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Congress holds a standing ovation contest over Israel

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posted on May, 27 2011 @ 08:32 AM
Here is an interview with Lawrence Wilkerson discussing the reaction of Congress towards Netenyahu's speech.

I'll start with the conclusion of the interview where they paraphrase Mark Twain's "witch burning" story... "every one is yelling "burn her! burn her!" even though they know she isn't a witch, solely because if they do not yell, they may be next."

An even more poignant example brought up by Wilkerson equates the show-boating of love toward Israel and its policies to that of the forced salutes to parading Nazis. If, by any chance, a member of congress is not seen applauding enthusiastically, they risk losing funding from AIPAC, or worse, being labeled an anti-semite.

Wilkerson says it like no acting politician can dare, stating that the unbridled (and irrational) support for Israel has turned the state into a "spoiled child that can get away with anything". This is not only through monetary support, but also in voting against every U.N. resolution condemning Israel... in most cases to the tune of 184 votes to 2.

The irrational nature of supporting a state based on religion and/or ethnicity (as this is a nebulous reality of "Hebrew people") which bases its foreign policy on biblical scripture is very crucially mentioned. (bold mine for emphasis of this point!)

Wilkerson, in attempting to find a reason other that AIPAC influence on congress (and perhaps the number of dual citizens in congress) brings up a point that I disagree with, but would need the input of my American friends here on ATS to confirm.
He says that U.S. support for Israel has its roots in an emotional "angst" over the failure to respond against the maltreatment of Jews during WWII, before it was too late. We know that the U.S. joined the allied effort much later than the rest, but I am not convinced that the American citizen, today, blindly supports the policies of Israel because of this.

I would go further and say that I do not believe that most informed U.S. citizens are represented by Congress' overwhelming support of Netenyahu's position. (perhaps not a majority of Israel's citizens either)

Once again, enjoy and discuss.

the Billmeister

posted on May, 27 2011 @ 08:41 AM

I would go further and say that I do not believe that most informed U.S. citizens are represented by Congress' overwhelming support of Netenyahu's position. (perhaps not a majority of Israel's citizens either)

I agree. I never looked at it from the other stand point that half of these people "supporting" this are doing it to save their own behinds. That is an interesting take.

comparing that to the force salutes to Nazi soldiers, while probably entirely accurate, will no doubt turn this thread into one of "those" threads.

After seeing all of this one has to wonder, if any other segment of the population tried to get this type of treatment, what would we have to say about it? how come there isn't a group out there dedicated to making sure no one is defaming me? how come there are no lobbyist groups and public affairs committees out there fighting for stuff I want?

What if Canadian Americans, including ones who hold dual citizenship, decided that what's best for Canada should be the top priority for the Us government? What if we demanded undying pledges of loyalty to us? What if we went around calling everyone who disagrees with us racists?

It was pretty amazing to see a US president so thoroughly dressed down, in front of EVERYONE, like that. I fully expected that response from Yahoo, but I didn't expect Obama to bend over and spread wide for it.

posted on May, 27 2011 @ 09:41 AM
reply to post by Billmeister

Personally I believe Congress is or acts supportive of Israel for various reasons. It only takes a few to stand up and applaud to get the entire room standing . Its part of the pack mentality. Another aspect is there are a lot of right wing Republicans and new Tea baggers who have bought into the myth that Christians have to support Israel no matter what it does. It has been preached in the pulpits by Fundalmentalists ever since the creation of the US.. Part of it is the fact that AIPAC is so strong in regards to power and money politicians are literally afraid to be the one to stand up against the organization Some are bought and bribed into supporting Israel. I am sure the list goes on. I may be wrong in the idea that like almost everything else that goes on in politics. That the American people as a whole are not in blind support of Israel. Many do not like the money being spent in foreign aide. Many are tired of the strangle hold that AIPAC has on this country when we should be the ones in control of our country. Many do not care and have no great love or support. Once again Congress shows that it is in its own little world with no idea nor care how the people think who sent them to Washington.


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