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Libyans ‘robbed our own bank’ to fund uprising

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posted on May, 25 2011 @ 09:31 AM

They figured that part of the answer could be found inside the secure vaults of the Benghazi branch of the Central Bank of Libya, where Gaddafi’s government held about $505 million. And they decided the money should be theirs because they believed it belonged to the Libyan people.

That is just awesome. Not much else to say other then that.

By drilling a hole in a wall and hiring a locksmith to play with a safe’s combination, rebel leaders turned the Gaddafi government’s money into the lifeblood of their uprising. Now they are trying to do much the same thing on an international scale, asking foreign governments — including the United States — to use seized Libyan assets to fund a rebellion that in three months has evolved from political protest into a protracted military showdown

They did it the good ol fashioned safe cracking way too.

Now whether anyone funds them will be a different story. But if you need more after 505 million, I guess revolutions are expensive. But the article reports that the US is holding 32 billion in Libyan assests, I can see why they would want it.

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