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ENVIRONMENT: Invasive Species

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posted on Aug, 4 2004 @ 03:29 PM
Invasive species, for years overrunning local ecology and economy. Often assisted by humans the invasive species continue there advance.

They include zebra mussels, European green and mitten crabs, hydrilla, big head carp, and New Zealand mud snail. Zebra mussels have caused tremendous damage on local economys that thrive on native mussels. Millions of dollars have been spent to control these nuisances.

In 1999 Bill Clinton signed the Excecutive order on Invasive Species. This Order established an Invasive Species Council, which will oversee activities of existing organizations that address invasive species. However, even though many current activities combat the invasive species, their negative impact on this country’s resources has been recognized for years.

If the government doesn’t act now. It could be to late.

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