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election scenario

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posted on Aug, 4 2004 @ 03:04 PM
do our votes still count?have they ever?here is a old thread where i layed the ground work for the plan that will be used to fool the public into actually thinking they had a part in the election--it has started

heres the quote

Regular posted 07-17-2004 20:00

thats what they want you to think-so you wont go vote-i can assure you that they plan on using fear to upset the outcome of californias electorial votes-the polls close first on the east and last on the west-kerry will be leading when the polls start to close-bush will then use his new pull in cali(which is the result of a dem being taken out of office with force)to up the alert level to red right before the polls close-inducing a traffic jam and causing many to just not vote and go home to their families-cali's 54 electoral votes and probably wash.'s 11 will go to bush-the media is building up the hype-yet it will not be necessary for an event to occur-the abuse of the homeland security alert system in cali is all that will be necessary
they might even find an unexploded device or devices just to give it a sense of realism

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