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The Destruction of Howard Dean From The Left

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posted on Aug, 4 2004 @ 06:42 PM
In recent articles, alternative news sources have explained that the media and democratic insiders had a big role in shaping Howard Dean's failure.......

During the height of the Democratic Primary season, underground radio
had used several sources to discredit Dean also namely KPFK's
Beneath The Surface hosted by John Wiener, which said "Dean and Bush
were no different."

My letter to Pacifica Radio ---

Dear Pacifica Radio KPFK ,

It has come to my attention that certain sources you utilize in representing the voices of "Democracy Now !" and other shows have less than sincere objectives when expressing their views toward stories.

If the objective is to inform so that voters are more informed come election day, or are more in tune to the machinations of government, fine. But the sources which you use are having ramifications of the slimiest kind.

Case in point - two sources you regularly use "Counterpunch" and "Dissident Voice" whether it is Alexander Cockburn or Joshua Frank they are having problems figuring out who they are for, or against.

Note these articles by Frank (and posted also on Counterpunch whom you regularly promote)

Howard Dean "Anti-Black and Law Breaking"?
Come on. No responsible writer could promote such trashy slander of Dean.

(The following is an excerpt from Josh Frank’s forthcoming book,
Left Out!: How Liberals Did Bush’s Work for Him.)

Now who is exactly making George W. Bush's work easier for him this election cycle ?

Seems like Josh Frank is.

KPFK sources like Counterpunch and Dissident Voice are -

Here is still another article by him also posted on Counterpunch with a racist or race-baiting connotation called "Dean's White Following"

Alexander Cockburn promoted the same Dean 'anti-black' smear article by posting them on Counterpunch, along with others.

When you promote these slanderous writers, are you doing the bidding of some DLC insiders as noted in the above excerpt ?

Your credibilty is on the line and so is that of Pacifica, so I'd advise against promoting these websites in the future.

If you want to do expose on George W. and have any chance of getting him out of office, your purpose here is self-defeating.

Eventually the perceptions arise that Pacifica may wish to keep Bush in office to sell more product? (Anti Right mags, books , subscriptions and donations ?)

Although, John Kerry has become the nominee, slander of Howard Dean or viable candidates has the prospect of diminishing the hopes progressive reform you often promote.

Howard Dean did want to balance the budget by cutting defense, did want to reform media consolidation, did want universal healthcare coverage/reform.

It is one thing to criticize candidates policies which I often do, but to promote baseless slander of candidates such as on last nites Tuesday Live, (Ofari Hutchinson KPFK) was very damaging to Kerry without much merit.

Yours -


[edit on 4-8-2004 by Sir Roofus Drakus]

[edit on 4-8-2004 by Sir Roofus Drakus]

posted on Aug, 5 2004 @ 12:57 PM
The point is: you've got Pacifica Radio, which, 9 days a week, has expose
of the "Bush Cabal" (i.e. - Ashcroft has the police state boot in your neck,
Cheney and the corporations, Karl Rove's enemies list etc.)

They promote and sell books, websites, subscriptions, donations for cash.

Now, in the height of primary season and now election season they:

1) Trash Dean with slander, say he's Clinton, pro-Zionist, etc.

2) Trash Kerry with slander such as on Tuesday Live last week where they had a guest on that says Kerry's wounds in Nam were bogus and self-inflicted, also said military record was not legitimate.

3) Promote websites that try to destroy Democrats credibilty (and Bush's.)

4) Regularly hype the 'evils' of Bush domestic spying, wars, corruption
and destroying American civil liberties/ human rights during pledge weeks.
Always playing the 'fear' card as much as Bush is alledged to.

5) Turn "the left" into nebulous category promoting splinter candidates
and philosophy that would re-elect Bush.


So you've got this writer who says "Deans anti-black" - Josh Frank of
"Counterpunch"/"Dissident Voice"

His slander articles are smear pieces to alter the outcome obviously.

Then he has a book "How the Left Helps Bush Do His Work For Him," get it ?

Pacifica are helping get Bush re-elected, get it ?

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