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Proof that C/2010 X1 is not a Comet as US Govt/NASA states, but is something extremley larger in mas

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posted on May, 31 2011 @ 12:41 AM

Originally posted by EpicLulz2012

Just stating the facts, I don't believe in Nirbiru, Once again just stating facts. Also, it is my understanding that Nibiru was what the Ancient Sumerians named Jupiter.

Nibiru in Sumerian means crossing (like a river crossing) and has no astronomical significance.

Later on, Nibiru in Babylonian astronomy was used to describe the planet Jupiter it was also used to describe the summer solstice and the constellation Libra.

From this one could easily deduce that Babylonian astronomy was somewhat vague.

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posted on May, 31 2011 @ 01:03 AM

Originally posted by infiniteobserver
Yes, it's all coincidence they tell you! Never mind if we know that this is how the TPTB operate, but not in this case. I mean come on the comet was discovered in Leo by a guy named after a meteor shower from that same constellation. Then his last name just happens to include the acronym for extinction level event and Illuminati symbolism(maybe that's not the origin?) nin that means "a sign". So we basically have A sign of a bad meteor shower. It's all coincidence I tell you! It's not like they made a movie that includes the cover up and event. You know the one where they break it into smaller pieces? That's all coincidence too

I forgot to mention the kid who discovered it is named Leo and the comet is called Elle....

There are two verifiable untruths in this post.

The comet C/2010 X1 was discovered in the area of the constellation Virgo, not Leo, read this link for details.

The Akkadian word (Sumerian and Babylonian) "nin" means "lady", not "a sign". read this link for details.

People who post outright lies as if they are truths are called "trolls" in internet parlance.

You have earned the title NINny Troll.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 01:40 AM
reply to post by Newbomb Turk

whoa what the hell is that behind the sun or is that just reflection?

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 01:44 AM
reply to post by Agent_USA_Supporter

space ship
the more I read this the more I become confused.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 02:53 AM
reply to post by my3911

Nibiru doesn't exist seriously when are you guys going to grow up and come up with actual extinction level events that will be real like toutatis coming close as hell to earth in 2036 I would be worried about that instead of some fictional nibiru

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 03:32 AM

Originally posted by my3911
reply to post by weedwhacker

I find it interesting that you live in a location that has several federal government installations:

Here is a list of them: URL LINK

The United States Government Defense Investigative Services is only about 8 miles from Rancho Palos Verdes.

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you seem to find everything interesting..even the bit about its passing being on sept 11th as if its got some sort of connection to 2001...your a paranoid kook and all the stuff you put in your opening post isnt fact or evidence to support anything you say.

at least when you sell your posessions to go live in the mountains for protection from what isnt even coming we here on ats will have 1 less goon posting chaff like this all the time.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 03:37 AM
URGH, I am so frustrated by these threads, you haven't got an ounce of proof about any of it, your using the letters 'ELE' and the fact youtube is clearing out the spam-bots from uploading the same video 1000 times a day as proof? right....... well, way to go buddy.

This is obviously an attack on youtubes bandwidth even if it was intended to warn the public or cause everyone to hide underground, it is at the end of the day a malicious act on youtube, THATS why they get DELETED.

(as a webhost and designer I understand how much trouble web-bots can cause on bandwidth. I have no reason to doubt youtube, not when the videos been uploaded already exist on many bot accounts already, they are all the same video for ....sakes).

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posted on May, 31 2011 @ 03:41 AM

Originally posted by guessing
reply to post by Homedawg

maybe , just maybe , from time to time someone actually presents some information that is real. Not made up

they do...theres lots of real info out there but its hard to seperate from the junk created by idiots...your job is to recognise and collect it to make your own opinions.

i wouldnt use this thread...created by an idiot but luckily nobody seems to be buying it

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 03:43 AM
And the disappearance of pirates causes global warning.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 03:51 AM
Doubt nothing people.

We shall soon see.

If it turns out that nothing happens, and life goes on unchanged, all the doomsayers will be shamed. Boo hoo.

If it turns out that catastrophie strikes, and life does not go on unchanged, all the unprepared naysayers will be dead, or begging the doomsayers for help. Boo hoo.

I personally wish for change, of some sort. Not that my life is not great, because it is, I am very fullfilled. But the humans of Earth truely need a wake-up. We are not here to consume, we are not here to destroy, we are not here to indulge ourselves with total disregard for the planet and it's inhabitants. I believe that an extinction level event is the ONLY thing that will help people realise this, if not the only thing that will eliminate us from the planet, thus saving it from us.

