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The English Monarch's Technology Behind the Christian New World Order Revoluation and Conquest

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posted on May, 29 2011 @ 03:52 PM

(9) The Neural Network- It is an advanced Brain-Machine Interface system that has a tremendous amount of features that is decades ahead of DARPAs new 2002 HANDP (Human Assisted Neural Device Program).

Research of HANDP was cut back after unfavorable press coverage that may have been caused to keep the US authorities behind in the dark about a major illegal technological infrastructure that has existed for decades in the US and every country on this planet. One of the applications developed around this technology is the psychological conditioning of many biological, chemicle, and biochemical triggers of the human body, as well as undetectable activation of these triggers in humans and even animals. Neural Network technology can teach Pavlo's Dog to salvinate when the light turns on when hes given a treat and it will later trigger the dog to salvinate from miles away. In the same way this technology can trigger anything from neuro-chemicals in your brain, to intense muscle tension that is so tight and painful you could not even stop it. What it can do to a human: this means a wireless system is able to take any action your body does naturally and create triggers that can make you do them against your will. This doesnt mean it will make you stand up and walk around against you will. In terms of motor functions such as movement it is limited to muscle twitches and tension.

Nerve Conditioning- Modifying the Information Travelling in certain Types of Nerves and Decoding them
This is the technology that can tap into a person's optical visual field for displaying information by changing the nerve signals travelling from the eyes to the briain. Sound can be presented to the user by changing the information travelling between the ears and brain. Information from any of these nerves or of those travelling from throughout the body and brain can be acquired as input by this techonology from miles away. This information can be modified, processed, and its results used in advanced software applications.

Media Comparison
A rough simple explaination of what an experience by this technology can look like is like from the movie the Matrix but with no wires or hardware connecting the subject. The technological capabilities reminds me of the Virtural Reality in the movie Caprica, with no hardware necessary but a transmitting tower function able to uplink many people simultaneously by detecting and altering the information travelling between the human body and brain. I hope to give more specifications of this technology in following posts, if I get the chance, with details on the exact medical science this technology incorporates.

This technology integrates Secret Sciences of the following methods:

(1) Optical Hallucinatory Effects- This is used for creating false miracles by conditioning triggers that cause very specific eye movements. I have provided details in previous posts and recently fixed the uploaded illustrations and visual depictions how it works

(2) Nervous System Memory Triggers- make people feel anything their nerves can feel without anything happening to them (i.e. feelings like being burned without being burned, or being stabbed without being touched, or any sensation wheather intense or subtle). This is the science used to create the miraculous experience called "Stigmatism" which people claimed incorrectly was caused them to feel the pain of being crucified by heavenly forces, i.e. you palm feels like it has been run through with a stake.

(3) Muscle Tension Triggers- single or multiple muscles of a person tensing and tightening or relaxing (forexample you are sitting on a bench and all your muscle tense suddenly so hard you can't move and feel intense pain like holding a very heavy object you cant let go. Or i.e. your biscept tense uncontrollably so you cant untense). This secret science can be used to delude people there is another entity in their body moving their muscles.

(4) Head Muscle Tension Triggers (head muscle tension creates head aches when they tense so rapidly or intensely that they wear out the muscles or exhaust them). Triggering Head Muscle Tension can also cause the effect of making a person sense particular things that they can be programmed to sense which may not actually be reality (i.e. paranoia, this car is an undercover cop, this person is watching or following me, this place isnt safe etc...) The Truth of Parnoia it is caused by muscle spasms that are programming for fear by being triggered when you are scared and latter cause you to be scared when triggered.

(5) Smell Nasal Memory Triggers- A person triggered to smell something they had smelled at some point in their life but are not actually really smelling.

(6) Drug Effect Triggers- How drugs are used to program states of mind, behaviour, thought, and speech that can be triggered in the future without drugs but with sounds or visuals that maybe not be detectable (such as invisible sound or visuals).

(7) Neural Chemical Triggers- how to invasively, against a persons will, trigger the production of abnormally large amounts or inhibit healthy amounts of chemicles in the brain. i.e. seratonin, dopeamine, etc.

(8) Emotional Triggers- this is a secret science that can play a person's emotions like a piano and trigger many different intensities of any emotion a person can feel including elation, happiness, joy, sadness, fear, anger, rage etc...

The technology incorporates all sciences of these 8 topics. For example, if you were experiencing a virtual reality simulator of experiencing feeling, you can be be made to feel pain with system a person can be made to feel pain by the software using any of the methods 1 -4. The virtual simuluation can make you smell things by using the science for triggering nasal memory or regress smells. States of mind can be alter by secret sciences 6-8. A person can be made to feel intense or subtle emotions by using 8. If a person is in a virtual environment that is cold, the nervous system memory can be triggered to make the person feel like they were when they were in the cold by secret science 2.

