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Sheeple: Happiness is not a determining factor of ignorance!

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posted on May, 26 2011 @ 06:59 PM
Happiness Does Not Equate To Being A Sheeple

May Peace be upon us all.

Learning the truth about the deceptions all around us is stressful. Opening your eyes to the cold hard facts can effect us in many ways. Confusion, Loss of Hope, Depression, Pessimism, Betrayal, Frustration, Anger, Hate, and Rage may develop as a result of searching for the truth.

Rewriting your personal truths and seeing the world differently than before can be quite a traumatic shock! 

May I humbly warn: Do not allow your anger, frustration, or any other negative emotion to blind you or rule you! Instead, you must utilize that energy and redirect it.

When you discover a truth that upsets you, ask yourself, "Why is it this way? What caused this to happen? What is the way it should be, and why? What are some realistic, logical, and constructive solutions?"

As long as you hold on to your pain, anger, and negativity you will be blinded! You MUST redirect your negative emotions for the betterment of yourself, and as a consequence; for the betterment of All.

If I say, "Look at those beautiful clouds," what will be your reaction? Will you see the beauty in the cloud that I pointed out, or will you focus on the chemtrails on the opposite side of the sky to get angry about or complain about air pollution? 

If I sit to enjoy the sweet sounds of a violinist, will you chide me about the music industry and its subliminal mind control geared towards sexuality, materialism, and irresponsibility?

If I purchase a new house will you congratulate me, or lecture me about poverty?

You see, many of us know the truth about our world. We know about the politics, religions, secret societies, elite councils, agendas, and "evils". Just because a person can smile and enjoy a thing does not mean they are deaf, dumb, or blind about another thing.

What do YOU suggest? For me to be angry all day long because I see what's going on? That is foolish and will only rot your soul to the core!

I, like many others that know the truth, have learned how to live life Knowing. We are constantly aware, constantly observing, and constantly awake. But we do not go about angry all day. We live each moment in appreciation, and we enjoy the beauty and perfection of every 'now' moment. We do our best for the environment, we do our best to support local economies, we do our best to wake up others, we do our best to make a positive difference, we do our best to be good and reflect good.

If the Truth has left you overly negative, how are you benefitting from your knowledge? Your negative vibe is a stench to those you encounter. Your negativity blinds you to beauty and perfection of 'now'

Get mad! Get angry! Then redirect that energy into making a positive difference in the world. Do you even feel good holding on to that anger? I don't think so, it's not healthy.

Be aware, be happy, and make a positive difference.

posted on May, 26 2011 @ 07:15 PM
Discovering a life shaking truth and remaining angry about it is no better than a child throwing a tantrum!

Or do you want to get a megaphone to yell at the elite like Alex Jones does? Mature adults do not conduct themselves in such a way. If you want to make a change or get through to the elite, do you think yelling and violence will get you anywhere?

How did the elite get power? They sat down, discussed possibilities with their peers, and formulated strategies, plans, and goals. In this example is the way to make a difference like mature and intelligent adults.

Get mad at the Central Banks and IRS, and then what? Fly an airplane at them like Joe Andrew Stack?

Get mad at the government, and then what? Open fire at the Pentagon like John Bedell?

Get mad about the education system, and then what? Go on a rampage like Seung-Hui Cho or the Columbine boys?

Where does anger and violence get us?
No where except dead! And it gives a reason for the elite to restrict and squeeze us even more.

We have to be more constructive, intelligent, and mature about how we try to change things.
Redirect your energies!

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posted on May, 26 2011 @ 07:35 PM
You ask,
"Where does anger and violence get us"?
In a pretty good position, but 200 years after no maintenance the machine is breaking down.
We need another engine and tranny, same brand.
We just need better mechanics.

posted on May, 28 2011 @ 05:30 AM
Some of that depends though. Those with the least means are more likely to raise a fuss, while those better off and capable of doing something about problems can often get by with the rose colored glasses and sitting on their hands. It's not that the world is some awful place, but there is a reason for it.

It's sort of like why the ol' rottie sits in the shade by the doghouse trying to sleep while the chihuahua penned up in the same yard is a spaz running around and barking at everything. Same food dish, same doghouse, same owners. They're both fairly aware of the same things. Even both can see the rabbits and coyotes in the scrub further back from their lot behind the ranch house. One thinks life is pretty sweet and the other is a nervous wreck. Can you figure out why?

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