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The Curious Case of King Dog

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posted on May, 28 2011 @ 08:55 PM
The Curious Case of King Dog.

Dear People of ATS. I want to share a series of experiences I had about three years ago with you. It is quite complex so please bare with me and I will try to explain as rationally as I can what took place in my life. I swear to you that this is a very honest and true factual account, with not a word of exageration. I cannot provide any links because there is no available data pertaining to this subject I am about to divulge.

It all started when a friend of the family, a college lecturer, who lived in a beautiful cottage here in Cornwall, in an old former tin mining valley by the atlantic ocean called Jericho Valley, presented my Mum and Dad with a video of some old film he had obtained from a friend at a University. I never saw the film, and got to hear about it from my folks, who asked me about it because they knew I was very well read in aspects of pagan practices in history in many cultures throughout the world. What they told me about the film was this;

The film is entitled "King Dog". It is a home movie filmed anywhere between the 1950s and very early 1960s. It shows a middle aged man and three ladies in flowing gowns who are heavily made up (like with Egyptian eye makeup) leading a procession of a very large square black box (not coffin shaped, but large enough to fit into it even a big dog. The film is set in Jericho Valley. They lead the procession from a house down into a wooded area about 100 metres away from the house, where the box is placed into a very large and deep hole by a prominent north facing tree in a grove of trees that form almost a perfect circle.

During the middle 1960s Jericho Valley was for a time a camping commune for a group of Bohemians (Hippies), who were eventually evicted from the valley by the authorities. This group of people were in awe of the spot where this box was buried and referred to it as "King Dog". Locally, people say it is an old animal graveyard in these woods.

The area of the trees, as I mentioned above, still has a defined circle of trees, which surround a circle paved with stones that must be almost 5 metres in diameter, The circumference of the circle is marked by some very beautiful green stones (what they are made of I cannot tell; glass, crystal? They are quite strange and not usual looking atall). It is all overgrown there now, but just moving a few branches one can see all the details still very well.

The house, from which the box began its procession, was called for many years "Beit Hamal Achim", Hebrew for "House of The Angels" and as far as I can understand was owned at this time by a Jewish gentleman, who moved to America.

When they told me about the video, at the time I just shrugged it off as another neo pagan ritual and really thought no more of it.

A few months later I drifted into a rather strange territory of intense change within. The old ground of my life completely gave way. I got myself very isolated and was doing so much reading, thinking and creating. I could not work, I could not even go and claim my welfare money and my money was stopped and I was not eating. It was a kind of paralysis. With all my experiences of the system and my knowledge of all that really happens I just did not want to belong with that anymore. I was even willing to starve to get away from it, which was acually what was happening. I was under a Doctor and taking some heavy sedatives and got quickly addicted and was overdosing on them on several occasions. I went to the Doctor one morning and he refused to give me anymore. I was so strung out I decided the only thing I could do to completely change my path was to do an intense Shamanic jouney and I put a feather in my hair and went to the fields and picked some very strong mushrooms. I did this "journey" and it worked.

In the few days before I dreamed of a strange character that was hanging around. It looked like a fat little King, almost cartoon like in appearance, like a playing card king. It had a very mean face so I knew it was not benign and that I should keep it far at bay, which I did. Now as I came up on these mushrooms I was given a choice of directions for my journey, either to have a carnal, earthly trip or a spiritual journey. I chose the spiritual jouney. It was the day of John Lennon's birthday, in October. Now I was in the garden of the cottage where I lived and I was very depressed about all the many artists and spirituul figures who are my influences and their untimely and often brutal deaths; like Jesus, His Disciples and Martyrs, John Lennon, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, etc. I was speaking to GOD during my "journey" saying that I was so sorry for my part in Jesus' death and my deep melancholy that all my heroes were dead. Then suddenly I was urged to turn around from the flowers I had been looking at. In the sky I saw a rider on a white horse appear in the sky and He spoke to me, saying literally; "It's cool! Live THE WORD". In a flash of only two or three seconds this vision happened.

