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15 Crop Circles Since July 20th

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posted on Aug, 7 2004 @ 09:23 AM

Originally posted by ArMaP
The people who say that these designs are too complex for humans do not know humans, particularly artists, very well.

There is a vast difference between creating art on paper/canvas/or even the Sistine Chapel, and crop circles that have diameters in the hundreds of yards
( )
with intricate designs that would take many hours itself just to draft and with precise calculations (or the final point just won't match), considering geometry and I would also think some algebra (but then, me is a hi skuul drop-out, lol) previous the action; the action of which, come'on, look at these things - there's a bit more there than running string from point a to b with a cross section of c'squared, then patting the "canvas" down with whatever tools have been suggested.


posted on Aug, 7 2004 @ 07:34 PM
Hi all !

IN my opinion, these (and thousands more) Crop Circles that have been made so far, are mostly designed for:

» Intra-Terrestrial non-Human civilizations, communicating with the amount of orbiting spacecrafts that nowadays fill our higher levels of atmosphere.
The opposite also occur; and even a more fantastic theory: extra-terrestrial different factions/species, trying to warning the other "factions" that this planet (or parts of it) is under their control.

» The second possibility are advanced probes, with extremelly advanced and top-secret technology, moved by magnetism power, with the fit of creating false-information among people, and maintaining us "entertained" while those that give orders, continue with their... plans of controlling the masses.

» Last , but not least, human (young) artists, may found here a fine example of their artistic expression, a way of telling others, that they were born to create, and that they are tired of the same monotony, everyday: waking up, traffic, work, no lunch, work, traffic, home, bad sex( or beer, in lack of sex), and sleep, to again... waking up...etc, etc, etc.
Off course, there was one member, in this topic, that wrote above that farm owners may "buy" this kind of work, to get turistic attraction in their lands. Possible.
In fact, everything is possible in this Universe. But HARAK, well....
i choose the first two options, as more credible LOL!

Cya all later!


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