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The Seed Plan of the Great Work (A Collective Interactive Global Endeavor.)

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posted on May, 29 2011 @ 07:18 PM
Greetings sisters and brothers of humanity,

It has been one week since I posted my first thread, which was an attempt to present the beginning of a plan to help humanity save itself and this world. It can be read here. During this week, though the original thread got a few comments, not one person used their knowledge and skills to add to or correct the seed plan of the great work, thereby making it better and more complete then when they found it. Since, no one has added to it, I can only assume that I failed to adequately convey the original intent of the seed plan of the great work, so I will try again one final time. I of course will leave the original thread as a testament to my colossal failure.

In this thread I will repost just the seed plan itself, along with a brief explanation of I would like humanity to do with it. I of course will leave out the opening and the closing, which far from illuminating my intention instead only seemed to confuse or turn off the members of ATS with it’s sprinkling of esotericism. I now, also apologize if making a new thread on the same topic is frowned upon, but since I can no longer edit or correct the original, I feel it is warranted and also since this thread is a completely different attempt at conveying the topic. In any case, this will be my last thread, since after this I have no more to say on the matter.

Now, sisters and brothers, though I have promised to refrain from esotericism, I will still attempt to illustrate the intention and idea of the seed plan of the great work, with an allegory. Hopefully, this time I will be more successful.

You see, sisters and brothers, my intention was to build a great pyramid, but I only have one stone and no matter how long I were to labor or how much effort I were to give, I could never be able to turn my single stone into a great pyramid. But, in addition to my single stone, I had an idea. So, I placed my single stone upon the ground and then drew a square in the sand around it, outlining a possible foundation for the great pyramid. Now, if humanity continues to walk by ignoring my pitiful lonely stone and the lines in the sand, nothing will ever change, but, if some of those who pass by, begin to place their stones alongside mine, then eventually the great pyramid can be completed.

The great pyramid itself represents a new world; a better world free of hatred, want, disease, old age and death and a new way of life that is better for all living things. The lines in the sand outlining the foundation are the seed plan of the great work. It is important to point out that these lines are traced in sand and not set in stone, meaning they can and should be changed and added to as needed by ANYONE who wishes to do so. And, finally the stones that make up this great pyramid are the complete effort of each and every one of us. Alone, our single stones of endeavor can not build much of anything at all, but together, they can build anything we desire, including a new and better world for all.

What I wish humanity would do with the seed plan of the great work, is not to simply ignore it or even to follow it blindly, but instead, to add to it, change it where needed, making it better then it was when they found it. I truly would like the plan to serve as a collective interactive global endeavor; one which anyone on the face of the globe can add their knowledge, skills and effort to.

If, you are an engineer, architect, physicist or scientist, add your knowledge and skills to the seed plan. Even if it is, for no other reason, then as a lark, a hobby or something to pass the time and have fun with, add to it; begin designing the blueprints and schematics for the parts and pieces that will be needed for the endeavor. In fact, whatever your vocations and skill sets, feel free to add to and change the seed plan, improving and helping to complete it.

Now, sisters and brothers, I hope I have been able to clearly convey the original intent of the seed plan of the great work. If not, then apologize again, admit my defeat and since, I can not make it any clearer, I will wait for another, who is more eloquent and skillful at writing. In any case though I will continue to post on ATS I plan on making no more threads, since I have nothing left worth saying.

What follows is the seed plan of the great work; the outline of the foundations and the core of the collective interactive global endeavor. Spread it, add to it, change it or mock it, just please don’t ignore it.

Thank you all for your time and peace be with you all.

1. Contents of the Seed Plan of the Great Work
a. Phase One: Conception
b. Phase Two: Initialization
c. Phase Three: Activation
d. Phase Four: Implementation
e. Phase Five: Colonization
f. Phase Six: Evolution
g. Phase Seven: Expansion
h. Phase Eight: Utilization
i. Phase Nine: Restoration



Before anything can be done, everyone must be on the same page, so the first act of the great work should be the gathering of the greatest minds humanity has to offer; the scientists and thinkers of the world. Now, the gathering does not have to be a singular gathering in one place, but it should be a singular gathering at one time. With the technology of the internet such a gathering is not only easily doable, but can also be broadcast to the world.

Once, a large portion of the mind power of the human race has been brought together, it should be impressed upon them the grave and serious threat of an extinction level event eradicating our planet and our species. They should be presented with a complete list of all the major problems facing the human race, including the following; dwindling resources, overpopulation, wasting of top soil by the buildings and infrastructure of civilization, pollution, planetary natural disasters, such as; earthquake, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, magnetic pole shifts, climate change and the threat of celestial natural disasters, such as; asteroid and comet impacts, solar flares and space borne radioactive and biological events, but not excluding any other problems that may later be added to the list.

