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Seeing beyond the "visible"... Arctic reindeer 'see in UV'

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posted on May, 26 2011 @ 12:47 PM
26 May 2011 Last updated at 12:08 GMT Share this pageEmail Print Share this page

Tests show Arctic reindeer 'see in UV'By Neil Bowdler

Science reporter, BBC News

. Wild reindeer foraging for food on the Arctic islands of Svalbard .
...................................................see all those news here

Arctic reindeer can see beyond the "visible" light spectrum into the ultra-violet region, according to new research by an international team.

They say tests on reindeer showed that the animal does respond to UV stimuli, unlike humans.

....unlike humans?

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posted on May, 26 2011 @ 02:00 PM
In response to your final comment on the subject: by the "unlike humans" they're referring to the fact that Humans lack the ability to see in UV. If these reindeer can respond to UV stimuli, when we can't; they're saying they can and we simply can not.

posted on May, 26 2011 @ 08:23 PM
reply to post by nii900

I guess humans are the freaks then?
From the OP article:

"It's further evidence that UV sensitivity across animals is the rule rather than the exception, and that humans and some other mammals are actually a minority in not having UV sensitivity," he said.
Well maybe not freaks, but "in the minority", if most creatures can see UV but humans can't.

The arctic circle is one place having better vision wouldn't surprise me, aren't the nights 6 months long there? You need talents and skills (like UV vision?) to survive when the night lasts 6 months.

posted on Sep, 24 2011 @ 12:28 PM
...time within the ego?

163. To sum up: we have the first Root Race, repeating the first Round, etheric clouds drifting about in a hot heavy atmosphere, which enclosed a world rent by recurrent cataclysms; these multiplied by fission. The second Root Race, repeating the second Round, was of the ` pudding-bag' type, described under the second Round; these multiplied by budding. The early third Root Race, repeating the third Round, was human-gorilla in form, and reproduction was at first by extrusion of cells, the ` sweat-born' of The Secret Doctrine . Then comes the oviparous stage, and finally the unisexual.

164. Some very special treatment was applied to some of the eggs; they were taken away by the Lords of the Moon, and were carefully magnetised and kept at an equable temperature, until the human form, at this stage a hermaphrodite, broke out; it was then specially fed and carefully developed, and when ready, was taken possession of by one of the Lords of the Moon, many of whom became incarnate in order to work on the physical plane, and they used these carefully prepared bodies for a long period of time; some Devas also took some of these prepared bodies. This seems to have been only a few centuries before the separation of the sexes.

165. While the later Egg-borns were in possession, the very best of the Basket-works came in, straight from the Inter-Chain Nirvana, and these were quickly followed by the lowest of those who had gained complete causal bodies on the Moon. Between the highest of the first and the lowest of the second there was but little difference. The first boat-load of the latter consisted of those who had responded but little to the influence of the Seed-Manu, from globes G, F, and E of the lunar Chain, the majority being from G, the stupidest of those who had gained complete causal bodies. The second boat-load had a large number from globe G, a low section from globe F, and a still lower from globe E. The third contained the best from globe G, with some fairly good from globe F, and good from globe E. The fourth boat-load had the best from globe F, and all but the very best of globe E. The fifth boat-load brought the best from globe E, with a few from globe D. These all seemed to be sorted out by ` age' rather than by ` type,' and were, in fact, of all types. One individual was noticed who was a chief in the savage mainland tribe which took Mars prisoner on the Moon, one who had individualised through fear. All these incarnated among the Egg-borns, some hundreds of thousands of them.

166. Then came, from ten to eleven million years ago, when separation of the sexes was fully established, the important stage when some of these incarnated Lords of the Moon descended on the seven-pointed Lemurian Polar Star, and formed etheric images of themselves, which were then materialised into greater density, multiplying these for the use of the incoming egos; the Lords were of different types, the “seven men each on his lot,” and gave bodies suited to the seven Rays, or temperamental types of humanity, making the forms on the points of the Star.

167. At this stage there were four human classes, pressing on each other to obtain better human forms. These were: (1) the set of the best Basket-works above-named, with the five boat-loads from globes G, F, and E, possessing complete causal bodies; then (2) the Basket-works from Mars; then (3) the Lines, who had been here all the time; then (4) the last, composed of those who were only now coming up out of the animals. Below these were the animals, plants, and minerals, with which we need not concern ourselves.

