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MAJOR SPOILER WARNING, Major System Used for Making Miracles (i.e. Levitation and move) in Religious

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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 03:32 PM
MAJOR SPOILER WARNING, Major System Used for Making Miracles in Religious Engineering


*Note this entire method for conditioning and triggering this system of miracles can and is done by the latest Brain-Computer Interface technology ``the Neural Network``. The triggers can be delivered undetected to anyone and the entire conditioning process can be done by a person`s natural eye movements throughout their daily life.

*Note this is one of the many methods for creating the special effects of supernatural experiences and miracles being used to bring people to the church in preparation for their attempt to create a One World Christian Order

In this thread I will explain how secret societies the organizations that have created and engineered entire societies and civilizations by inventing particular religions in the western world and create their miracles for the indoctrination of the faith. The western civlization has used a system of knowledge and methods that form the structure of religions. One of the methods in this science of religion making involves creating convincing false miracles as the bases for the acceptance and spread of the religion they have formed society under.

If you base your faith in Buddism, Hinduism, or Christianity based on the acceptance of a belief that a miraculous levitation have occured you do not want to continue reading the following and find out how it was done.

I will actually be explaining a lot more than just how levitations are done and in fact will explain an entire science of creating many different types of false miracles. I will explain an entire science of miracle making that among other things can also create the appearance of inanimate objects bending, stationary objects moving, objects or people levitating, walls stretching like the doorway of an entrance shrinking, holes in objects moving through matter, the sun or moon moving through the sky. The extent of false miracles that the method I will discuss can create is limited only by ones imagination. One example of a major event in which this method was used was in 1917 in a village in Spain in which between 30,000 - 100,000 claimed to have witnessed the sun dance around in the sky, following down towards the earth, and going back up. You can read the entire details of the miraculous event on wikipedia at .

This method was used on me to try and indoctrinate me into Christianity by one of the secret societies that created and controls one of the churches. This method was used to create miracles telling me that it was the christian god performing these miracles and that he was angry at me and was expressing his wrath at me before about to destory me if I didnt comply. They used this method of creating miracles to make the doorway appear to shrink, a screw screwed into iron appear to be moving around through the iron material it was tightly screwed it, picture frames move around on the wall, sink focets bend like it was nodding at me, the sun appear gigantic in the sky, the space between fixed unmoveable objects appear to get further or closure, the moon move incredably fast in the night sky, and many other miracles. I had first discovered the algorithm for this method while I was looking at an object glued onto a door appear to be moving around.

Id like to post graphics and charts depicting this method but I dont see an option for uploading pictures to the forum so I will explain verbally.


Re: Hallucination Algorithms, Formulas, and Techniques

Before I begin I need to emphasize and remind you that the success of a hallucination such as those of the method that I will explain in this letter can mean for someone one, who has been descieved by those who has orcastrated the hallucination show, the matter of making a life committment to a cult and following their every instruction no matter how irrational, disgusting, perverted, sick, monsterous, evil, or inhumane the instructions. The success of such a hallucination on a person can mean for some taking someone with doubts or antaganism regarding a cult to become extremely fundamentistic, and with unalterable conviction and loyalty. Imagine the effect of someone given a fancy invitation from dramatic deceivers about witnessing something unimaginable, and before being taking to see what appears as Christian statue levitating, going through intense covert psychological conditioning, and even secretly administered some kind of powerful influential drug. Imagine now this unsuspecting person being taken into a mystically stylized room and brought infront a statue with people expressing all kinds of strong emotions infront of and lighting candles, then the priest or monk comes and says the mystically appointed time has arrived. With incense burning, the directors of the show turns the attention of the small group to the statue, whose existence is surrounded in deep lore and mystery, and then all of a sudden people begin screaming, crying, yelling in awe, accompanied by chanting. The statue then appears to return to its previous position. This is just an example I just made up for the purposes of demonstrating how a person can walk away from a orcastrated hallucination and being deceived into making immense life choices based on fraud and abuse. And what typically does happen, as it did in my case is that fear and terror is conditioned into a person to accquire compliance to the cults directives. Orcastrated hallucinations can be used to take over control of a person.

This method can create many forms of hallucinations and other illusions and can even be used to create the illusion or hallucination of people doing levitations and other things levitating. I experienced this of hallucinations many times under the influence of christian intelligence handlers. They had used this method to make it appear as though the moon was moving quickly around in the sky, holes in materials appear to be moving, Nails and screws appeared to be moving while deeply fastened in hard materials, sink focets appear to bend, the laws of nature appear to bend or be changed, walls appear to bestretching and entrence ways shrinking, fixed features on walls appear to move such as the light switch. While experiencingthese hallucinations they were lying to me that their god was creating their miracles from heaven and that he was going to make me suffer for all eternality, and that if I did not listen to their instructions the suffering would be worse.