A few months before I had been to Israel and one night went up on my own onto the Mount of Olives and prayed for peace between Israel and Palestine. It was a very beautiful experience and a very Christian one. I was just above Gethsemene where Jesus used to go and pray and where He wept over Jerusalem and where He was arrested.

Around the time of my journey I was having both Christian and Pagan experiences and doing so much reading and thinking about myths and legends; King Arthur, Druidism, the early Christian Church, the phenomenon of Haile Selassie and Bob Marley,etc. I was very disturbed in my psyche. I was also a popular music artist at the time and was talking to some quite well known artists.Then the King Dog phenomenon began.

I kept being drawn to the King Dog circle, definitely a Druidic experience and I learned so much about all the myths and legends of ancient Britain, Wales and Ireland. It was almost like I was living out a Merlin incarnation, with many comparisons to the Grail legend. It is hard to describe, but I was having visions of Merlin, Joseph of Arimethea and Arthur. The village name is the same also as the village in Jamaica where Bob Marley grew up and I was very much on a reggae vibe in my music at the time. It was like a Shamanic rite of passage through the spirit side of life, both Druid and Christian related, very much a Grail related phenomenon.

It got very intense and I ended up deciding that my path was to be Christian and not Pagan. There was a Dragon also present in my intuitive sight and it was like I was being seduced by this Dragon and being offered great power and knowledge. But I decided that I wanted to be with Christ and not the Dragon. I went once upto the King Dog circle and excorcised the circle, intuitively inspired, and planted a cross and a message by the north facing tree,

"Here lies the bones of King Arthur. Arthur was a Christian King and Merlin a Priest of God..."

In the days after the exorcism my life went very strange indeed. I felt very scared and felt like I was in danger. My house was burgled one night, just some money was taken as if whoever just wanted me to know they had been there. Also, I sought more information from the friend of the family who had shown my parents the video. He told me that a lady journalist was doing a film about the mystery of King Dog and had interviewed him and his neighbours and the documentary was scheduled for a showing locally. He gave me her phone number and told me I could talk to her. I did telephone her and we spoke about it and she invited me to the viewing. At the end of the telephone conversation I remember telling her that she should not be suprised if she is told to keep silence about this King Dog phenomenon. I don't know why I said that and still do not.

Later I found out from a friend who does gardening for the houses in Jericho valley that still some people occasionally turn up to see the King Dog circle. He also told me it is a place visited by Freemasons.

After my mushroom journey I was very haunted by the dragon and King Dog. I constantly had an urge to go there to the circle, like it had a source of power. I wanted to dig up the box, like it was necessary for me to do it.

One night I was completely overwhelmed and a spiritual authority visited me intuitively. I took it to be a benign authority and felt safe with responding to what it was asking of me. It was not the dragon and the dragon I knew was afraid of this authority. I was led in the spirit to take candles, a lighter, a five pound note (english currency) and a copy of the New Testament to the circle. As I began my late night walk there I walked through the centuries of all manner of ritual experiences. It was very confusing. It was like I had so many choices I could make as to what I would do when I reached the circle; from meeting the dragon as a beautiful woman and that I would be tempted and seduced, to the other extreme of banishing this very powerful spiritual presence.

When I reached the woods I knew that whatever King Dog was, there was something as powerful as an angel waiting in that circle for me and that if I was to go in there I would not be able to resist what was waiting there.

My decision was this. I decided I would not go in there. I shouted to the Angel,

"Angel, Oh Angel! I'm not coming in there, You're too scary. Angel, go home Angel, go back to God Angel".

I placed the candles, the lighter and the copy of The New Covenent of Jesus Christ on the grass near to the opening of the woods, alongside the five pound note screwed up into a wick to light the candles with. It was my message to those who know of King Dog and indeed to the whole of Creation. I walked away repeating the words I had spoken almost in a trance.

