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Endangered Species (1982) Soundtrack Brilliance

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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 04:49 PM
I was just watching an old film from the 1980's called Endangered Species (1982) about secret government germ warfare tests on American citizens and cattle mutilations.

Okay film, some good scenes especially the silent black helicopter.

But I noticed that I was listening to the soundtrack more than I was watching the movie.

The soundtrack to the film is brilliant.

I dont mean the actual songs played in the film, but the soundtrack to the film that is played as incidental music in the film.

Listen to the background music from the burning barn scene when the female cop runs in the barn, through the crash scene to the scene in the police station prison - the scored incidental music in that series of scenes is just one extended track and is superb.

Another scene where the male cop is being shot at by the bad guys in the black helicopter and he hides behind the cows - another great piece of soundtrack music.

If you like the soundtracks of the films below - then get this film and listen to the soundtrack, recorded by a guy called Gary Wright - it is brilliant.

1) Hanna (2011) - The Chemical Brothers

2) Zabriski Point (1970) - Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead and The Rolling Stones

3) The Keep (1983) - Tangerine Dream

4) Bladerunner (1982) - Vangelis

Then you will love the soundtrack on Endangered Species.

It is one of those rare films where the soundtrack is so good, that you want to watch the film atgain to listen to the soundtrack.

As a fan of bands like Boards of Canada, Orbital, The Prodigy, Sigur Ros and Basement Jaxx who produce soundscapes - the soundtrack reminded me of a cross between The Chemical Brothers album soundtrack from Hannah (2011) and The Keep soundtrack by Tamgerine Dream.

If you like the soundtracks of those two films, then you will love the soundtrack of Endangered Species (1982.

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