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United Federation of North America FedRes Notes ($) Printed up... in 2009? Harper majority = NAU?

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posted on May, 30 2011 @ 09:36 AM
reply to post by DjDoubleD

I have only just come across this article and not researched this beyond such. I offer it up only for discussion. So what do you think about this?

You haven't looked past the articles, but it doesn't take long to notice a few things out of place.

BTW that secretive 'PC' who writes those articles is I believe referring to PressCore... Der!
Exactly, but Paul Kincaid uses his name in his articles, yet he posts everyone else's under the PC moniker. I didn't realize that earlier, but it seems he doesn't require his contributers to source or identify themselves (even with pseudonyms)

This is very hazardous online. As it is a open forum for spreading false information and rumor. The fact that many articles on their use YouTube as the meat of their articles is telling...

Lets take a look at the editor shall we?

PAUL W KINCAID, Editor of, CI, CNDA, Investigative Journalist, Inventor (developed the FuelReducer mpg+ and FuelReducer ilh)

Paul Kincaid is another snake oil salesman who claims to have discovered "cold fission", even though he describes something not far off a 100 years old chemical reaction. Lacking any evidence of anything nuclear going on....Kincaid's fission page.

This post you link a few different hydrogen do-hickeys... Which makes me wonder what your purpose is....

Another post your say:

If you cared to read the real research and not what this guy said, it was stated often that there would be a need for an electrical source to separate the H and O.

Real research does not support the hundreds of fuel saving "HHO" products out on the market. Nor does it back other gimmicky scheme to reduce your fuel consumption. Because no matter what, it takes more energy to split h20 than you can get back from burning the oxyhydrogen you get from the reaction.


Paul Kincaid is a snake oil salesman, and the editor of the news blog you are reposting (without taking a critical look at the source).

This is no different than reposting something from Sorcha Faal IMO. Which you can read up on here and here and here.

So my point of the posts I made in this thread, is not to troll you. But to point out that the source you are linking, and posting, is no better than something said by a common high school student.

These alternative news-blogs out on the internet have all entered into a crazy world of rampant humbug. I find it disconcerting that people are taking them as fact without critically looking at the source.

Especially when their whole purpose is to bring "truth" to the world, with claims that the MSM is full of lies themselves.

In other words, is it, the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

posted on May, 30 2011 @ 02:16 PM
Why would Canada ever want to join with the U.S or Mexico? Mexico is a failed state run by organised crime and the U.S. is bankrupt or soon will be under it's current Kenyan President! Besides it would take an election in the United Staes to make this happen and you had your LAST election in 2008. Don't hold your breath for 2012 because Obama isn't taking any chances with the people or the Constitution!

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