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Lee Bowers - A Murdered Witness

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posted on May, 30 2011 @ 08:27 AM
reply to post by Rising Against

As ever a brilliant post RA ! S&F!
I had seen and knew of Lee Bowers interviews and testimony
and agree that his evidence has been overlooked to a great extent.
I wanted to get your perspective on another witness that I believe has been similarly overlooked
and that is Tom Tilson.

He also says he saw Jack Ruby that day and his witness testimony in the TV Trial
filmed in London above, is quite intriguing ?
Your thoughts ?


posted on May, 30 2011 @ 08:28 AM
I was just reading this thread, then went downstairs and saw my brother watching "The Agency: Inside the CIA" featuring JFK on Wealth TV. Talk about synchronicity...

posted on May, 30 2011 @ 08:30 AM
Kennedy's death benefited a whole lot of people -

1- The military industrial complex - Kennedy's commitment to bring the boy's home from Vietnam before December would have killed off the Vietnam war before it had even begun.

2 - The Federal reserve - Kennnedy's presidential and order number 11110 (4/06/1963) stripped the Federal Reserve of it's power to loan the US government money with intrest. And as i understand it, this order was NEVER revoked. Just forgotten, probably ignored.

3 - The CIA and the Cubans - After the bay of pigs incident Kennedy stopped the CIA in its track's, preventing them from anymore clandestine attacks on Cuba. Basically to keep his promise to Russia, that the USA would'nt invade and they'd take their balistic missiles home, ending the 13 day stalemate.

4 - The Mafia - With the fall of the Batista regime and the coming of communism, the mob lost all its clubs, casino's, drugs and girls in Cuba with the following loss of revenue. That must of REALLY pissed em off. Kennedys refusal to invade and Bobby's constant hounding as attorney general was a huge thorn in the mobs side.

Not forgetting that Kennedy blamed General Charles Cabell for the bay of pigs fiasco saying something along the lines of "If this were England i would have to go...but its not, so YOU have to go".
Charles Cabell's brother was of course EARLE CABELL, mayor of Dallas and one of the few privvy to the presidential motorcade route....what a coincidence.
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posted on May, 30 2011 @ 08:31 AM

Originally posted by Homedawg
There was also some "secret" findings of the Warren Commission that were sealedf or either 75 or 100 years...this evidence will reveal who really killed JFK and theory concernes the Military/Industrial complex and the other was kennedys intention to alter the Federal Reserve...and werent there something like 37 potential witness' that died under weird circumstances like Bowers? thing for sure,he was killed by Americans...
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You will never see those files. After 75 or 100 years, they will be opend, just to find them empty or containing falsefied data. We know how it works. Try to go to the british archives to find out, what exactly happened with, during and after the flight of R. Hess to England. I would count it as success of revisionists when we could get it done, that history books get changed and dont claim anymore, that L.H. Oswald was the "lone Assassin"...
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posted on May, 30 2011 @ 08:45 AM
This is a very indepth post, I really enjoy informative and well researched posts such as this.
Excellent job. I personaly believe that you are very close to something. It could be that LHO was the initial shooter and that he was recruited to be the fall guy. The rest may have been the clean up crew, the ones that were to take the shot if LHO missed, as well as get rid of LHO before he could be put to trial so that any embarassing details could not be brought to light. I believe you may have found the killers but the ones that set it up are still out there...

posted on May, 30 2011 @ 08:46 AM
could someone help me out here please. im watching the zapruder film but that brain matter is coming out the front right of his head, not the back as the doco says which would suggest a shot from the back.

I could be wrong though e.g. his brain could have come out the entry wound. is that consistent with ballistics?
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posted on May, 30 2011 @ 09:04 AM
reply to post by ragsntatters

What you are seeing isnt brain matter solids,just backspray from the entry wound....the brains were all over the back of the limo but were cleaned off "for respect" while it was parked at Parkland Hospital by the Secret Service detail...the idea tha a car would be a crime scene hadnt been deveolped yet..
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posted on May, 30 2011 @ 09:18 AM
reply to post by Rising Against

Lee Bowers is just one of the mysterious circumstances surrounding the JFK assassination.

There are hundreds maybe thousands of instances that suggest JFK was murdered by someone other the Oswald!