Afterwards, they should be presented with the idea of the two common goals; development of nanotechnology and full scale colonization of space, as viable options to overcoming the before mentioned problems and then, they should be asked to make a choice; do they wish to combine their effort towards manifestation of the common goals or not?

Those who choose to work on the great work, should have their names, vocations and skills collected and should have a personal identification number issued.


We all know, that the muscles can not act and produce, until the mind has conceived and planned, so therefore, at this point of the great work all the major universities and laboratories that choose to participate should be linked together via the internet in a way that gives them priority over non essential traffic, allowing for the real time flow of information, ideas, innovations and synergy between the groups of scientists and researchers.

Then, the identification numbers of the scientists should be posted to the internet and media along with the university and lab they will be assigned to, based on location and skill sets. The scientists should be divided into to two main groups.

The first group, should work around the clock developing first nanotechnology in general, then nanomachines and then finally the nano-technological immune system, with which all space borne workers and colonists will be equipped.

The development of the nano-tech immune system is of paramount importance to the great work, especially since the colonization effort can not continue past phase three with out it, due to it being necessary to counteract the detrimental effects of dwelling in space, such as, DNA and cellular damage from cosmic radiation and molecular structural damage, such as muscle and bone density loss, arising from living in no to low gravity environments.

The nano-tech immune system should meet the following criteria; It should be able to repair molecular, genetic and structural damage almost immediately as it occurs, replacing lost molecules and repairing the DNA sequences of the cells. It should also be able to regulate and alter the functioning of the overall systems of the body when necessary; continuously optimizing the endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, digestive and neurological systems to operate efficiently and effortlessly in all external environments and it should be able to bypass these systems at the molecular level when necessary ensuring the survival of the host; ie if the host enters an oxygen depleted environment, the nanites would be able to shut down respiration and begin replenishing and circulating oxygen directly within the circulatory system etc. It should also be able to identify and disassemble all harmful viruses and bacteria at the molecular level and utilize any useful molecules in the maintenance and repair of the of the host and safely storing and eventually passing any unusable molecules from the host to be gathered by the space stations recycling systems. It should also be able to temporarily stop reproduction in the workers and colonists, only to be lifted once the colonies have are large enough to support increasing internal populations and a sufficient number of people have been relocated from the earth. It should also be able to upgrade the DNA, structures and systems of the host, improving their mental and physical performance and appearance allowing people to have a body of their own choosing. The nanites should also contain a complete copy of the hosts original DNA sequences and as an emergency back up, in case of unforeseen problems, they should restore the hosts DNA to it’s original form, deactivate and flush from the hosts system.

For the ensured survival of the species, certain restrictions should be placed on the nano-tech immune system. Though nanotechnology should be used to heal the sick, terminal, infirm and old of the earth it should be done so only under tightly controlled conditions and the only people who should be allowed to have the continuously and permanently functioning version, should be the space borne workers and colonists. This is to serve as a safety measure, so that the nanites will not contaminate and destroy the natural earth environment.

The second group of scientists should work diligently and tirelessly on producing all the charts, blueprints, schematics, equations, formulae and designing and planning the systems and parts necessary for the colonization effort, including vehicles, space stations/ shipyards, magnetic levitation delivery systems, space frigates, satellites, lunar orbital stations, probes and modular colony parts.

The vehicles should consist of two main types. The first type should be larger transport and cargo vessels, designed to carry people, supplies and parts to and from near earth orbit. A horizontal rather then vertical launch should be stressed in their design, being more efficient. The second type of vehicles should be small construction and heavy lift vehicles; more along the lines of mechs and powered exosuits, to serve as the space borne equivalent of forklifts and cranes.

The space stations themselves should be designed as fully contained shipyards, only needing food supplies and raw ore to be delivered from the surface. Each shipyard should be solar powered, due to solar power being an extremely efficient method of power generation in space, in fact far more efficient than it is on earth. Depending, on whether the space stations will be placed in an orbit conducive to receiving twenty four hour exposure to the sun or not, power storage systems of some kind may be necessary. Each space station should also contain the following sections, receiving bay, smelter/foundry, factory, mechanical workshop/construction bay, barracks/crew quarters and mess hall.
The receiving bay would be for the collection and distribution of the supplies, raw ore and materials launched from the surface. The smelter/foundry would of course be for the processing of ore and production of materials for construction and should possibly utilize large fresnel lenses to smelt and heat the raw ore, shaping it into whatever base materials are needed. Of course with the development of nanomachines the need to physically heat the materials might no longer be necessary, making the foundry and it’s process even more efficient and safe. The factories should be able to turn out, not only panels and parts for the space frigate, but should be able to produce tools, repair parts for equipment and anything else that would be needed to keep the building effort flowing smoothly. The mechanical workshop/construction bay should be used to prepare panels and parts for transportation out to the frigates, to assemble large prefab sections for the space frigates and to repair and maintain construction and transport vehicles. Since, the endeavor to colonize space should be done with the entire effort of humanity, the barracks/housing and mess halls should be of sufficient to support crews of thousands and even upwards to tens of thousands.