Elenin a brown dwarf? Fingers crossed.
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posted on May, 31 2011 @ 04:02 AM
reply to post by manontrial

Don't bother (and, a rather strange view, anyway):

Elenin a brown dwarf? Fingers crossed.

Uncross your (metaphoric) fingers.

Elenin is about as far away as the orbit of Mars, around now....we can see Mars with the naked eye. Something as large as a brown dwarf star? Would be huge, shining in the reflected light of the Sun.

It is determined that, while more massive than our examples of gas giants (Jupiter, as a 'yardstick'), a brown dwarf may have just about the same diameter, give or take. And, made of many of the same gases. (Primarily, hydrogen. So is our Sun....but, it is massive enough for sustained nuclear fusion to have occurred....).

We can easily see Jupiter, even at its normal distance, with the naked eye.

Imagine, if you could move Jupiter closer, as near as Mars (or closer still). It would be even brighter.

This is what a brown dwarf would look like, IF one were there.....of course, it is just a tiny comet. Not much as comets go, really......a wimp.

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posted on May, 31 2011 @ 04:02 AM

Originally posted by isthisreallife
Okay I just want to point out of couple of things that stuck out at me:

1) Your alignment data doesn't even mention the Earth. Why would this possibly affect Earth's Seismic activity? That makes little sense to me.

2) If this object is large enough to affect the Earth, as you insist, why have no astronomers spotted it? If this thing is large enough to cause a what 33% increase in earthquakes, wouldn't hundreds of astronomers around the world have spotted this? And please do not say it is TPTB censoring media.

3) Why is Earth the only planet affected? This object is coming from Pluto's direction, or the Kuiper belt region. Wouldn't this have thrown off the orbits of other planets? Wouldn't its gravitational pull have sent astroids from the Astroid Belt towards us? Wouldn't it have affected weather patterns on Saturn or Jupiter?

Just my initial impressions. Not meant to bash.

It would have indeed..

In fact, if something that big were comming our way, the Kuiper belt would actually be pulled after it entierly and millions of potential missiles would be hurled all over the place.

As far as I know, this is not happening.

This thing is a tiny, little comet and nothing more..!!

And as far as comets go, It isn't even considered as anything significant.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 04:20 AM

Originally posted by my3911
I have been researching this for over a year...
The data is factual, and undeniable.

Here is an example... I don't have the actual data from the Japan earthquake, but I know for a fact...

The following which is what I have gathered so far.....

4/25 - 5/1 - 34 Earthquakes at 5.0 or greater (No Alignments with C/2010 X1)
5/2 - 5/9 - 36 Earthquakes at 5.0 or greater (No Alignments with C/2010 X1)
5/10 - 5/17 - 58 Earthquakes at 5.0 or greater (Sun and Venus align with C/2010 X1)
5/18 - 5/25 - 32 Earthquakes at 5.0 or greater (No Alignments with C/2010 X1)

I feel that the data I have collected must be shared

I hope that someone out there other than Psyops can prove me wrong. If you are Psyops, don't even try... you are obvious.

Research the data yourself and come to your own conclusion,

edit on 30-5-2011 by my3911 because: Spelling correction...

Data or no data?

I'm a support worker for handicapped adults, not psyops - unless of course I've been subliminally programmed? Actually have you considered the possibility that Elenin itself could be generating some kind of energy that blanks the mind of those (amateur astronomers) that see it?

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 04:24 AM
reply to post by weedwhacker

you see weed is right . if there was an object as decribed the suns reflection would be seen off it. to the naked eye

that is about as simple as it gets.....

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 05:07 AM
Most of your finding have been pointed out in an academic study by an academic working at the same university as Elenin himself.

Astronomical alignments as the cause of ~M6+ seismicity

And a year? so you knew about Elenin before Elenin himself?

Why didnt you blow a whistle?

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 05:11 AM
reply to post by Romekje

That's hardly an academic study, there is a huge difference between an epaper and a peer reviewed journal.
Not to mention that the author of that paper is a clearly dubious character who among other things believes he is the rightful heir to the throne of King Arthur.
I'm sorry but that paper should not be used by anybody as evidence for their case.
Checkout friday the 27th entry from Dr Ian Musgrave.

