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Whether D.C. failed to collect taxes on large property transactions under review

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posted on May, 25 2011 @ 09:18 AM
washington post

Now for outsiders who may not know, DC has a local government that runs things. The federal government does mainly reside there. It does have power to take over if need be, but mainly doesn't.
Though the big thing is that DC is large population that is taxed without representation.
The local government has had many corruptions over the years.

But this one is on the private entities I think.

The legal review comes months after two Washington lawyers approached Gandhi’s office claiming knowledge of a method used by large property owners, their lenders and their attorneys to evade the payment of those taxes. During several meetings, the would-be whistleblowers proposed, for a fee, to search on the city’s behalf for any owed taxes and penalties

And people think that we should give corporations more tax breaks.


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