The mag lev delivery systems though ambitious, could greatly increase the speed and efficiency of moving supplies and materials and further increase the speed and efficency of constructing the space frigates, so great effort should be made to develop them.

The space frigates should be able to hold and support crews of tens of thousands and upward to hundreds of thousands and all the cargo necessary to construct the lunar colonies; satellites, space stations, probes, and modular colony pieces. If the outer hulls of the frigates are completed first and pressurized they could house even more workers, while the interior decks and compartments are completed.

The satellites should include a lunar version of GPS network satellites, communications satellites, and data collection satellites. The data collection satellites in conjunction with the lunar orbital stations and probes, should be used to survey the lunar surface, plotting the best places for the various colonial structures.

The lunar orbital stations should serve as the headquarters of the colonization effort, observing from orbit and offering real time logistics and oversight. They should also be capable of serving, as the communications hubs between the colonies and earth.

Finally, the modular colony parts should include the following; barracks, labs, mechanical workshops, refineries, mining centers and factories. They should be designed in modular fashion for quick and efficient expansion of the colonies.

All discoveries made during the great work should first be disseminated between the labs and universities and then released open source to all of humanity via the internet. If corporations wish to use the discoveries to deliver products to the general population for profit, so be it, but all derivatives of the discoveries must also remain open source and any innovations made from these derivatives must be returned to the great work.

While, the two groups of scientists work on their parts, job centers should be opened in every major city across the globe and all volunteers names, vocations and skill sets should be collected and an identification number should be issued.

Then, a call for production facility volunteers should be issued and all reporting mines, smelters, factories, should be recorded, identification numbers issued and their total quarterly production capacity tallied.

Finally, a call for food production volunteers should be issued and all reporting farms, ranches, food processing facilities, should be recorded, identification numbers issued and their total quarterly production capacity tallied.


After the mind dreams an idea then the hands can manifest it. This is the part of the great work when we move from just planning to producing the first parts of construction. Once, a sufficient number of blueprints and schematics have been created by the scientists and production facilities prepared, then the identification numbers of workers can be posted to the internet and media along with the production facility they are assigned to, based on location and skill sets.

Then, we bring the available production base online and focus it on building the all the parts needed for the first stage of construction. This should include the vehicles, space station/shipyard parts and eventually the mag lev delivery systems.

Over time, we should ramp up the global production base to full capacity ensuring every working age human a job, if they desire one. The great work will take every human volunteer available and ideally would be able to utilize the entire available workforce of the earth.


Once, the nano-tech immune system has been developed and perfected and sufficient vehicles and parts have been produced, then we can lay the foundations of the colonization effort.

Tens of thousands of volunteers should be selected; the sick, the infirm and the old should not be barred from selection, they should be equipped with a nano-tech immune system and trained. Then, they should be sent to space, first by the hundreds; sending more as they can be supported, along with the supplies and the modular space station pieces.

At the same time nano-tech medical centers should be opened in every major city across the globe, utilizing the knowledge gained from the nano-tech immune system, to heal the sick, infirm and old of the world. They, should be opened in conjunction with the major universities streamlining the education of doctors in the new medical science of nano-medicine and quickly disseminating that science to every hospital and medical facility around the world.

Then, after the many space stations/shipyards are completed, they should be supplied, activated and fully staffed, immediately beginning the construction of the fleet of space frigates. At this time, the earth based production base should shift to supporting and quickening the fleet construction in anyway possible and additional workers should be sent to orbit as soon as they are supportable.

Finally, after the fleet of space frigates is complete, both the space stations/shipyards and the earth side construction base should be re-tasked and geared to constructing and loading them with remaining parts of the colonies; the satellites, probes, lunar orbital parts, the modular colony pieces and all needed supplies. Then, the crews should be brought on board and preparations for phase five should begin.


Now comes the first true bold step of the great work; colonization. The fleet of frigates enter the lunar orbit and immediately begins deploying the satellite networks and constructing the lunar orbital stations. After, they are complete, the probes can be launched to the surface and using all available data, the best locations for the various colonial structures can be ascertained.

