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When is the moment to burn the ships behind you?

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posted on May, 25 2011 @ 01:58 PM
Not literally of course, but when I started a thread on a minimalist BoB the other day, I came to realize that it can't hurt to have one as part of general preparedness, but living in an urban area like my own (the Netherlands), it would take a lot for me to decide to abandon my property and everything I have worked so hard for. After all, all of your valuable possessions will likely be gone upon return. and where do I go anyway? The entire country is pretty much urbanized, meaning that one needs to flee to France or Germany to escape highly populated centers.

Therefore, it seems that:

Plan A: - would consist of staying at my property.
How to prepare with limited space - what should one gradually stock up now and how to defend your property against intruders? (in Europe, it's generally very hard to purchase firearms).

Plan B - Move to the wilderness or buy a cheap property in a rural area (abroad). What would you make to abandon your property? Where would you go? Take into account that rural communities often provide enough food even in times of crisis (during world war II, we had a horrible famine and city folks generally traveled entire weeks to buy food from farm communities). Besides, living in a rural community might be easier for people with little survival experience.

But what would you take and what factors help you decide where to go. Would you take (personal) valuables like photo albums or only the bear minimum? You see, we are talking often about preparing to go into the forest, but it's more likely that you will stick to your property. How ugly should things really get to make you leave?

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 02:06 PM
This is my opinion but it all depends of several factors, resources number one, safety number two, and ability as a third. There are other factors but those would be the top three for me. For example if I had ample resources I would not give that up easily no matter what, with exception of factors of number two safety, if there was a biological situation, chemical situation, or another massive threat then it would seem prudent to move out, leading to number three the ability to survive where ever you go. That would mean being able to spot check ample resources for survival, like water, food, shelter. Then leading again into ability to stabilize those resources and keep them safe. That is where preparatory measures kicks in. Where ever you intend to state scout out a fifty mile radius to find resources and then map out routes of recovery as I say. If at all else gives you a good perspective of where ever you are at for any scenario that may pop out. My suggestion is away from populated area's, on open land (Not owned by anybody, this is getting harder and harder to find.) ample water and food sources (Again harder to find unowned property in these regions). If necessary push out your circumferential but not so far that you will not be able to get there without three days worth of food and water. (Depending on body should be some freeze dried food, lighter on your body, and two gallons of water those are just general guide lines). Then try to map out climate situations and what you will need to survive. Those are only a few suggestions I would give.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 02:55 PM
Europe is a tough one. In the US, there's plenty rural areas left. If it's not a radiation/chemical/biological issue, your best bet may be to have a well supplied home and make sure it is really hard to break into. Another good thing about the US is the 2nd Amendment. People complain about guns, but in certain situations, you sure are better with one than without. But if it's that hard to acquire them in Europe, the likliehood of the rampaging hoards having many is unlikely too, so stock up on whatever you can even if it's kitchen knives, hammers, hatchets, sharpened and strengthened display swords, etc. Slingshot is an easy long distance weapon that is considered a kid's toy. Be creative. The bad thing about no guns is that if you are fighting some military or authoritarian takeover, you are really screwed. At least Americans could perpetrate a guerilla war, even though outgunned.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by Mdv2

Always talk to your friends and see what they would do. Numbers count. The lone survivor makes for great movies, the reality is you'll soon be dead.

In your case, my suggestion would be to head Northeast. Finland and Sweden have plenty of rural areas. But you will have to prepare for the winter months as they can be quite frigid.

If you plan on staying in a urban area, find out where the old, abandoned factories are. Plenty of hidey holes and a roof over your head. You will not be able to stay long as scavengers will eventually be looking for stuff there as the plundering of the city wanes.

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