How can 1 guy get past the police,FBI,CIA,and the secret service to land a job at a place where JFK would be even though the route was changed at the last minute.How did Oswald know where JFK would be?And the people Oswald knew is suspect enough!And what about the theory that Oswald was CIA?

posted on May, 30 2011 @ 09:25 AM
reply to post by Rising Against

You give me hope for this website

posted on May, 30 2011 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by Homedawg

there's spray in frame 313 but beyond that you see a lumpy thing sticking out the front right of his head. still nothing out the back of his head. spray would have dissipated shortly after 313

posted on May, 30 2011 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by GodIsPissed

Lee Bowers is just one of the mysterious circumstances surrounding the JFK assassination.

There are hundreds maybe thousands of instances that suggest JFK was murdered by someone other the Oswald!

Yes, and Bowers is constantly overlooked IMO, thus the need to dedicate a thread to him. He also has an intriguing story to tell and I wanted to ensure others heard it also.

How did Oswald know where JFK would be?

Well, to be fair, a lot of people knew where JFK would be hence the many witnesses to the assassination present.

And what about the theory that Oswald was CIA?

It's a theory I myself believe in. I explained it all here also. Please check it out if you have the time.

posted on May, 30 2011 @ 09:38 AM
Wow… what an utterly fascinating story. In my opinion, what Lee Bowers saw and heard that day is the key to the whole sequence of events. The shot pattern (shot, pause, two shots) heard by Bowers and the actions of the signalers (what else could they possibly be?) suggests an interesting theory. First, umbrella man signals Oswald to fire. Now, because nobody involved believes that Oswald will actually make the fatal shot there is a backup team in place on the knoll. Oswald is primarily needed as the fall guy anyway. There is, however, a slight chance that Oswald has killed the President and the backup team will not be needed. So, next action is that DCM steps forward, sees no mortal wound and raises his hand. This accomplishes two things. It tells the men on the knoll to open fire and also tells Oswald that, hey, you got him, now run. This is very important because nobody wants Oswald to keep firing off rounds that might be hard to explain later. Then the signalers sit down, mission accomplished. Again, this is just an idea that occurred to me after reading your very well researched and presented thread. Thanks for taking the time to share your research with us.

posted on May, 30 2011 @ 10:08 AM
reply to post by andy1972

Hey Andy, great theory! Starred.

Just for clarification purposes though, I believe the image I added of Eladio, one of few images, is one which is a little bit older than 1963 thus why he could very well have looked slightly different. Then again, I could be mistaken. Either way, he died in 1967 - And on the same day as David Ferrie but in completely incidents - Del Valle for one was confirmed to be murdered though. According to his friend, Diego Gonzales Tendera, It was because of his involvement in the plot to assassinate Kennedy. Anyway, please allow me to make a few points:

DCM man as seen on the left hand side of the above image is suspected to have been a gentleman called Eladio Del Valle, someone we know was heavily involved in the plot to assassinate JFK. Here's a snippet from my OP in fact:

Former CIA contract agent Robert D. Morrow, In his frightening and detailed narrative, First Hand Knowledge--How I participated in the CIA-Mafia Murder of President Kennedy (1992, Shapolsky), may provide some insight. Morrow, an electronics expert, claims that in the summer of 1963, CIA head of Domestic Operations Officer Tracy Barnes, ordered him to procure four Mannlicher 7.35 rifles and four small radio transceivers.

My involvement with the plans to assassinate John F. Kennedy commenced at the end of June, 1963. On July 1, I was contacted by [CIA head of Domestic Operations Officer] Tracy Barnes. He requested that I purchase four Mannlicher 7.35 mm surplus rifles. According to Barnes, the rifles were available in the Baltimore area from Sunny's Supply Stores. Upon my agreement to make the purchase, Barnes requested that I alter the forepiece of each rifle so that the rifles could be dismantled, hidden and reassembled quickly. I thought this last request odd until I was informed that the rifles were to be used for a clandestine operation.

One day later I received a second phone call. It was [Eladio] del Valle calling from, I assumed, Miami. He asked me to supply him with four transceivers which were not detectable by any communications equipment then available on the market. Although his request seemed impossible, I told him that I had an idea which might fulfill his requirement. I could provide him with sub-miniaturized units whose operation would be confined to a range of fifty or one hundred kilohertz. To operate any sizable distance, the units would require an antenna at least several feet in length. A wire taped to the user's leg would easily suffice for this purpose. The set-up would not be pretty, but I could assure him that no one would be monitoring these low frequencies.