Once, the colonies have been plotted, the space frigates can begin jettisoning the colony parts, equipment and supplies to the lunar surface and launching the personnel craft carrying the forward construction teams. The forward construction teams can then begin immediately assembling, constructing and activating the colonial structures in the following order; barracks/housing, mechanical workshops, mines, refineries, labs, foundries, factories and agricultural domes.

The barracks/housing units should be constructed first to house the forward construction teams during the construction. The mechanical workshops are second priority due to their ability to aid in the construction effort. The mines and refineries should be next, so that resources like hydrogen and oxygen etc can be harvested and processed for fuel and life support. Then, the labs, foundries, factories and ag domes to round out the colonies.

After, the base colonies are up and running, the personnel craft should be cycled, sending more colonial workers and scientists to the surface, to populate them. At this point, the frigates should jettison all remaining cargo and return to earth orbit, to gather more colonists, colony pieces and supplies, returning as soon as they are able.

The colonial workers should continue working on building and expanding the colonies, while the colonial scientists should begin research and development projects. Expansion should be continuous until the last frigate returns and offloads it’s second load of cargo. Then the lunar colonies will be ready for phase six.


The evolution and improvement of life is never ending and so it should be as well with our great work. The primary focus of this phase is to innovate and upgrade the systems of colonization and to refuel and resupply the fleet for the push to mars.

At this point the labs should be fully staffed and supplied and then ramped up to full capacity. Their focus should be researching and testing innovations and upgrades to the various systems of the colonization effort, making them more efficient and easier to assemble and construct. Also, the designs should be scaled up to full domed cities, and major complexes for the mars colonies. The designs should be tested on the lunar surface with the building of at least two each of the following complexes; domed city centers, mining complexes, factory complexes and large agricultural and bio domes.

Once, the new designs have been tested then the production bases of earth should be geared and tasked to building the upgraded versions of the colony pieces for mars including; satellites, mars orbital stations, probes and the modular pieces of the forward construction bases, domed city centers, mining and industrial complexes and the agricultural and bio domes.

Then the fleet of frigates should be returned to earth orbit to be upgraded, refit and resupplied. After that, they should be loaded to full capacity and the mars crews orientated and prepared for phase seven.


When the caterpillar has under gone metamorphosis into the butterfly it then takes flight and with this phase we can finally begin the main thrust of our great work. Once, the fleet of frigates have been prepared and launched for mars, humanity will be able to prepare the way to relocate the majority of the population from the earth to mars, easing the burden on it’s environs and laying the foundation for the final phase of the great work, it’s healing.

Following a similar plan, as the lunar colonization, the fleets enter martian orbit, launch the satellite networks and build the mars orbital stations. Then, they launch the probes and begin plotting the optimal locations for the various structures of the mars colonies.

After, the colonies have been plotted, the frigates can begin jettisoning the colony parts, equipment and supplies to the martian surface and can begin launching the personnel craft carrying the forward construction teams.

The forward construction teams should first assemble and activate the forward bases. After, the bases are constructed, more crews can be sent to the surface to begin building the main parts of the colonies. The order of construction on mars should be mines, foundries and factories first. This is to shift as much of the production of the martian colonies as possible from the earth to mars itself. Then, the large domed city centers and agricultural domes can be constructed, along with the main colonial factory complexes; that will supply all the material needs of the colonies. An interesting note on the mars factories is that they can freely vent Co2 into the environment, because on mars the formation of a thick carbon dioxide atmosphere would be beneficial for future terraforming of the planet.

The fleets should then jettison their remaining cargo and offload the colonists, before immediately returning to earth to pick up more colonists and supplies. During this time, the colonists should focus on continuing to expand the colonies and preparing for the exodus.


At last, with this phase of the great work, humanity will not only ensure the long term survival of our species, thereby saving ourselves, but will also begin the effort to save the earth and every living thing upon it.

The first colonists should continue expanding the city, industrial and agricultural centers, making enough room to accommodate, as many people as possible, while remaining spacious and appealing. Also, at this time, they should add parks, recreational and entertainment centers for the future colonists. Life on mars should afford all the pleasures and luxuries of dwelling upon the earth as possible. This, along with the gifts and promises of the nano-tech immune system; freedom from disease and old age and gaining relative physical immortality, should be more than enough to entice a great portion of the earth to the colonies. Once, the city centers have been expanded and full scale colonization is underway, the reproduction restrictions can be voluntarily lifted by each colonist.

