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Russia to Assist Gaddafi Exit?

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posted on May, 27 2011 @ 11:50 AM
At the G8 today, Russia has changed its tone on the conflict in Libya and NATO's actions from critical of the (non-humanitarian-based) intervention to one of support for NATO accelerating the Libyan leader's exit, going so far as to offer to help in such a situation.

Medvedev said Russia will use its contacts with both Gadhafi's government and the rebels to try to negotiate a peaceful end to the conflict - AP.

“We believe that Gaddafi has lost his legitimacy and we need to help him go,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov announced. - RT

“If the respectful tone which Russia is pursuing in its dialogue with the Libyan government helps bring about a decision, this will be our major contribution in settling the highly explosive situation for this country and the region,” he added. - RT

In effect Russia has gone from critic to supporter of the NATO mission and it's goal, not to aid in a humanitarian way, but to decide a sovereign country's political future. The people who need to choose Libya's leader are Libyans only... If some take up armed protest, that's called a civil war.

It was a striking change in tone from Kremlin criticism of Western air strikes in Libya officially intended to protect civilians in a civil war but effectively taking the side of rebels seeking Gaddafi's removal and democratic change.

Now who knows whether or not this man was such a bad guy, given that western conceptions of the world are jaded by a corporate-interest-laden media. I've read stats that puts Libya on par or better than most 'developed' countries...
But what the international community is doing in this case flies in the face of international law, and their hubris in ignoring treaties and laws which they created will come back to haunt them once other powerful political actors take their lead and choose not to give 2 s4!ts about following the 'law'...

So why the change of heart from Russia?
My bet? Reptilians, obvi!
RT Article
AP Article
Reuters Article


posted on May, 27 2011 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by DjDoubleD

corporate interests

The russians aren't what they used to be, now they are letting NATO, America pushing them around and telling what to do, i guess Russia really wants to see america forces in Moscow, destroying there historical buildings

I Cant believe all the G8 are all supporting the east Libyans, they are nothing more then hired PMCs and we still dont know who they are, i dont buy the crap from the mainstream news that they are the only ordinary libyans fighting for democracy the fake system.

looks like america is really desperate for a another King Idrs puppet style government.

As for the supposed rebels they are not ordinary and aren't regular citizens if anything i think they are the ex-Libyans, brought in by the cargo ships, these libyans are from the time of King Idrs Rule.

Which america wants to go back to.

honestly how you think they managed to get the old Libyans flags from?

posted on May, 27 2011 @ 05:23 PM
The weirdness of the Russian position and its fluctuation certainly speaks to the apparent rift between current Prez Medvedev and Past Prez/Future Overlord Putin...

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