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Quit wasting time and tax payer's dollars!!!

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posted on May, 26 2011 @ 08:07 PM
I'm so sick of the bs seatbelt check points...

I'm driving down the road and see 6-10 squad cars, and who knows how many cops standing on the side of the road looking in cars making people pull over if they're not wearing seatbelts!

first of all when that law passed, it was supposed to be an add-on ticket only, then they started pulling you over for it, now it's the freaking click-it-or-ticket bs...

Wearing a seatbelt keeps me safe, not anybody else... It is none of your business and surly shouldn't be the focus of any police stations.

If you have that many extra cops bored and not earning their keep, train them to solve real crimes!

There are missing children, unsolved murders, drugs being sold in school yards, etc...

So quit padding your pockets with our hard earned money, and go do something useful to society! Whatever happened to protect and serve anyway, it's more like bully and hurass!!!

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