As the final part of this phase, probes and craft should be constructed and launched through out the solar system and research and production stations and additional colonies, should be constructed wherever desired, including mining stations closer to the asteroid belts.


In this final phase of the great work humanity can finally prove their worth and right to continue to exist in this physical universe, by saving the very world that has borne them for so long.

As, more and more of the population of earth moves to the colonies, the sprawling wasteful and unused infrastructure of civilization can be dismantled and removed; ie roads, railroads, fences and buildings. Then, the topsoil can be rehabilitated and native flora and fauna reintroduced.

Next, all colonial food production should be consolidated to the domed agricultural centers. They should be completely self contained and zero impact on the environment, sunlight being the only external requirement and the only thing allowed to pass in or out of the domes. Further more, their size and spacing should be tightly controlled, to allow the free migration of animals around and between the agricultural centers.

Once, a majority of the people of the earth have moved to the colonies, all remaining modern populations should be restricted to dwelling in the main city centers. Small villages, family housing etc will still be allowed, but fences and property walls and other hindrances to the movement of wildlife should not.

Then, the remaining non-food production centers and infrastructure, should be removed; ie power plants, refineries, mines, factories, power generation plants, powerlines, etc. Then, the earth will be allowed to cleanse itself and nature flourish.

Also, we should honor the right of all humans to free use of the land as sacred spaces and hunting grounds. In lean times, all humans dwelling on the earth may go to the ag centers to receive food.

And, finally the mars colonies should work towards the terraforming of mars, creating a second jewel of life in our solar system. With, completion of the great work, humanity will show that we are worthy of existence in this universe and if there are other beings in this universe it will show to them that we may actually be a race worthy of communicating with.

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posted on May, 29 2011 @ 08:46 PM
I must say... I enjoy outlines!

posted on May, 29 2011 @ 09:59 PM
You have quite a unique perspective. I can see the duality in you the manor tech and earth cleansing. You have a weird compilation quite like an Issac Asimov type future. Here's my problem.

What makes you think everyone wants to live forever in this particular physical reality?

More adventures somewhere else a completion of the circle that has no end or beginning.

A true immortal transcends physical death not seeks to escape it.

posted on May, 29 2011 @ 10:31 PM
reply to post by ISHAMAGI

Thank you for your comments.

Well, truthfully I do not think everyone or even maybe the majority of people will want to live in relative physical immortality. In fact those who remain on the earth, according to the plan would not even be able to have the nano tech immune system, simply for protective reasons; for example the nano tech malfunctioning and creating a grey goo scenario or just as bad a world full of immortal creatures and plants, which would not be good for the balance of nature. And, though space colonists and workers, would need the nano tech immune system to counteract the damaging radiation and problems of dwelling in space there is no reason that they could not voluntarily choose not to have the telerase added to their DNA strands. In fact I did not intend for immune system and all it's abilities to be mandatory, simply just an option that each individual could choose for themselves.

I also do not personally entertain, truly living forever, but a wouldn't mind a few hundred or a few more thousand years either, especially if those years were in a healthy and youthful body and you had the great gulfs of space to explore and possible even the chance to meet a multitude of other beings. Of course I do have to admit once such technology is widely available and the option is there, it does raise a great moral difficulty and that would be the moral problem of suicide and the right to end ones own life. At the same time I will leave such arguments to those who actually have to make such a choice in the future, for they will be better equipped to answer it, being able to experience relative physical immortality for themselves. In any case if the human race lives long enough, such technology will be discovered and such moral and ethical debates will have to be had.

Also I would like to add that even though I use the term immortality it is relative, because if you are caught in a super nova or fall into the sun etc you would vaporize before the nanites could do anything. Also, even if you lived for millions or billions of years eventually the universe may end in some form in itself.

Anyway, thank you again for your comments and peace be with you.
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posted on May, 29 2011 @ 11:20 PM



Forget it.

posted on May, 29 2011 @ 11:30 PM
Sorry I did not see your first post.
All I can add are my tears...

Mankind has lost its soul and hart.
I dont even know if they are worthy of saving at all.

Even I have been spoiled by this world.
Save your self. get out quick!

posted on May, 29 2011 @ 11:35 PM
reply to post by Astyanax

Thank you for your comments.

All I can say is to each their own and I respect your choice.

Peace be with you.

posted on May, 29 2011 @ 11:48 PM
reply to post by themessengernevermatters

Choices? I don’t understand.

Your plan requires vast investments of money time and energy by huge numbers of people, who will not receive any payment for their services nor any other incentive beyond the rather vague one of making a better place.

Such a plan will fail because it is contrary to human nature. If it were otherwise, Utopia would have been achieved thousands of years ago.

