with the general ratio of population, same goes for literature no huge disproportionate number of Jews have been literary geniuses. As for economics LOL Im not even gonna go there

It began with the French and Russian Revolutions. Yes, its true, many nobles were killed in these affairs; but perhaps they were a sacrifice? Maybe THEIR end had come? does this mean there werent others behind the scenes controlling things?

Some would argue it began when the Magna Carta was signed but as you have pointed out I know nothing

Through his paternal grandmother, Enid Agnes Maud Levita, Cameron is a direct descendant of King William IV by his mistress Dorothea Jordan"... Coincidence? Any real thinking person would have to be stupid to think so. Even the Bushes - an american dynasty, are descended from Scottish Kings.

Politics attracts the rich and powerful and its true alot of older aristocratic families do still have power and influence but yes they are largely ceremonial, As an example the Queen is still head of state in Australia (possibly Canada as well) but does the monarchy have any power, No. All non Monarchs need the media on their side and once again who controls the majority of the Media?

this just proves how truly unperceptive you are. If i go to the University of Toronto, then i must live in Toronto, Canada

This just proves how childish you are, many people study abroad, My sister studied in England but it doesnt make her English.

Just because im bored ill play around with this. I study all religions

m not Jewish, havent converted, and dont know if ill ever convert, but im happy living as a gentile doing the best that i can to serve G-d

The fact you even use the term "gentile" shows you may not be genetically jewish but you are in your heart and mind. Good luck to you, I have no issues with that but I do hope you realise it may make you a tiny bit biased. I do however have issues with you being a Zionist, in my opinion that does make you ignorant or brainwashed.

Yes. Just so you know, i have Actually MET, and have ARGUED, with Orthodox Jews - called natueri karta - who oppose the state of Israel. I know what they argue - and for what reasons - (and you dont know, so stop pretending like youve discovered something amazing) and i completely and unequivocally oppose them on almost all of their points. They are not rational people. They havent got a political education. They havent read Machiavelli, for instance, or Hobbes, or any major political philosopher, so they dont know what the hell they are talking about. They are irrational, unpractical "heads in the clouds" type people, who think the kingdom of Israel will be established via some superhuman type event. This doesnt jibe with reality; with political reality, or with the state of Jewry overal in the diaspora.

The whole justification for there being an Israel is that it is Gods will so I dont see how political books by non Jews about topics that have nothing to do with the issue are relevant

Your actually coming across like a child whos trying to brag about how many books with big words they have read and the arrogance you display by arguing with these people who Im assuming would know a whole lot more about jewry, the Diaspora and the Torah/Talmud than yourself just shows what a self righteous twerp you can be.

Youre not "edifying" me of anything. OK? As much as you like to pretend that youre "impartial", the ego can be a very tricky thing. Subjectivity is inherently an emotional awareness. And the fact that you have ignored so many facts - since my posts are loaded with facts -, only proves to any thinking person how completely biased you are.

Dude the above statement sums up entirely what I would have said to you, Im sorry to say nothing in your posts has come across as intelligent or impartial. At every oportunity you resorted to name calling and pety sniping.
There are lots of pro Iraeli threads and supporters on this site but they fact they all distanced themselves from you should tell you something

I think the majority of Pro Israelis here would be embarrased to have you arguing on their side, I should have realised from your OP you may not have been all there and that getting ino any sort of discussion with you was just a waste of time. I would have been happy to continue with this but your immaturity just shows the level your on which is far beneath mine.

All the best dude

P.s just for #s and giggles could you answer question 1 for me?

Q1) to you think we should displace the populations of Oz, NZ and the US and give the land back to the original occupants?

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 04:21 AM
reply to post by dontreally

This way You can prove anything.
It seems that God Himself is quite often "anti Jewish" or preciseli: antizionist.
Especially when You do bad things to the others.
What then? Will you send Him atomic missile, Mossad commando or simply boycote Him?
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posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 04:40 AM
reply to post by dontreally

You are totally ignorant.

You say that a lot..
Ever consider the fact that you may be the ignorant one?

You blindly believe on faith a book that was written by men, not God..
I've got news for you, some men lie..

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