But nevermind if his claims of Royalty in England don't pan out as he has staked his claim to the Bosnian throne as well.
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posted on May, 31 2011 @ 06:05 AM

Originally posted by weedwhacker
reply to post by my3911

Amazing....a star, for this?:

The so called discoverer was made by someone that doesn't exist....


This thread is more of the same fear-mongering nonsense.....getting old.

So the youtube video LOOKS professional and it SAYS that the subject presented in the clip is indeed Leonid Elenin, supposedly properly or christian named after a star cluster and has an acronym for a surname, and unlikely is it might seem, he grew up to be a famous astronomer, who just happened to discover the Wormwood or Nemesis, from the Bible ...the video is right there, It MUST be true! Remember, keep taking your fluoride tablets and be sure to watch cable network news EVERY day, now!

p.s. I am im agreement with you, theres NO way that the guy in the video is an actor playing the part of Leonid E.L.E.N.I.N. Even less chance he is just a CIA agent ex-KGB or al Qaeda and just plain lying to you.


Latest DHS Watchlist included one

Cottontail, Peter J.,

Suspect last seen around the third or fourth weekend of this past April. In a town or city near YOU!

Suspicious activities include, but are NOT limited to:

Engaging in Hip-Hop, we have eye-witness accounts of the subject acting in a 'hippity-hoppity' manner,

Passing chocalate and sugary marshmallow candies out to unsuspecting impressionable young children, (we are not certain what drugs poisons or psychadelic agents these candies are laced with, if at all, or what his nefarious intentions may be, surely he is either attempting to get these children addicted and thus under his control, or he wants them to think that he's "cool"), but why?!?!

Sneaking around in the early morning hours stashing brightly colored ovoid shaped devices in partially concealed locations all over private yards and public parks, (our best intelligence on this particular matter is still unclear, but we feel that they are probably Improvised Egg-splosive Devices with an as-of-yet undetermined concussive and/or destructive yield. It is recomended, however, to bear in mind that these MAY NOT be weapons and thus could be harmless, we are still awaiting updated intelligence from Interpol, MI-5, MI-6, The Mossad, and The KISS ARMY. At the very least, we have the suspect dead to rights for multiple violations of the local Littering Ordinance...
It is advised that every precaution be taken while approaching these 'gren-eggs',we are uncertain as of yet how he plans to detonate these charges...timer, remote, or perhaps even with a magical gesture of some sort. (this is not unheard of, another Domestic Terror suspect Kris Kringle supposedly moves his nose with his finger and makes his enslaved elves, out of work Hollywood midget actors, labor and toil making cheap knockoff toys for needy third-world children that he sells to disreputable second rate charitable organizations at an obscene profit. Kringle is wanted by the IRS, for tax evasion, as well).

If Peter J. Cottontail is located, do NOT attempt to apprehend! The subject is considered to be a mythical Domestic Terrorist and should be assumed to be armed and extremely dangerous as well as mentally unstable.
Do not engage the subject in casual conversation, the officer may be put into a state of hypnosis euphoria or trance due to sugar coma, as the subject is a very smooth talker, generous to a fault, and seems to know exactly what everyone wants deep down inside, (in his own words, "something sweet and yummy for to fill your tummy!"). Anything the subject states or claims should be ignored and reported to the DHS, NSA, FBI, TSA and IRS. Especially the IRS, Cottontail is wanted for not paying back taxes on the hundreds of Golden Eggs he has been illegally selling on the black market for decades now...

If that appeared on a youtube video of a newscast on CNN MSNBC FOXNEWS, would you believe THAT too???

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 06:08 AM
havent read through the 13 odd pages of this thread but I for sum reason looked at this thread, even though #I banned myself from 2012/nibiru/elenin threads.

Im merely posting a reply to the OP here. And All I can say is. FAIL.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 06:29 AM

Just look at the people who are well known on ATS and what they are known for...debunking.

And insulting anyone that has an opinion or that believes in a conspiracy on a conspiracy internet forum. A lot of debunkers are exaggeratedly negative and absurdly skeptic.

At least when you get to identify them, you can skip what they write because it's not going to be anything constructive anyway.

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 06:34 AM

Originally posted by guessing
reply to post by weedwhacker

you see weed is right . if there was an object as decribed the suns reflection would be seen off it. to the naked eye

that is about as simple as it gets.....

Actually, let's say it's a red dwarf star. So it's a star.

Do you see earth reflections on the sun? Do you think star would be dark enough to allow reflection from an outside light source?

Like pretty much all weed says, it's either biased or plain opinion.
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