Del Valle then requested that I deliver the transceivers and the rifles to David Ferrie. I was surprised by Ferrie's involvement in the transaction. Barnes, in our previous conversation, had neither informed me that the rifles were being made for Clay Shaw in New Orleans nor that David Ferrie would be the person responsible for picking them up once I had completed the required alterations. Del Valle explained to me that the rifles and communications equipment were for his Free Cuba Committee, and that Clay and Ferrie were assisting him in the operation. I assured him that the equipment would be ready on time as I would immediately order the Motorola-made special transceiver units. Motorola was manufacturing the units for railroad communications equipment; they were relatively easy to secure. [emphasis added]

The radio transceivers for del Valle were more difficult to create than I had originally thought they'd be. An unusual amount of power was required for them to transmit over any significant distance. To solve this dilemma, I included an extra pack of four "D" type battery cells to be used for transmitting purposes only. The pack was plugged into the transceiver unit and could easily be carried in the user's pocket. Ironically, I later learned from del Valle that the transmission time was to be limited to five minutes, which meant my additional adjustments had been unnecessary.

Del Valle then goes on to say:

"They had better be perfect, compadre. They are for Texas! ...Kennedy is going to get it in Dallas!"

Bearing the above in mind, we have a similar looking gentlemen found in Dealey Plaza, closer to Kennedy than anyone else at one point whom then makes some sort of signal (it obviously isn't a wave as his arm is fully extended vertically), and then we have images like this of him which coincides with the narrative of Robert D. Morrow above:

And this:

The 2 above images seemingly showing some sort of Radio, something Bowers saw in the second car which entered the car park (along with 2 others) prior to the assassination.

It all just seems very coincidental to me. Slightly more than what would deem it a coincidence in fact. Of course this all isn't evidence but I like to think that it's plausible at least.

Anyway, after doing some digging, I managed to find some information on the gentleman you pointed out also. It seems as though he was Santo Trafficante's own bodyguard - Santo being one of the higher up's in the mafia business and was well aware of the pending assassination also: (image of Garcia below):

This being the clearest image I can find of him. Ok, so here's what else I could find:

Herminio Diaz Garcia was born in Cuba in 1923. He was a member of the Cuban Restaurant Workers Union and worked as a cashier at the Hotel Habana-Rivera. Later he became involved in illegal activities and eventually became a bodyguard for Santos Trafficante. Diaz Garcia killed Pipi Hernandez in 1948 at the Cuban Consulate in Mexico. In 1957 he was involved with an assassination attempt against President Jose Figures of Costa Rica.

Diaz Garcia moved to the United States in July, 1963, where he worked for Tony Varona. Some researchers believe that Dia Garcia was one of the gunman who killed John F. Kennedy on 22nd November, 1963.

In December, 1963, Dia Garcia was involved in an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro. He was also involved in providing weapons to anti-Castro groups.

Diaz Garcia was killed on a mission at Monte Barreto in the Miramar district of Cuba on 29th May, 1966. Herminio Diaz Garcia is buried in Columbus, Havana.

In 1978 President Jimmy Carter arranged for a group of imprisoned exiles in Cuba to be released. This included Tony Cuesta who was involved in an attack on Cuba in 1966. Just before leaving Cuba Cuesta asked to see Fabian Escalante. Cuesta told Escalante that he had been involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He also named Diaz Garcia and Eladio del Valle as being involved in the conspiracy. Cuesta asked Escalante not to make this information "made public because I am returning to my family in Miami - and this could be very dangerous."

Tony Cuesta returned to Miami and died in 1994. The following year, Wayne Smith, chief of the Centre for International Policy in Washington, arranged a meeting on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, in Nassau, Bahamas. Others in attendance were: Gaeton Fonzi, Dick Russell, Noel Twyman, Anthony Summers, Peter Dale Scott, Jeremy Gunn, John Judge, Andy Kolis, Peter Kornbluh, Mary and Ray LaFontaine, Jim Lesar, John Newman, Alan Rogers, Russ Swickard, Ed Sherry, and Gordon Winslow.