If you want to change the world, first you have to understand how it works.

posted on May, 30 2011 @ 12:12 AM
reply to post by Astyanax

Thank you again for your comments.

Though of course it will take a great deal of effort, money is not actually required for effort.

As, for being vague about the benefits of collectively developing these technologies and engaging in these endeavors I think I was pretty clear of the personal benefits to every individual. In fact if you read the entire plan I don't see how I was being vague about it. For starters, nanotechnology works on the molecular level and on the molecular level, virus and bacteria can be disassembled there for destroyed, so just for starters I think the end of viral and bacterial disease would be a big personal benefit. Not only that, but at the molecular level DNA damage could be repaired, cellular damage can be repaired and pretty much any physical problems of the body could be corrected. I would say finally being able to create the universal panacea and ending diseases and infirmities are a big personal benefit as well. Of course at the molecular level you could add telerase to the end of the DNA keeping them from beginning to unravel and cause faulty cellular replication; which is the source of old age, thus short circuiting and stopping it in it's tracks. I see that as a great personal benefit. Also at the molecular level you can build food, clothing shelter and just about anything anyone would need. I see that as a great personal benefit. Finally at the molecular level recycling could be done at a whole new level, literally ripping apart stuff at it's molecular level and using the molecules to make more stuff to use, with virtually no waste. I see that as a great personal benefit. Most of these points were clearly outlined in the seed plan. There for you can say it is a pie in the sky dream and it will never happen and that I will accept, but to say vague is just ridiculous.

As, far as human nature I know it well, just look at the world around you all the money spent on plastic surgery and other things to stave off the effects of aging, the obsession with beauty and the baubles of status. If I were a spokesman for a government or a corporation and I actually had this technology to offer to people, I would wager you a great deal, the masses would scramble over each other just to be among those who would receive the "vague" benefits of the technology.

Anyway thank you again for comments and peace be with you.

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posted on May, 30 2011 @ 04:47 PM
Many people I am sure would see the idea of the seed plan of the great work as a pie in the sky idea, but I whole heartedly disagree. Let me see if I can use an example from history to further illustrate the basis of my idea and to show it is not as far fetched as people think.

Let’s go back to the Manhattan Project and the development of the atomic bomb and atomic energy. Do you think that, the fact that the U. S. Government gathered together the best scientists they could find and put them together in one group, tasking them to develop one thing, had any effect on the amount of time it took science to develop the atomic bomb and atomic energy? I would say it had an enormous effect and greatly reduced the amount of time it took to develop those technologies.

And, one doesn’t have to look any further then phase one of the seed plan, to see that I am proposing the exact same thing. The only differences are, instead of a small group of scientists under the umbrella of the U. S. Government, I am suggesting that we gather all the scientists of the world, and instead of tasking them to build another weapon of war, we instead task them to develop nano technology and design and plan everything we need for full – scale colonization of space. If we did this, like the Manhattan Project it would greatly speed up the development of these technologies and we would have them, not in centuries, but in decades and possibly even years.

Furthermore, it is amazing that most people probably wouldn’t argue against the idea of a collective scientific endeavor, when it, like the Manhattan Project, is used to develop weapons of war and mass destruction, but when someone suggests doing the same thing to try to save humanity and the world, suddenly the idea seems ludicrous or like pie in the sky dreaming.

Finally, I would say that if there ever comes a day that an asteroid or comet really does begin barreling towards our planet, we will have to collectively pull our heads out of rears, set aside our differences and engage in just such a global effort, but I say, why should humanity wait until the last minute on such a day, why not begin such a grand, glorious and noble endeavor now.

Peace be with you.

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posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 06:24 PM
Dear Messenger I do hope you have not vanished completely from this place I have just found your great work and would like to discuss it further with you. It is odd that I should have found this today of all days being what it is. If you by chance do see this I hope you reply, I have much I would like to ask. Though just because you presented your vision of what is necessary for our species to continue, your work is far from done my friend.

posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 07:42 PM
reply to post by Dether

Thank you for your post.

No, I have not disappeared completely. Just, hadn't logged in since most people did not seem interested in discussing it. But, I would love to discuss the idea of the seed plan of the great work with you. As, far as my work not being done, I will always try to advance the idea, but I have done most of what I can do for it. Other people will have to begin adding to it before it will ever be complete.

Peace be with you.

posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 07:33 PM
I am glad to see that you responded. It is truly enlightening to see another of our species not just concerned with their own life but with that of humanity and the world. Indeed in the short amount of time that mankind has found fossil fuels which we use for everything from plastic, gas, medicine, and fertilizers to many other things things this world has been deeply scarred by us. It is interesting to me that you said we will need to use mechanized suits in space for construction purposes, may I ask what brought you to this conclusion? As far as nanotechnology I completely agree with you, it is the one technology which will be able to unlock so much potential for our species.

