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Street lamps go out when I pass by. Anyone?

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posted on May, 3 2014 @ 05:34 PM

originally posted by: one4all
There are definately ufo connections as I was abducted as a child,There are also connections to waking at a number of time over and over---mine has been 444 my entire life,my life is crisscrossed with 44 or 444 connections.I have seen three autos with 444 as the last 3 digits of 6 within 1 mile of my home in the last week.

As to the videos as proof,it seems to me it would be easier for ANYONE who doesnt believe people like me to video their own evidence of these SUPPOSEDLY COMMON MECHANICAL ERRORS OR FAILURES.

Dont you think?

The night should be full of constantly twinkling lights ,unless of course you are wrong and there are no twinkling lights on your video.

How about this one,both you and I can both take our own videos over a one hour period and we will see who can record the most instances of interference?

Winnner takes all.

I own you because I just have to keep driving in a circle in my parking lot or jogging around my block---I say you dont even record one malfunction in that hour.

Accept this fact----once I say I am the reason the light goes off and then I either show you personally or video it ---YOU MY BACKWARDS THINKERS ARE CHARGED WITH OBTAINING PROOF THAT I AM WRONG.

I dont have to prove myself anymore right than my statement of existing fact.

You want to call my statement a guess and play games,it IS NOT A GUESS IT IS A STATEMENT OF FACT.

Therefore I say get your camera out or whatever you need to do to prove me wrong.Or kneel and confess you error of perception.


Dont just guess,prove me wrong,and based on the types of proof requested,there are videos all over the net,SO THE BALL IS ALREADY IN YOUR COURT ,and you dont even know it .

You have been told and physical proof has been provided through the videos,so dontcha think we should all be following the premise that this is in fact FIRST AN ACCEPTED REALITY AND FACT ---then we should all have some milk and a cookie or two and wait for the detractors to provide proof of an alternative reality???

I do.
I see 444 everyday and I turn street lights on or off every night. What do you think this means?

posted on May, 6 2014 @ 10:15 PM
a reply to: chemo

There seems to be some type of technology overlap happening.

There is a basic and simple concept being utilised in the Streetlights or some component of their function which crosses over under specific circumstances.

I am no scientist but it shouldnt be that hard for an electrician to reverse engineer the components and operation to show how and where the overlap is happening.

This is not pseodo-science,it is hard science.The Streetlights are hardware so this is hard science.

If you want to have a great time go to your local mega-Hardware or Home Improvement Warehouse and find the Lighting section,ha ha ha,then go stand far away from it and video it with your camera,exactly how it is,in some stores the lights in the biggest displays will all be on and there will be 20 or more of them all together,once you have filmed them with normal customers walking past the display and you have determined which ones are on a motion activation system you can give your camera to your pal and then have the film you walking past the same display and setting off numerous lights which are not on motion activation systems,do this a few times to substanciate to you and your friend that the situation is real,let you pal be filmed making the same walk a few times to prove it is only you doing it.If you spend a few hours over several visits you may get lucky like I have repeatedly and see others setting off the lights unknowingly,it is very cool to see and it gives you a chance to look for similaritys in the people who can do this.It is not that rare an ability if I can find so many in my Local Home reno store.You just need to know where to look.Something just occured to me,the lights in the store are all new so it cannot be a degraded part or component causing the effect in Street and other lights.It should be easier to define knowing that if one wants to dig in.

I personally wouldnt post the videos,but it is your call,it is important to me to teach the people I trust that this is real and to validate myself to them.

There are emotional and breathing components to the process,I bothered with if for a while and did all the research as well to see how many others can do this,it is not uncommon,but is definately suppressed in major ways.The simple faact that no one has done official studies and given an official explanation tells us immediatly that there is a technology component here that we arent suppossed to understand that is being hidden from us.

Personally I believe it is connected to genetics,blood-type,it is IMHO connected to what we call Intuition.

I believe it is a latent talent in specific people and not a small number either,a very large Global number.