Some high-level Cuban officials attended the conference. This included Fabian Escalante, Carlos Lechuga, former Cuban diplomat, and Arturo Rodriguez, a State Security official. Escalante revealed details of Cuesta's confession. He also informed the group they had a spy in the anti-Castro community in Miami and knew about the plot to kill Kennedy.

Finding much else is proving difficult, but I can't see much reason for believing he was involved other than his connections to Trafficante and also Roselli. So, it's very possible he was involved, maybe even DCM, but I believe Eladio seems like a much more plausible candidate given the information we have.

It's possible they were even working together on the same thing here.

Ok, so onto the Umbrella man, this being the person sat to the right of the first picture I added of them both sitting on the pavement immediately after the assassination. You may be interested to hear about a gentleman called Louie Steven Witt - The self proclaimed Umbrella man.

Here is an interesting snippet from Wikipedia which sums it up quite nicely:

After an appeal to the public by the House Select Committee on Assassinations, Louie Steven Witt came forward in 1978 and claimed to be the Umbrella Man. He claimed he still had that umbrella and did not know he had been the subject of controversy. He said that he brought the umbrella to simply heckle Kennedy. John Kennedy's father had been a supporter of the Nazi-appeasing British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. By waving a black umbrella, Chamberlain's trademark fashion accessory, Witt claims he was protesting the Kennedy family appeasing Hitler before World War II. An umbrella had been used in cartoons in the 1930s to symbolize such appeasement.[2] Kennedy, who wrote a thesis on appeasement while at Harvard, Why England Slept, might have recognized the symbolism of the umbrella.

Testifying before the HSCA, Witt said "I think if the Guinness Book of World Records had a category for people who were at the wrong place at the wrong time, doing the wrong thing, I would be No. 1 in that position, without even a close runner-up." Some conspiracy theorists are still skeptical of Witt's story, however, and do not believe him to be the true "Umbrella Man."

Some claim that a dark skinned man standing very close to the Umbrella Man between the Umbrella Man and President Kennedy was an assassination accomplice. At Zapruder film frame Z-202 this dark-skinned man was photographed facing the on-coming president with both arms down. By Z-225 (slightly over one second later) the same dark-skinned man shot his right hand upward quickly and extended in an apparent wave (even though his hand remains un-waving, suggesting a "Nazi salute"). In photos afterward, some theorize that the same dark-skinned man was photographed speaking into a walkie-talkie, and other photos seem to show something bulging noticeably from his back pants pocket. Witt claims he never noticed that the dark-skinned man near him was holding anything.

And last but not least, here's some healthy skeptical balance from a grreat, in-depth source:

In 1978 the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) released a photo of UM, asking the public for help in identifying him. A tip from a former co-worker led to the appearance of Louie Steven Witt, a Dallas warehouse manager, before the HSCA. Witt claimed to be UM, and he brought along an umbrella to prove it. During the motorcade Witt had purportedly thought that the sight of an umbrella would annoy Kennedy. Everyone even had a good laugh when Witt's umbrella turned inside out when opened during the hearings. 7 Well, it's true that Neville Chamberlain's umbrella became a symbol of appeasement after Chamberlain's meeting with Hitler in 1938, and that JFK's father Joseph, then U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain, was accused of being a Hitler appeaser. 8 Lyndon Johnson, running against JFK for the 1960 Democratic presidential nomination, called Joe Kennedy "a Chamberlain umbrella man," 9 and when East Germany put up the Berlin Wall some Berlin students sent JFK a Chamberlain-like umbrella. 10 But there is a problem with Witt's HSCA testimony. The photographic evidence plainly contradicts Witt's description of his actions during the moments when the shots were fired. He testified that he was walking toward the street and opening his umbrella as the motorcade approached, and while "other people I understand saw the President shot and his movements," Witt did not see this because of the umbrella he was opening in front of him. "My view of the car during that length of time," Witt claimed, "was blocked by the umbrella's being open." 11 But the photographic evidence shows that UM was standing still with the umbrella open over his head, his view unobstructed, as the limo approached. 12 Thus researchers are far from persuaded that Louie Steven Witt was UM as he claimed. As Gary Mack has observed, Witt should have been investigated in 1963 (and the same goes for DCM), not 15 years later. 13 But I'll come back to Mr. Witt shortly.

