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the king does not always win

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posted on May, 28 2011 @ 02:13 AM

this an old video, but an all-time vow;

why post in philosophy ? well because what happens in there is, imo, a great allegory, metaphor of the system of domination established in our human society (the crocodile part being obviously a battle between ptbs:whoever win we lose)

we have less resources, less weapons than the kings, so, although we outnumber the kings, we run in fear and we never unite against them, letting them killing us one after the other;

but here you could just see the outcome when the cattle has decided that enough is enough

why am i posting this now ? well Gill Scott Heron just died ( & the connection somehow happened in my mind : that revolution had been video-taped Gill ! so this is also my personal tribute to him, i'll miss you GSH

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