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New Vietnam Veteran Anti-Kerry Ad

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posted on Aug, 6 2004 @ 05:48 PM

Originally posted by TrueLies

This is one of the steps to becoming a fascist people...

True Lies (an apt name if I ever heard one)

By these definitions, anyone who who is loyal to his national cause and who calls out those who lack the courage or the integrity to stand up to that cause, is a fascist.

America is in mortal peril and the time to act is now. We can't do anything about what has happened prior to now, but we sure do have the power to mold the future. So the choice is to let our enemies dictate that future, or we, as Americans, can stand up and deal with our enemies proactively. That's why I say that the jig is up. We're on a course to a dismal future, if we do not take the helm and steer this ship into calmer waters and you can either be a part of that or you can stand by wringing your hands and whining about the way things ought to be. You are either with us or you are against us.

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posted on Aug, 9 2004 @ 11:28 AM

Originally posted by GradyPhilpott

You don't know me, Wraith, so if I were you I would exercise a little caution when you start with your personality profiles. And you can dispense with the discussion of my gonads. I make my choices based upon my knowledge and experience and I know when its time to time to quit whining and get with the program. No one thinks for me, but me. The jig is up Wraith and as far as I'm concerned anyone who is not with this nation's efforts to rid the world of the scum who oppose us then you are the enemy.

And spare me your phony, dimestore "wisdom"

[edit on 04/8/6 by GradyPhilpott]

Truely you have a facinating choise of words. If you took a moment to research philosophy of war and those who fight them you will find that though my "personality profiles" are paraphrased they are still quite accurate. I also did not say taht you as an individual fit into one or ther other though I find it interesting that you seem to have chosed which fit you the best and commented against it.

now.. "anyone who is not with this nation's efforts to rid the world of the scum" a very interesting statement... Who is scum? Anyone who opposes us? I am quite sure to a great many nations we are Scum.. does that make it so?

I already know that your retort will be the terrorists that attacked us with no provocation are scum and we need to git em...

Quite right, I would agree that those who arranged the attack against us need to be delt with.. as did the majority of the UN post 9/11. Though it seems we lost that support allong the way... why do you think that is? Lets see..

Hypothetical situation... Several public places arround the USA are blown up by public means. Soon after reports are released that those responcible are part of an Okinawan terrorist group in retaliation agains the Nuclear attacks against Japan.
We should then

A: Apologize to the Native american tribes for taking their land and start wearing Tu-Tu's sprouting the tail fethers of the great american condor.

B: Hunt down the terrorist facitons in Okinawa with the support of almost all the world governments eleiminating further threat while working with the Japanese government to build further positive governmetn relations making it possible to forever ending further like attacks.


C: Start to investigate and eliminate Okinawa's Terrorist factions but right in the middle of it pour all of our attention into invading Germany becasue it is known that back in WWII Germany and Japan were allies and the presidents Granfather was shot in Germany which makes Germany an evil nation. So they must be supporting the Okinawan terrorist with weapons since we know Germany has them even though noone can find them. But we know Germany has weapons cause they used them back in WWII.

Though obvioulsy an inflated scenario... our current president picked "C"

Next point "I make my choices based upon my knowledge and experience" Based on your "knowledge and experience" though obvioulsy not on your willingness to investigate further information that may be in opposition to your current "knowledge and experience", as you deminstrated in your unwillingess to read the reports via the links offered to you by the other gentleman who's name slips my mind.

not an attack.. simply an observation

Wisdom is offered without a price, it is there for the taking. Sadly, far too few are willing to make the effort.


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