The above source is an interesting read.

I have to be honest, I am skeptical of Witt still, but I see him as a much more plausible candidate as the Umbrella man than Tony Cuesta.

Anyway, thanks for bringing up some fascinating people for discussion. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts.

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posted on May, 30 2011 @ 10:19 AM
reply to post by Rising Against

I meant how did Oswald know where JFK would be after they changed the route at the last minute?

I get what you're saying,a lot of people knew JFK would be there,that's why there were so many witnesses.But when did Oswald get the job at the book depository?Why wasn't the building secured?

I wasn't putting down your thread or anything so I hope you don't think that.I think you're right!It just bothers me that there are so many witnesses that were obviously knocked off because of the JFK incident,with the proof to back it up but yet nothing gets done about it!Just like 9/11!There are soooo many things wrong with 9/11 that could easily have probable cause to reopen the case but they won't.

Under normal circumstances,everything would have been investigated thoroughly!But because the government is the one being accused it will never happen!

posted on May, 30 2011 @ 10:31 AM
F&S! Great thread very informative and well researched! The fact that the this man sitting on the curbside opens his umbrella is a huge smoking gun!!

Also don't know if anyone mentioned this, but if you look back at the scene in Stone's JFK movie, where the general played by Donald Sutherland is talking to Garrison played by Costner, he discusses all the things that point towards it being an inside job, and he actually mentions that no one would have been allowed to open an umbrella along the route. So make of it what you will, but I think this is a major piece of the puzzle.

posted on May, 30 2011 @ 10:36 AM
Amaaazing thread once again.

Seriously guys, this is just one of his million of threads on JFK. Go and stalk his profile and read them if you're interested and new to the whole topic, since RA goes into detail very very well...and covering a lot of aspects and views.

I'm just going to wait for him to finish his series before I come to a conclusion on who I personally think did it

posted on May, 30 2011 @ 10:39 AM
reply to post by ragsntatters

Ive seen a head shot with a high velocity weapon...there are no "standards" for that sort of wound...but looking closely at the entire sequence of the kill shot you see that the camera angle keeps you from seeing a abck of the head exit wound....the fact is that much brain material was cleaned from the car by the Secret Service minutes after the arrival at the hospital....too much for backspray...the final shot is a controversy that has been about 50/50 said by experts to have come from the front....Ill stick with what i see from experience...ya'll can believe what you want....its a cast iron fact that the public will never know what happened and who did it
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posted on May, 30 2011 @ 11:04 AM
reply to post by GodIsPissed

Oh, I know you weren't putting the thread down or anything. Apologies if that's what it seemed like I was trying to say.

Anyway, onto your question:

But when did Oswald get the job at the book depository?Why wasn't the building secured?

Ok, well, let's go back to the beginning of when Oswald, and his new wife Marina, arrived in America from the Soviet Union. And as you can expect, Marina, never travelling to America before, spoke little English - Oswald learning Russian itself while in the military.

Well, by the time they had moved to America, Marina had already had a daughter. By the time she was ready to have another, It was decided, this being September 1963, that she would move to Dallas.

Previously she had become friends with a man called George de Mohrenschildt, he spoke Russian quite well thus why he gained a friendship with the couple. Here's his own words:

"Early in the summer of 1962 the rumors spread out among the Russian-speaking people of Dallas and Fort Worth of an unusual couple - the Oswalds. He was supposedly an ex-marine, an unfriendly and eccentric character, who had gone to Russia and brought back with him a Russian wife. He had lived in Minsk where I had spent my early childhood. And so I was curious to meet the couple and to find out what had happened to Minsk. Someone gave me Lee's address and one afternoon a friend of mine, Colonel Lawrence Orloff and I drove to Fort Worth, about 30 miles from Dallas."

Anyway, de Mohrenschildt was the one who introduced Lee and Marina to a women called Ruth Paine. Marina eventually went to live with her in Dallas as that's where she originally stayed. Oswald didn't travel straight away in fact, he went onto Mexico where he was to visit the Cuban embassy. It appears he attempted to gain access to Cuba but was denied so. He then attempted another visa this time to Russia and was also rejected. Not long after, he was to meet with his wife in Dallas very shortly before the assassination (Personally, I suspect it was at around this time he was inadvertedly made a patsy).