On a side note I was reading an article the other day talking about the International Space Station and hows its total cost was only $100 billion dollars. Myself personally I think money and greed have gotten in the way of progress for us, but that aside the ISS is a good example of what we can achieve if we all work together towards something. I mean we eradicated small pox from the world, built a lab in space, discovered nuclear power/weapons, and have come so far.

It is as of late that I have begun feeling that our species is doomed if we do not indeed begin to work towards something great and going out into space and colonizing the stars is the next logical step. Most people view it as something that wont happen in their life times, but I ask them why not? The hardest part of beginning on the path towards the stars is humankind is so caught up fighting each other and that we do not have a single goal as you said uniting us. But merely presenting an an idea as grandiose as this one cannot be the only step. It must not only be passed along to everyone, the idea itself must be simple enough for everyone. It is either that or wait for some great calamity to occur before we finally pull our collective heads out of our asses and unite.

Anyways look forward to discussing more with you.

posted on Jun, 7 2011 @ 05:27 PM
reply to post by Dether

First, I would like to thank you for your post and comments and also, I would like to say it is nice to finally find another person interested in the topic and open to discuss it.

Though, I agree that, humanity has caused much destruction throughout our arc of technological evolution, I think that many people are too quick to judge us, as being out of touch or balance with nature. Without getting to esoteric, I think that every creature and plant in nature serves a greater function, even if they do not realize it themselves. For instance, do bees really know they are pollinating flowers or is it for them simply a by product of gathering nectar and making honey to feed themselves? Personally, I think for whatever reason, humanity was set aside from the other animals and given reason and the ability to create and build, to actually reach a state whereby we could become true guardians of the earth, protecting it from things it can not protect itself from, such as comets, asteroids and space debris and furthermore I think the destruction we have caused was a necessary sacrifice to reach that state. And it is a sacrifice we should honor. At the same time, I think it is because humanity has not yet begun the colonization effort, despite having reached the technology level and population mass required, that we are now faced with many of our current problems. One could say that the earth has already begun to try to coax us from the nest so to speak. I apologize if these ideas seem to esoteric or spiritual, I know many people are turned off by such ideas, as there actually being a grander design to nature.

As far as the mechanized exoskeletal suits, their primary purpose would be for mobility. In space you need a vehicle or means of propulsion to move people and parts. The reason I suggest an exoskeletal framework is twofold. First, because human beings have been controlling their bodies since the day they were born, so the closer we make the vehicle/exosuit to the human body, the easier and more intuitive it will be for the average human to control. The second reason, is that an exoskeletal design can serve as the perfect platform for creating a completely self contained construction unit with the life support, propulsion system and even the tools; such as plasma cutter, arc welder and etc, could be integrated right into the exosuit itself. Now, I would also like to add that, that with nanotechnology, we will be able to compress fuels at the molecular level, tightly packing the molecules, thereby allowing the fuel and life support canisters to be relatively small, meaning that the suits could be kept streamlined and more like a second skin.

I do not like to downplay or degrade the efforts of others, but having said that, I am far beyond disappointed in the governmental and international efforts to explore space. Though, I tend to think that the costs of the missions are over inflated, I think the bigger problem is that their projects are too small, to have any real impact on humanity as a whole. Sending handfuls of people to space, the moon or mars, is not enough. Only, when we begin to send large portions of our population into space, not to visit and study, but to dwell and work, will we finally have a chance to make a dent in the multitude of problems facing the earth.

I agree with you about colonization being possible within our lifetimes and would say that, I believe the only thing holding us back is the will and effort to do so. In fact many scientists, including Michio Kaku, have already begun talking about humanity embarking on such endeavors by the 2030s. Though, I would say humanity can do far better then that at the very least shaving off a decade with our collective effort.

The part about humanity fighting really disheartens me, because right now humanity is like two brothers fighting over the last scrap of food and right across the street is a food pantry overflowing with food. I mean, why are we sitting her fighting over dwindling fossil fuels, when our moon has oxygen 3 and hydrogen and the gas giant Jupiter has more gases and chemicals then we would know what to do with. Even, the asteroid belt has more iron then we could ever use, even if we filled the whole solar system with space stations and colonies.

