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Hey all - Police corruption.

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posted on May, 28 2011 @ 04:43 AM
Hey guys, I thought I should post up an Introduction, It would only be right since Iv been spending alot of time browsing this forum in the last few months.

Im from Scotland, UK. TBH I was never really big into conspiracy theories or anything of the likes, I had no reason to be. However I have recently and currently been under going some police issues in regards to a motoring offence.
The way I was treated was unreal, The cops were removing parts from my car and told me they were not secure, I was shown photographs of other cars and made to say it was mine. I had been asked to meet the officers in various locations to discuss the future of my driving licence and this is only a little of whats been going on.. I have been charged for an offence which does not currently exist as it turns out!

I have a lawyer now and Iam dealing with an Inspector on the matter who has said that he will not look into the facts, The court have told me its not their fault, and the police said its not their fault however every day Iam progressing slowly with my complaints against the officers. They were following me, and stopping me outside my front door accusing me of random things.

After I experienced just how corrupt this all was it made me dive into this all alot deeper, and I can happily say I now see things in a better light.. It has however made me loose trust and faith in the ones who are here to protect us, or claim to do so. Which is quickly lead from one to another and I find myself joining up on here.

I have just been down in London with a friend, While there I was speaking to various protestors in regards to the Iraq war, and also to an Indian man who has been jailed for 6 years under false claims. He was beaten and tortured and singled out by these people. I Went to MI6 and was almost arrested by the Diplomatic Police for taking photographs. I had all my memory cards checked, bags searched the lot under Section 44. The way I see this country going is down.. very fast. I for one, Am fed up now of this BBC led propaganda island and want change!

I now have alot of interest in many topics and I hope I can bring my opinion to the board where ever I can.

Many thanks.

posted on May, 28 2011 @ 07:24 PM
welcome,and I'm sorry to hear of your troubles.

I hope you get the fair justice everyone deserves .

Hopefully you can weed through a lot of stuff on here to find something to further inform you.

A word of caution though,be prepared for your ideas and theories to be attacked.

There seems to many members,with varying attitudes,and opinions. You'll need a thick skin at times,but there are many good strong members,with very good info, who are also willing to give emotional support.

Good luck,and look forward to reading your posts.

posted on May, 29 2011 @ 12:23 PM
reply to post by minto

Things happen for a reason. All that you went through may have been something positive in your life. It has given you a view of reality. You are no longer in bondage of lies. The truth shall set you free. I have a friend who told me when the recent revolution in Egypt broke . He being there in Egypt said that they had become truly free. Free from fear, free from the fear of loss. I believe that strength is in us all and will be found in our time of need. Keep up the good work and continue with your good fight.


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