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Lee Bowers - A Murdered Witness

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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 07:01 PM
reply to post by ProRipp

This is the third witness that I know of, who saw someone making an escape after the assassination. The others were : J. C. Price (from atop the Post Office on South side of Dealey) ; Ed Hoffman (from near the Triple Overpass), and now, a Dallas Policeman. Also, what about Julie Mercier (?), who claims to have seen Ruby in a pick-up truck, and with rifles, and Deputy Roger Craig, who says he saw Oswald run down knoll and get into a car. Where is the WFAA helicopter footage from that day? Probably confiscated. Gawd, what a mess!

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 06:24 AM
reply to post by Rising Against

Great thread, although I know it is a little old I wanted to make an observation about the two men sitting at the curb, the one with the umbrella and the dark skinned man. As a hunter the first thing I thought of was not that they were signaling by lifting the umbrella and the other guy lifting his fist. I think it is possible if they were working with shooters on the grassy knoll they had cased out this area prior to that day and knew the distances the shots would be to that exact spot and they were there at a set known distance holding up the umbrella and fist so the shooters could gauge exactly the range of the shots and therby know where to aim and how much the bullets would drop at that distance. Tom

posted on Nov, 20 2013 @ 08:46 PM
reply to post by Rising Against

Again, I know this an old thread and I don't know if anyone is following it anymore.
And I see the original poster has not been on these forums since August, Too bad he has posted some really good stuff.

Anyway I have been looking more in-depth at the the whole assassination and am convinced Oswald did not act alone, and may not have even fired the gun, but I did want to point out something that I was very surprised I have not heard in any of the many documentaries or books I have now read on the subject.
I am an RN and I have in my career as an ICU and ER nurse seen many people die as well as suffer from sudden brain damage etc...

In the Zapruder film it is clear in slow motion, regular speed, and a frame by frame analysis that Kennedy’s head does go slightly forward first. Then there is the spray of blood and brain up and forward that is carried by the wind backwards over the car hitting the motorcycle police, secret service, etc...,
followed by JFK going back and too the left suddenly.

There is a very simple medical reason for this.
The moment he received the catastrophic injury to his brain, which also included the cerebellum that controls motor function in the rear of the brain as cited by one of the attending Physicians at Parkland, he would instantly and immediately go flaccid. His brain is no longer able to send signals to the muscles of his body and his body goes completely limp.
This along with the fact that he is in an open convertible with wind and forward acceleration would cause his body to naturally be pushed back instantly.
Remember he had a throat wound just prior, his body is very rigid since he is holding his throat in pain an unable to speak, then his body is instantly limp as the bullet cuts through his brain.
JFK being thrown back suddenly is not necessarily from a shot hitting his head in front. It is the action of the wind and forward momentum of the car causing his now instantly limp body to be thrown back against the seat and then slump down. Please do a Google search on the film and look for yourself, there are many good high resolution copies on the internet as well as frame by frame views you can look through.

I am not saying there was no one on the hill, there is ample evidence to the contrary both in witnesses that heard a shot from there, photos, and the testimony Lee Bowers, but I don't think there is clear evidence that a shot hit his head from the front.

There is also a new NOVA documentary on the damage of his head that is very well done and really is accurate, I think. Here is a link;


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