168. The coming of these into the etheric forms provided by the Lords of the Moon was something of a struggle, for there were often many claimants for a single form, and the one who succeeded in gaining it could not always hold it for more than a few moments; the scene recalls the Greek idea that the Gods made the world amid shouts of laughter, for it decidedly had its comic element, as the egos struggled for the forms and could not manage them when they had obtained them. It is one of the descents into matter, the final materialisation of the body of man, the completion of ` the fall of man' . Gradually they became accustomed to the new ` coats of skin,' and settled down to reproduce the seven great temperamental types. In various parts of the world other ways of reproduction continued for long periods of time; the successive stages over-lapped very much, owing to the great differences in evolution, and the classes that came in from other Rounds had not been in the two early Root Races on Earth; the tribes following the early methods gradually became sterile, while the true men and women multiplied greatly, until humanity, as we know it now, was definitely established all over the world.

169. The forms as thrown off by the Lords of the Moon were fairly good-looking, but being etheric they were very readily modifiable, and the incoming egos much distorted them; the children born of them were distinctly ugly; probably those using them were accustomed to think of the egg-shaped head and sausage-roll forehead, and hence these reappeared.

170. After many generations of well-established human beings, descended from the etheric materialised forms, had been evolved, the Arhats urged on those who had left globes A, B, and C of the lunar Chain-- because they could make no further progress on it-- that they should descend and take incarnation in the bodies now ready for their indwelling. There were three boat-loads of these; more than two million orange people from globe A, rather less than three million golden-yellow from globe B, and rather more than three million pink from globe C-- about nine millions in all; they were guided to different areas of the world' s surface, with the view that they should form tribes. The orange, on seeing the bodies offered to them, refused to enter, not out of any wickedness but from pride, disdaining the unattractive forms, and perhaps also from their ancient hatred of sexual unions; but the yellow and pink were docile and obeyed, gradually improving the bodies they inhabited. These made the fourth Lemurian sub-race, the first which was in any sense, except the embryonic, human; and it may be dated from the giving of the forms. It is interesting to notice that H. P. Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine speaks of this fourth sub-race as ` yellow,' apparently noting the incoming of the golden-yellow people from B of the Moon Chain; she can hardly have been referring to the established colour of the fourth sub-race, as that was black, and the black continued even in the lower classes of the sixth sub-race, in which the higher classes were of a quite respectable blue. Yet even in those there was an underlying tinge of black.

171. The area allotted to the orange tribe was thus left open, and the bodies they should have used were gladly seized upon by the entities just emerging from the animal kingdom, the lowest of the classes before mentioned, the very poorest human type; these, not unnaturally, felt little difference between themselves and the ranks from which they had just emerged, and hence arose the “sin of the mindless”.

172. It is interesting to note the karma of this refusal of the orange people to take their due place in the work of peopling the world. Later, the law of evolution forced them into incarnation, and they had to take lower and coarser bodies, the Lords of the Moon having gone on into other work; they thus became a backward race, cunning but not good, and passed through many unpleasant experiences; they diminished in number by constantly coming into collision with the common order, and being hammered, largely by suffering, into ordinary folk. A few-- strong, remorseless and unscrupulous-- became Lords of the Dark Face in Atlantis; some were seen among the North American Indians with refined but hard faces; some few still persist, even down to our own day-- the unscrupulous among the kings of finance, statesmen like Bismarck, conquerors like Napoleon; but they are gradually disappearing, for they have learned many bitter lessons. Those who are wanting in heart, who are always fighting, always opposing everything everywhere, on general principles, must ultimately, in a realm of law, be beaten into shape; a very few may end in black magic, but the steady pressure is too great for the majority. It is a hard road to choose for progress!


174. The great Lemurian Polar Star was still perfect, and the huge Crescent still stretched along the equator, including Madagascar. The sea which occupied what is now the Gobi Desert still broke against the rocky barriers of the northern Himalayan slopes, and all was being prepared for the most dramatic moment in the history of the Earth-- the Coming of the LORDS OF THE FLAME.

175. The Lords of the Moon and the Manu of the third Root Race had done all that was possible to bring men up to the point at which the germ of mind could be quickened, and the descent of the ego could be made.

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