The next day I went to the circle in the daylight and wanted to dig up whatever is buried in that box. I removed many of the stones on the surface, but then I just thought of some very apt notions, like the T.S Eliot poem of "The Wasteland", "Oh Keep the dog far hence that is friend to men or with his claws he'll dig it up again", and even little maxims like "Let sleeping dogs lie", alongside thoughts like my treasure is up in Heaven and I do not need to dig into the dirt for it.

It was not only me who had these strange experiences of King Dog, but also another creative and intuitive guy from the village had episodes of a very similar nature. Also, the friend of the family who had shown my parents the video, came to see me. He asked me all about what I had done. He told me that the documentary was not going to be shown, he and another neighbour had put a stop to it for privacy reasons (the filmaker had interviewed them both as part of the film).

For many months afterwards I had strange dreams about the grail and this spot and I can say that I, the friend of the family and my other friend who did the gardening in that area all think that there is some kind of relic buried there and that the animal graveyard or dog grave rumours were used to disguise what is really there.

As the time has moved on I have asserted my Christianity and have put the pagan ideas behind me. I have let sleeping dogs lie.

Also very interesting is that I have a very large Celtic Wolf tattoo over my left breast and in the shield is the Eye In The Hill (or eye of the pyramid). I had this done many years before these experiences.

Sadly, recently the friend of the family committed suicide. He threw himself from the cliffs into the ocean. He was a close friend to me. He had been depressed for a good long time. He will be missed.

This is a very brief account, there were many other factors involved, but it is very complex and I have tried to give atleast the bare "bones" of this strange experience. I am now very much on the mend. I still do not work and live a very quiet alternative life and a very simple one. I feel more lonely than I used to feel, like I lost something the day I said goodbye to the Angel. My life is much more empty and predictable and all the former magic has gone. But I know I made the right decision, for me that is, that my life is to be lived when I leave this life, that I will not be able to enjoy the sensual gifts of this life.

I have come to understand what took place here to the satisfaction of my own soul. I wanted to share this, though, on ATS in the hope of finding out if anyone else has had any similar experiences and, whoever might be interested, may even be able to analyse my experience. Please do ask questions if you would like any further information.

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posted on May, 28 2011 @ 09:18 PM
What an interesting story, strangely compelling. Would probably make a good movie,sorry about your friend.

posted on May, 28 2011 @ 09:28 PM
reply to post by lestweforget

It is mighty strange. It was not very nice to go through at the time, but now I see it as a very fascinating episode that I am glad I had. During that time I won so much control of my being. All that I wrote did take place in both my imagination and in reality.

Here there is still just a little of the mysterious left. Cornwall is a place of many ghosts.

Yes, it would make a good movie or something.

Mind you, I am a bit of a strange one. Never been one to just follow the norm. Have lost a great deal of the earthly life now. But better not to gain the world and lose one's soul.

The peace that passeth understanding "Shanti shanti shanti" (from The Wasteland Poem)

posted on May, 28 2011 @ 09:38 PM
well if an angel of God is telling you got go there, it's because most likely God want's it removed. when you enter that world you'll be attacked.

but you should also remember that they can't do anything to you if God doesn't permit them. they fear the wrath of God and what He can do to them, more than your life.

it just isn't worth it. they'll try to scare you and threaten your life, but it'll end there, know this, and keep going.

you should go back now, find out what God want's you to do with this thing, and man up and ignore the devil's bullsh-t.

sh-t, if i had an angel of God guiding me, i'd walk thru the middle of fallujah during the marine offensive with a smirk.

and if this is all b.s. so your ego can count how many people posted reply's, remember God is real, and so is that piece of sh-t satan.

posted on May, 28 2011 @ 09:57 PM
reply to post by randomname

I promise you it is all very true, my friend.

I think ir was a personal thing really where I walked between worlds. I was presented with two worlds and the world I chose was The Kingdom of GOD; a much harder path and no earthly gain or reward, but we both know there is a better reward waiting.