It sounds like fun and games until it disturbs your life,imagine different types of cars breaking down because its CPU is fried repeatedly costing you a ton o money, or how about having to turn your T.V set back on every time you have an emotional high watching Old Yeller or anything that tweaks your emotions one way or the other.That is no fun especially if you have company.How about shopping?Imagine having the security beepers going off every time you leave your local departent Store that can be terribly embarrasing and uncomfortable,you sure cannot tell the Security people it is your blood-type doing it now can you? And because it most frequently happens during thought and emotional considerations it can happen anywhere and at any time and to any degree of power,maybe you are excited bout the gift you just bought someone that is enough juice,so you cannot just tell the security guy to stand back and watch because it might not happen again on call,ha ha ha ha.How about not being able to wear watches?To be honest to me the worst is when my partner wants to know if I am having an emotional opinion on a topic we discuss,a habit of bringing up emotional topics in front of the T.V has developed because I cannot hide the emotions internally and they externalise through the TV by shutting it off! Its like an ad-hoc lie detector or truth detector test for me.

I have had single Streetlights go out,single other typrs of lights,I have had entire rows of lights in the country go out on a highway,i have had a group of friends with me specificlly to show them and have had an entire rooftop of lights over a gas Station repeatedly turn out.

There are upsides,I have been going to the same Chineese Food Restauraunt for many years and know the owners quite well,there is a light in front of their place,well there are about 10 or 15 of them in a large parking lot,but one reactive one is right in front of their store which has huge windows.Once I determined I had a live iight and had managed to tune into it so I could guage distance and influence I told them to watch me through the window as i left with my take-out food,I know they are very superstitious,ha ha ha,the first time i walked out I did not come back in to chat with them and have a laugh,i just went home chuckeling. The NEXT time i went to see them they were on fire,ha ha ha,they wanted to see if I could do it again,so I did just for them,it blew their minds,now from time to time I get gratis items in my orders.They ALWAYS watch me leave now,ha ha ha,and so do a lot of their Chineese friends when they are in the place and I visit.

I have a long and complicated scientific theory but it is off the wall,I know pretty much how and why this happens but I havent detailed or researched it,this would take professionals and resources,and I am sure it has already been done,this is just another thing that has been actively suppressed from the general public.

Dont worry if this happens to you,other than to say that I do not fly in Planes anymore,I had an incident where one engine on a small plane I was on stopped mid-flight while we were leaving a City once and I was agonising over having to go,and that was it for me.No more flights,some of us who do this should be considered flight risks,and even in Hospitals we should be considered a risk unless we can definately understand and control this,because the science behind it is suppressed those of us with this latent ability pose something of a risk under certain circumstances and should try to learn about this and self-police ,it can be done.I do it,and it has taught me how to maipulate some lights at will,using a combonation of emotional projection and breathing techniques.

If you can manufacture emotional outputs artificially you will be able to experiment yourslef,just dont expect things to be perfect,you likely wont be able to turn lights on or off at will until you can manifest emotional focus in a controlled manner.Once you learn what it takes to ignite the lights you can practice then you can learn how to turn them on as well as shutting them off.It is not that difficult,it just takes belief confidence time and patience and the right lights.There is some component that is unsual,either a defect in production of the components or a weraing down of the components which creates a new and unexpected action.Like I said I believe it is hard science,and I believe our innate ability is also based upon hard science,not pseudo-science and supernatural stuff.

I have watched many videos and programs about this phenonenom,lets suffice to say that I believe that this ability is a key component of bio-mechanical communication,the link between technology and Human biology.

I do not follow up on these topics simply bevause of the overt suppression,I am assuming there are reasons the information has been suppressed and based uopn that I have no desire to un-suppress someone elses work and cause them a resource loss,simply because I canot replace that loss.

Anyone can find the scientific basis for this and other things which have been suppressed,simply because the people hiding the data from the mainstream did not know what to hide years ago and it was alreadt in print everywhere,and now that everything is online the cat is out of the bag across the board.Anyone and everyone is learning new science as we speak.