Anyway, he rented a separate room but he still continued to store a lot of his possessions in the residence of Ruth Paine who then was the one responsible for helping Oswald get a job in the Texas School Book Depository building where he is said to have shot Kennedy.

Upon the assassination, well, immediately after I should say, a police officer by the name of Marrion L. Baker stormed the building. He even saw Oswald on the second floor "standing around calmly and drinking a coke". And what did he do at this time? Yup, he pointed a gun at Oswald (I believe their was others in this lunchroom at the time also).

Motorcycle officer Baker was the one who went in and is said to have shouted at him (Oswald) and then pointed his gun. One of the other men with him (I believe he was called Roy S. Truly - the TSBD Inspector and was Oswalds own boss who previously ran into Baker) noticed who It was and It was only this which had seemingly caused the men to bypass the obviously shaken Oswald to proceed forward up the building only to resurface around 5-10 minutes later when Oswald was missing.

The point is, he had a gun pointed at him for what appeared to be no reason what so ever. I believe Oswald then disappeared as he feared he had become a patsy at this point.

All of this discussed in more detail in my thread looking at the type of man Oswald was here. Please read.

Here's a great source discussing Ruth Paine also, it certainly is worth a read.

posted on May, 30 2011 @ 11:08 AM
reply to post by Rising Against

Once again, I'm impressedby your subject knowledge.

Three points of consideration and speculation:

1. Richard Hoagland alledges in his documentary "NASA Kennedy Obama Connection to 2012" that Vice President Johnson knew before hand of the assassination, i.e. redesigning the oval office and have the oath of office for a VP to take the Presidency, at hand on the plane, in his vest.

Start watching at 4min 20sec... Hoagland tends to waffle somewhat.

2. Annie Jacobsen in her book 'Area 51,' alledged that it was the Bay Of Pigs incident that soured JFK's relationship with the CIA, while the deeper elements were related to in-fighting between the manager of Area 51 and Direction of CIA planning at the time, Richard M. Bissell and Gen. Curtis LeMay. Bissell states that Gen. Curtis LeMay's lack of air-support during the Bay Of Pigs, which the Air Force and Pentagon apparently blamed on 'time-zone confusion.' As the dust settled, JFK stated to Bissell: "In a parliamentary government, I'd have to resign. But in this government I can't, so you and Allen (Dulles) have to go."

3. You've probably seen this on ATS "Was Officer Tippet Supposed to Have Killed Oswald?

What's your take? I'm sure you've reached several conclusions; that the power required to move the FBI, CIA and military protection oversight, to authorize lethal-aggression on the President and cover-up the overt evidence trail is much more that the Mafia, Cubans or Russians could possibly achieve.

Hoagland believes that the plot was thickened around a masonic back drop, while Jacobsen believes a factional tension between LeMay and Bissell might've been the catalyst.


Thanks for taking the time, to place so much usable data, in an easy-to-access format.
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posted on May, 30 2011 @ 11:17 AM
The JFK assassination was 48 years ago, so it is entirely probable that many of the participants are still alive. When E. Howard Hunt died recently, his deathbed confession was that LBJ was the responsible party. It was treated like minor filler in the papers and mentioned once briefly on network news.

I was a teenager when it happened and it just devastated this country (though many were happy about it). Yes, it likely would have destroyed the government if the truth had been told—but maybe some of today's corruption would have been avoided. WTC is a frame-by-frame rerun of what happened then. Questions and conspiracies—all ignored or laughed at by the Warren Commission. Photos and film analyzed in depth and findings shoved under a blanket of lies or crackhead answers fabricated for serious inquiries.

I watched the initial coverage on TV for 4 days straight and the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby was played endlessly—like the falling NYC towers. One thing that was obvious was that Oswald recognized Ruby when he stepped out of the crowd. Watch that film now and you will see that it has been altered, with a man in a big white hat conveniently covering the moment when Oswald sees Ruby. As in "1984" there are no lies or deceptions, only "corrections."

OF COURSE it was a coverup!!! There has never been any doubt by those who were awake and paying attention. But then, as now, most folks preferred to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that our government would never lie to us, or participate in something so heinous. A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest, as Paul Simon said.


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