I think I made the right decision to not go in there and leave the message I left. I have since found out that message was received.

No ego stuff either. Haha! I ainto got much atall in this life now. Nothing to have any ego about. The music all died and now I just live a really quiet, impoverished life, but I still have the joy of a spiritual life that interests me more than any amount of earthly glory.

Thanks for making the effort to reply. Take good care my friend.

Like you I am no longer scared of anything. I agree with you, that power was a good Angel and the power in the circle was a malevolent Angel.

There is much more to this life if we choose to look, isn't there!
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posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 12:53 PM
I have just seen this so thought i would add something to it. I have seen the video of the procession of the burial. Its black and white with no sound, the procession of people are dressed in religious regalia (and sorry to correct the original poster), the coffin is white not black. approx 6foot long, 4 foot wide and 18 inches deep and is carried on poles by 4 men. I do have access to the video, and the documentary. If the original poster is genuine they will know that the burial site is watched and, although is easily accessible, anyone who goes near will be challenged about their motives, very quickly with a very stern tone. it does make you wonder why the burial site, after all these years, has hidden security measures for what is in essence an overgrown patch of woodland. I have more information which i would like to share, but only to the original poster, as there are some very rich people involved. As the person talked about in the video is missing with no body ever found i am reluctant to say too much on an open forum.
i would just point out that the original film does not say it is the burial of a dog, it merely has "Gengha. king of dogs" inscribed on the coffin.

posted on May, 12 2015 @ 05:31 PM
David was my closest dearest friend. David showed me the video of The Essenes which I recall a bit vaguely. I can picture the people at the cottage. I think I may have spoken with the lady who made the documentary.
From what you write I feel that I must know you. I would know the locals you mention.
You could be Katie?
It is strange that the original post was on the eve of David's birthday. Now just over 2 weeks away.
I have just seen the post from the person who has access to the video and the documentary.

Now in Australia

posted on May, 12 2015 @ 10:41 PM
I feel the truth in your words. I know how it is to face the Self, maybe not to the degree you have...But I commend you for being so courageous on your journey. The way you let go of food and other doubt this mixed with your desire to seek Higher caused such a vivid experience. The credit goes to you for being receptive. I understand what you mean about the temptaitons, especially at the peak of wisdom is when they want to pull you Wisdom can be distorted in un-loving in ways Wisdom attracts temptation of a darker nature. It does sound very pagan and I doubt that circle had much if anything positive about it. Magical? indeed.

Also I want to point out a possible reason as to why DOG? DOG is God backwards. I know negatively oriented "gods" as they like to be called, of the inner planes, that many worship(ed) like to blasphemise...worth a thought atleast

The poster mentioning the rich people involved confirms my suspicion that it is of a negative nature. Alot of the inner plane entities show themselves as so called gods to be worshipped and through their limited abilities...yet magical to many humans..."help aid" people in exchange for their worship. This is the whole foundation of those in control and why they are so Dark and Greedy. They work with Negative Entities. Those extremely polarized entities attracting off world negativity such as our good friend at The Orion Group (empire)...sarcasm.

What really resonates to me is the voice you got saying "its cool, live THE WORD"

Thats so powerful because the best way we can honor Jesus is by living what he ACTUALLY taught. I am not Christian. But I beleive in Christ..very strongly.

Your a good soul and I know your journey will lead to even more fruitful discoverys, have fun and thank you for sharing.

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posted on Oct, 30 2019 @ 07:11 AM
a reply to: wolverine6uk

This story has totally gripped me. I am fascinated and driven to know more. It feels vitally important to me that the story isn't allowed to fade away. I was lucky enough to meet David on a couple of occasions and to stay at his parents house once. What a wonderful, kind and gentle man. I wonder off you might help me to learn a little more about the story by sharing some more of your memories?
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posted on Nov, 1 2019 @ 11:36 AM
a reply to: CornishTiger

What an interesting story has anyone else heard any more about it?

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