I watch videos of school kids building over-unity devices,ha ha ha,and learning about many concepts which were published many many many years ago in some cases,but the kids are finding the data through the internet and using it.

20 or even 10 years ago it was easy to shut down publicity and exposure of these types of technology by first ruining careers of people,then financially ruining them,then by putting them in Nut-houses,then by killing them ,then we hit the internet age and it was no longer possible to operate with impunity and a likely hood of being caught developed,then the killing slowed and organised gang-Stalking became the weapon of choice for organised information suppression,today the killings continue,the Gang-Stalking is prevelant,and a new tactic of providing huge fiscal rewards unknowingly to people has replaced the old form of terrorism,someone is finding out it is cheaper to buy people than to off them or invest money you will never get back into gang-Stalking which is epiclly exxpensive .

Today a serious Whistle-Blower will likely be finding themselves having some awsome stroke of luck that will give them so much moeny it will elevate them into a new perspective and will cause many of their extended family to depend on their newfound money and support,this means these Whistle-Blowers are very very easy to manipulate even if they are believers in freedom of information,once the money sinks into their lives in large amounts they become extremely vulnerable.This is a natural dynamic and nearly impossible to stop from happening and is very effective.

The gang-Stalking and Killing are to easy to track back and the fact is that many many people now have back-ups which immediatly put all of their data online if anything happens to them,it is as easy as having several friends no one knows about who arent connected to your life that can be counted on to do you a simple favor.Times are changing but the battle remains fierce with information suppression.

The Bad Fellas have learned to go with the flow these days somewhat,it still isnt safe to threaten their investments however.I stress that this is why I DO NOT do the detailed research and post it online,anyone can find the data I use it is all online so people are finding it all the time in growing numbers.

The phenomenon we discuss is undoubtably real,and people are beieving in the internet more and more every day,if you are interested in learning about it you can do so online.The problem is that to share the information you must step on some pretty big toes.A kid releasing the data to his highschool is safe,but some regular person in normal life is not so safe when those toes get stepped upon.

So yes this is real,I have not and will never post a video offering proof,all people online want is proof,but this makes many innocent people vulnerable to forms of active suppression when these people mostly are just learning and curious.

When there are people in the world willing to kill and punish people randomly for simply posting data online in an organised manner,data already available online and in books,then everyone must walk softly.You DO NOT have to be some type of crusader to be arbitrarily punished,you may unknowingly stumble upon something revolutionary and get into trouble,so for the regular person there is no way to know the rules you are working under.

This is where the lights going out issue stands for me,it is obviously real,it is obviously suppressed,it is obviously hard science and can be reverse-engineered so it has likely been done already.

The discussions are fun and once you learn a bit about the ability you can have some fun with it and not be overly concerned other than with the type of career you do and how technology relates to it,one doesnt want to be responsible for anything negative,and take solace in the fact that this is not a rarity,many many people exibit this ability to varying degrees.My guess is that when the tech is finally outed it will be extremely simple and easy for everyone to understand,and I mean very simple.But as with everything there is an evolution to these developments and unless you are willing to become involved in such things you must wait like i do and most of us do to see things come to market and into learning institutions.

If it is something we are born with as I suspect it is no big deal,no different than a musical talent or an athlectic genetic predisposition,no not everyone has these things to the same degrees,there will simply be a value put upon the services these people can provide,today that value is hidden and is militarily connected and this creates danger for these people because certain groups would wish to learn first and gain a technological advantage over everyone else so they will do anything to achieve these ends ,and this presents a clear and present danger to many many people,once this technology is outed then the dynamic will change,but at the end of the day most people will not care any more about it than they care about athletes or Musicians and we will likely be watching Gameshows on TV where contestants pit their new skills aginst each other for entertainment.