Finally, as far as a looming calamity spurring us into action, I think one is coming sooner then most people think and that is the threat of global economic collapse. I think one of the main problems the global economy will always have is that there are not enough jobs for all the people, which creates an imbalance within the system. But, I truthfully think that if humanity were to put their full effort behind colonization, it could provide enough jobs for every human being and could drive the global economic engine for the foreseeable future, definitely long enough to serve as a bridge between our current financial and social systems to newer ones.

Thank you for your time and peace be with you.

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posted on Jun, 10 2011 @ 08:53 PM
Hello again Messenger.

Sorry for the lack of response in the last few days work has a way of sucking too much time from my life.

Is there something besides Messenger I may call you?

It is funny that out of all the things I could have found on the www I found your post and how similar it is to what i have been thinking about for so long. Not just with the mechanized suits needed in space, but modular building and first colonizing mars as a way to terraform it instead of terraforming it and waiting what could take a few hundred years before leaving this planet to move there. I agree with you in many respects that those who are currently running the world are to short sighted. No one is really looking a hundred or more years into the future and trying to figure out where we may be. See I know that there exists a lot of problems here on earth and that we still don5t have anything truly uniting us but I still hold out hope, maybe foolishly that one day before I die I will see our species reach the stars. This post may be a little short but I would like to talk to you on a more regular basis if that would be possible. It has been a long time, actually I think you may be the first actual person to have such similar thoughts on what must be done. Which give me hope that there might be more like us concerned about not just the future of our species but of the planet as well and how far out of balance everything has gotten.

Respectfully yours,
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posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by Dether

Greetings Dether,

Sorry it took so long to respond to your post, but I too have been constrained by the mundane pressures of life lately. Also, I have been undergoing, what the occult and spiritual philosophers called a dark night of the soul, especially regarding the seed plan of the great work and the response it has received. Other than you, no one else on ATS is the least bit interested in it. But, at least for me the dark night has passed and the new dawn has broken.

Though I am glad to have found another person who shares some of the same ideas and I do look forward to conversing with you on those ideas, I do not know how much longer I will be on ATS. I simply find it difficult to watch the endless litany of useless conspiracies and trivial news lifted from the brain dead MSM, scrolling down the recent post page and watching the endless and vain circular arguments of beliefs that can not and will not ever be reconciled, while no one is actually talking about a concrete way to make a better world for all beings.

I can’t really find interest in the conspiracies of aliens and the constant arguments of believers and debunkers, when all their arguments are irrelevant, because whether there are aliens or not, they are not going to save us.

I also, can not feign interest in religious conspiracies and the arguments of atheists and believers, when their arguments are also irrelevant, because whether there is a god or not, it has left us on our own this time. Maybe, whether or not humanity is wise enough to set aside their irreconcilable beliefs and work together to save the world or just blow the whole damn thing up is a test. In any case god is not going to save us.

I can not feign interest in political conspiracies and the arguments of the conservatives and the liberals, the capitalists and the communists and etc, when their arguments are irrelevant, because no political leaders or governments care about making a better world for the people, but instead only care about gathering power and wealth.

I can’t feign interest in the conspiracies of secret societies and occult organizations, like the masons and others, when their arguments are irrelevant, because none of those secret societies are going to save us. Personally, that is a bit of a sore spot with me, because as a student of occult and spiritual philosophy, I do see in the symbols of many secret societies that they were actually created to bring about the great work and create a better world for all, but unfortunately and woefully the light has gone out of their temples.

Finally, I can not feign interest in the arguments of the white lighters and love bombers of the new age, who endlessly meditate, pray and project love and light, while not realizing there is a reason that they are manifesting and incarnating in the PHYSICAL and not the SPIRITUAL plane at this time. Buddhists have been meditating for ages and hippies have been love bombing the world and “creating their own reality” since the sixties and the world is still the same. Either, it is not a very effective method in this plane or they are actually intentionally creating a crappy reality. In any case they are all still in the same plane and world as me and that world is not good. Maybe one day they will realize that they are not “creating their own reality”, but that we are all collectively creating ONE reality and that because we are in the PHYSICAL plane that PHYSICAL effort will always have a greater effect here then SPIRITUAL effort and this comes from someone who does believe in the power of meditation, love and prayer. In any case, mediation and prayer alone, like faith without works, is not going to save us.

I apologize for such a long and dismal post, but it is how I feel. Humanity is obviously not ready for the seed plan of the great work. Maybe, one day they will be and on that day it be will there to serve as a guide post or maybe humanity will make their own better plan of salvation.

In any case, feel free to post or send me a U2U and I will respond for as long as I remain here on ATS. In closing I would like to thank you for your interest in the seed plan and your comments. Anyway, peace be with you and the blessings and protection of the divine being upon you and all your generations.

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