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School and Escalators (What does it mean)?

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posted on May, 28 2011 @ 11:39 PM
I was at school and I had a mean teacher saying this about me. Me and a couple of other mates were playing with markers but it was permanent and he said "That's what you get for being stupid, only lead will be able to take it off now!". So I packed up my books and left. The friend I was walking with ditched me in the sea of people, then I seen another friend arriving, but as I went back to get my book-bag, he ditched me too. When I came out, I seen another friend and he was walking with me and talking with some girl. The girl was saying practicing for something. Anyway, we were on the 3rd floor and took an escalator to the 1st.
On this floor, there were a bunch of escalators some going back up and some going down. The ones going down had a lot of water leaking on to them, it also was a two part escalator. I was about to get on, and then this guy fun one of my classes that I never actually spoke to in real life, he said "Hey, I wouldn't take that one if I were you, it is too risky". After the first shoot you up, you have to trust that the second part was working so you won't get stuck and die. So I decided to wait and go up to the highest escalator like everyone else. After a while waiting, I made it to the 3rd floor but I was at the third floor of the mall. I was happy because usually in these dreams, I would be shoot high up from an escalator, but this time it was slow and calm. I said to myself "Why am I here, there's no exit on the third floor?". So, I began to look for another down escalator and then I woke up. What on Earth does this dream mean?

posted on May, 29 2011 @ 12:15 AM
The escalators seem a symbol of the direction people take, spiritually speaking. It seems to mean two things at once. Paralleling ideas in the same symbols.

First, going up an escalator symbolizes moving up in consciousness. Maybe some new truths have been revealed to you recently, or you have experienced some spiritual awakening of sorts...

Second, the "escalator going down" and the "No exit on the 3rd floor" parts.

Going down on the escalator seems to symbolize the depth of Mind. It had water, it was probably darker. It's slippery and treacherous.
Going up on the escalator symbolizes simply the easier path, and the path taken by most.

As it showed in your dream, however, that path traveled by most does not lead to an exit, does not lead to answers, or less confusion, or less suffering.

To end with the beginning of your dream, you and your friends angering an authority figure because you used indelible ink.

You were making changes to the authority figure's environment that are permanent or very difficult to make go away.

Not sure what it means to you specifically but this is what I gathered.


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