I do not believe that this ability is connected to the Abduction events,I believe that the pre-existing ability is engaged during the abductions and our cerebral muscle-memory retains the activation process and we uknowingly and randomly activate the ability,like walking around shooting out electrical charges when you are emotionally charged if you prefer that analogy.The ability can be controlled and excercised,Yogis do it all the time.I just think that some abductees are Activated to some degree,it is like riding a bicycle,once you do it once you never forget how to do it again,even if it is decades between rides you remember exactly how to do it.Well this streetlight interference may be a cerebral version of this dynamic,but it is by no means only connected to Abductees,and it is not something "special" they have which catalyses the Abductions themselves,those are largely circumstantial to begin with,there is a generational component in some cases .I believe the people doing the abductions dont even know how much latent ability each individual can excercise,they know we all have some of it but not how much until they interact with us personally.

Have fun in your search for answers,remember they are all out there if you just relax and follow your instincts.Believe the answers are there and you will find them,disbelieve and you will not look hard enough.

My last thought is that i know that one can turnlights off AND on,and can do it within parameters at will.I know that not every light or TV or security device will react the same,or it will seem so to you because the dynamic is situational and connected to your emotions,unti you go to a hardware store and see 15 lights going on and off at once like it is Christmas time it will be hard to relate cause and effect,until you understand that it is you AND a combonation of sympathetic lights or appliances it will be hard for you to define.Things will seem to be random but not,you will not be able to deny the lights go out but for lack of a scientific cause you will not be able to quantify things,however once you understand that YOU are the primary catlyst and your emotions are the key you can begin to experiment,as humans we can Manifest emotions at will,we can produce them on our own using memories.So even if you can identify that certain lights are going out for only you and not others you still need to learn that they can also be turned back on.I can shut off a Streetlight and then turn it back on on que,I have timed it and can shut it off stand there and count off a specific time and then turn it back on at my own randomly chosen time,so this can be done.So aknowledging you shut lights off OR turn them on is only half of your learning experience,you have been given a window through which most people never get to look.have fun with it and excercise it,you were born with it,I believe it is your birthright .

I have theories about the number 444 as well but once again I dont want to step on anyones toes,there may be a connection between emotional externalisation and symbology which is projected through numbers,a connection we dont completely understand,a natural connection.i can live with the 444 issue as well it is just annoying to wake up at that time consistantly and see the numbers on the clocks.More of an annoyance than anything,same with the license plate numbers,I didnt realise how many 444s there are out there,and it is annoying to always see them in front of me.i get texts from numbers that are all 444s,even 444-4444,it is silly sometimes,one is company that texts reminders and they attatch nifty little message to the business end of things,I stopped reading the messages intentionally because I didnt like the connecction between the 444s and what i considered to be out of the ordinary seemingly innocous messages attatched to those texts.If anything when I see those numbers I am instantly on alert,somehow I am made aware to some degree,but as I said once I connected this alert awareness to seemingly intentional but non-offensive longer than neccesary texts my Intuition kicked in and I chose to not read the messages anymore,i dont like the connection because I feel there is a natural component I do not understand but others might.I guess it is simply another question we will have to be patient enough to wait for the answer to.Unusually high levels of Pattern recognition ability seems to be related to this issue as well.High Intuition and High pattern Recognition ability and the ability to externlise emotional energy ,all of these dynamics seem to be working together.

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posted on May, 6 2014 @ 10:41 PM
a reply to: chemo

Thank you for the reply Chemo,and also the reminder. "dum invicem rursus occurremus"

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posted on May, 7 2014 @ 02:54 AM
a reply to: chrisshone2003
You can post in the introductions section and someone will likely help you there and answer questions. If you post information on topics, people respond. They like people to stay on topic here, we have a lot.

As far as street lights going out and being affected by emotional energy, sometimes I wonder if the emotional energy of people can affect the weather. Sometimes it seems like clear weather suddenly transforms into a string of tornadoes and violent weather. Logical people might think it was just cold air clashing with warm air. Maybe it's not the energy of people, maybe someone is manipulating the weather via some type of energy waves. I just found it really odd for the forecast where I live to forecast 2 to 3 inches of rain and put us in a flood watch for 2 days and then we had barely a drop of rain the entire time. A day ahead of the forecast, the hourly forecasts had 100% chance of rain. Then nothing happened. It was like some kind of energy vortex sucked up all the rain and storms. I was actually hoping it wouldn't rain very much on one day.

posted on May, 8 2014 @ 02:08 AM
I went to a psychic a long time ago after my father died. They told me he was one of two watching over me. They also told me he communicates with you through lights. They asked if lights flicker around you? I said some of my house lights flicker sometimes. That didn't mean much to me. I just figured the bulbs were faulty.