Triggers 6-8 can be used to override your Emotional Intelligence and sense of what feels wrong or right. If you are feeling uncomfortable about a choice you can be triggered to feel more sure and confident about it than anything in your life.

I have research papers from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm that discuss both the medical science and hardware integrated into this technology I hope to provide soon. I have also sound patent registry information on this type of technology I hope to put up in this thread as well. They are technical but do to my experience I have been able to understand them almost effortlessly and can answer some questions about it.

A Note
The English Monarchy has been involved with accquiring Soviet engineers and weapon's design specialists and helping settle them in the West. They also have foreign professions from around the world maintaining the Neural Network technology infrastructure around the world. My guess is that this technology sends out a very weak energy of many frequencies that passes through the human body can gets changed capturing a derivitive of the initial energy that has been changed. This wave is then analyzied to decode the information from the human. It is also possble to emit some sort of energy that can effect the information passing within a particular nerves of a person.

posted on May, 29 2011 @ 04:29 PM
That sounds like some very interesting technology.
What do you suppose the monarchy are doing with it exactly?
Sounds all a bit sci-fi for me

posted on May, 29 2011 @ 04:37 PM
Sounds similar somewhat to Trigeminal Neuralgia which I have. It's a bloody pain. I too wonder what this techs being incorporated with/to do.... this world just gets more insane.

posted on May, 29 2011 @ 04:45 PM
This is my first ever post, normally i just read other peoples views but i just had to reply to this because its so unbelievable its laughable. If you understood the royals like us english do you would see why. theyre not exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer if you know what i mean.
oh and the royalty of stockholm are swedish
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posted on May, 29 2011 @ 05:03 PM
This post makes no sense at all, did you watch a bad sci-fi movie whilst half asleep?

Can you link us to information that led you to this conclusion?

posted on May, 29 2011 @ 05:11 PM
They have discovered that everything is frequency. I have no doubt whatsoever that frequency technology is being used to influence the masses in all sorts of ways. It's no secret. There's already much info on this in the public domain. I'm just not sure on what basis you tie it to the UK monarch specifically? It may well be the case, but do you have a source?

posted on May, 29 2011 @ 06:10 PM
Could you provide a link to backup what your saying?
Kinda hard to believe.

posted on May, 29 2011 @ 11:02 PM
this is about the tenth time he has posted this

and its still crap

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 02:35 AM
Is there a way to upload pdf files I have some interesting files on this technology and the science behind it.

posted on Jun, 1 2011 @ 04:16 AM
Here are some files with information regarding the type of technology that is Neural Network and the type of sciences it incorporates between the human subject and advanced technology:

Here is a nice link for a good introduction to Brain-Computer Interface technology by a student from University of Ottawa
Brain-Comouter Interface Information and History a Power Point Presentation

Classical Conditioning All about the science of making triggers that the advanced Neural Network technology taps into to make people's body react in all sorts of ways uncontrollably and against their will.

More publications by this professor from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm are available at his website at .

Brave New World: Neurowarfare and the Limits of International Humanitarian Law Stephen E. White

This is the only link I have found to a file I had found a while ago. You need to sign up to access the full file.
Evaluation of Spike-Detection Algorithms for a Brain-Machine Interface Application One of the coauthors Professor Wolf from Duke University has been developing B-M I technology in the USA in association with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency). -203

patent_US7187968_covert_neural_network_systems This article talks about the hardware and the technological infrastructure necessary for the operation of Neural Networks.

Reacquisition Learning -Framework Concepts and RL Agents

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 04:14 PM
American government Defense Advanced Research Program Agency (DARPA) is developing the type of technology that interacts with the human brain, such as being able to use your thoughts instead of a mouse or key board or beable to use your imagine and memory to display visuals on a screen. DARPA's program is called HANDP
However, do to negative publicity, I believed caused by the British monarchy, the funding for DARPA's HANDP program was serious cut back. I think the funding cut for HANDP will keep the America authorities in the dark about the massive activities of a major BCI (Brain-Computer Interaction technology) operating in the States and throughout the world.

You can find research from univerities such as University of Ottawa regarding BCI technology going back to the 60's with human and animal experiments, such as mice being hooked up to computers through invasive devices, such as hardware implanted on their head.
However BCI technology does not require any invasive devices, but it is a sign of the early stages of this type of research.

posted on Jul, 29 2011 @ 04:18 PM
If anyone has heard JFK's speech regarding a threat so organized and powerful that anyone who has heard about it would not speak about it above the sound of their breath, he was talking at the alliance of the world's largest Churches who are bent on restoring their position of being the supreme authority in a dark age nightmare.

posted on Jul, 30 2011 @ 06:32 AM
I will tell you this much - what we see is actually partially artificial, that is, a hardwired illusion, "behind the scenes" exists the real world.

There are various "administrators" that alter our artificial world, as well as various intelligent beings that have gotten a bit peaved by the pervasive nature of the system and its corrupting effects on the life-field of this planet.
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