So one day while driving I decided to put her remark to a test. I told my dad if he was communicating to me through lights I would like the street light to go out when he wishes to say Hi or I love you. I also added If there's any kind of danger ahead or police, I would like two street lights to go out for a warning.

I started to notice that every time I drove at night at least one light would go out as I was driving under it. I started laughing thinking this is not real. But one night as I was leaving work two lights went out. I asked are you warning me about something? I drove real slow and an accident had just happened at an intersection. Had I been driving my normal speed I would have been the one in that accident. I told myself that was just a coincident. Back to driving and seeing one light going out. I started saying Hi Dad got your message.

Then another night two lights went out I drove slower than normal. There was a cop hidden waiting to give people a ticket. Had I driven my normal way I would have surely been pulled over. Two times now I'm starting to believe.

Another time I was taking my grandchildren out driving to look at all the Christmas lights. We were singing to the Christmas music and having a good time. I was telling them the story of my father communicating to me by turning off the street lights and the meaning behind the one light vs two light system. I turned on a very decorated street and the very first street light went off. The kids said grandpa is saying hi grandma. I smiled and said yes he was. The next street light also went off. The kids said be careful grandma that's grandpa warning. I stopped and looked around didn't see anything..... I told the Children he's probably just saying Hi to all of you because we're doing what he use to do when I was a little girl. He would take me driving to see all the pretty lights too. Christmas time is his favorite holiday and he decorated the house to the max. I drove on and under the 3 light it went out also. The kids started yelling and getting all excited and jumping in their seats. Grandpa is here and he's talking to us. Every street light on that street went out when I drove under it and as I drove away came back on. The entire street. That has never happened again!

I have 4 grandchildren that will always remember that Christmas.

posted on May, 8 2014 @ 03:03 AM
Possible theories I just thought of as to why street lights might turn off by the presence of a human:

- Infrared light from warm skin hitting the light sensor.
- Static electricity built up on clothing causing a small voltage change in the wires running up the light pole/ under the pavement triggering the light to turn off.
- Static electricity affecting capacitors in the light's electric circuit.
- Moths/ insects sitting on the light being disturbed by the walking person and flying away causing reflected light to hit the sensor.
- Loose paving stones cause wiring under the pavement to temporarily earth out when they are stepped on by the passing person.
- Light sensor triggered by microwave frequencies emitted by mobile phones when they are close to the street light.
- Vibrations from footsteps heading up the light pole and triggering the light sensor.
- Large presence of water in the human body effecting electric and magnetic fields in subtle ways enough to trigger the sensor.

I could probably go on but I think that there are plenty of 'rational' explanations which could explain this phenomena. It is probably something someone could research further if not to find out if and how humans are able to effect electrical systems and whether they could do so consciously and reliably, then it is something which could be put to good use.

I've personally had the street light thing happen to me occasionally and thought it weird at the time. More recently mobile phones and internet connections always seem conk out right when I need them most, ie when I'm in a hurry and stressed out. I can also hear a high pitch noise in a house which has electrical appliances left on eg an upstairs computer monitor.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 06:56 PM

originally posted by: JonMel77

I could probably go on but I think that there are plenty of 'rational' explanations which could explain this phenomena. It is probably something someone could research further if not to find out if and how humans are able to effect electrical systems and whether they could do so consciously and reliably, then it is something which could be put to good use.

It is a blessing that there are so many skeptics and "scientifics" out there. The last thing that the world needs is for people to realise that it is indeed possible to affect electrical systems.

For those who believe that their presence creates interference with electrical/electronic systems, please carry on believing and try some experiments.Fortunately for you , no one will believe or blame you.

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