In this coorespondence I am sending the first draft of some charts, graphs, I had made to show how different types of hallucinations are created using the method of triggering subtle eye movements that have been previously conditioned. I ask you forgive me for the poor quality of my charts and not to underestate the incredible quality of perception of the eyes andthe imbecible quality of the hallucinations they can produce. The impression that this hallucination method can create on people can be easily understood by reading any account of those who claimed to see the sun dance around the sky, at times getting bigger and smaller, and falling down towards the earth and rising up again, in 1917 Spain in what is called The SunDance Miracle. Wikipedia has an article regarding this event which you can access at: wikipedia under the name Sun Dance Miracle
You should understand that most people who experience these hallucinations, are also conditioned before they experience them to responde in this way. The conditioning process takes at least 10 days with a few exercises every day which can be made undetectable to the person being conditioned without any difficulty. The conditioning exercises may be as simple as waving a statue across a persons face and playing a distinct sound just before the person being conditioned moves their eyes according to how the statue is moved. For example, a person shown a statue move across a stage from left to right, point A to B, who follows the statue with their eyes from these points and is exposed to a conditioned stimulus, to be the trigger, such as a sound being played , several times everyday for 10 days will after these period reflexively, instinctually, and automatically move their eyes in the exact same movement as watching the statue move from point A to B when they hear that sound which becomes a trigger. In this case both eyes are conditioned to move together when they hear the trigger and produces the effect of moving their eyes from left to right. It doesnt have to be a statue it can be anything that causes your eyes to move in a way that is intended to be triggered in the future.
In my the charts I have provided I show how different types of hallucinations can be created through different eye movements, such as hallucinations of things a person is looking at: moving side ways; moving farther and closer; thingsmoving up and down or getting higher and lower; things getting bigger or smaller; things spinning; things appearing to turninto doubles, which is similar to hallucinating that something has an aura when two doubles overlap very closely to one another; hallucinations only pertaining to light sources that make them appear to be shinning brighter like beams of lighteminating from the sun getting stronger or weaker. I have provided examples of the eye movements and algorithm for all these types of hallucinations with the graphs attached in the following pages.

************Ways of increasing the quality of hallucinatory experience************

* It is also possible to create more sophisticated hallucinations by conditioning many different types of the hallucinations, that I have mentioned, at the same time. For example, when a hallucination is created of the sun appearing to be getting bigger, by triggering one pubil to get smaller while the other pubil remains constant or get bigger, a person at the same time while that person is triggered to squint harder and harder, causing bigger and brighter beams to appear to be emanating from the sun, all together the hallucination that is created is of: "while the person is seeing the sun appearing to be getting larger and larger at the same time it appears to be emanating stronger, brighter, and longer beams of light.

* It is also possible to use props that exaggerate the effects of the hallucinations. Props relating to the type of delusion is often used, such as hallucinations of the stautes of gods.

* The quality of a hallucination can also be improved by either selecting or preparing a scene that exaggerates its effects, or contrasts one type of hallucination from another.

* For maximum delusal effect and controlling the ideas a person associates with the hallucinationary experience; it is common to surround the event of the hallucination with lore, story telling, lies, delusionment and attributing false causes to the cause of the hallucination such as aliens, spirits, gods, superstitions, demons, paranorma, etc. It is usually that before a person is triggered to experience these hallucinations that they be psychologically conditioned mentally with lies, stories, and accounts of people seeing similar hallucinations and being told with dramatism. If a person is exposed to prepsychological conditioning and preparation these ideas will be triggered during the hallucination, and these very ideas may be attributed to what they believe is the cause of the laws of nature bending. In the case of the Sun Dance rumors were circulating months before the hallucinations explaining to the people how to interpret the experience they were going to have and that their god was going to create a miracle in the sky and reveal a great message. Whats even more controversial about this false miracle is that an immense christian prophecy was said to be given during this event. The same forces that created the false miracle of the Sun Dance propagated that a prophecy was given called the Fatima Prophecies.

* Acting and directing can significantly increase the realism of hallucination. If for example a hallucination of a person levitating is going to be created, just before the trigger for one eye to move very subtly downwards while the other eye remains fixed on the actor which produces the hallucination, the actor waves their arms around.

* Depending on what lore these false miracles are surronded with, weeks before, the victims can be absorped in media, literature, art, stories, music, movies, T.V. shows, even people showing up talking about things with the assumption that the hallucinations were real and attributed to some form of power. Forexample in my case I was shown movies of demons and was told many stories of demonic activity. I was shown movies about christian and told stories about Christian miracles. I was constantly asked to rearticulate these things that I was being exposed. In one sense they were probing my articulation and how the discriminated the information that I was being conditioned with and also with every articulation my emotions were guided to express more belief and fear in these stories. I was also drugged.

* Other types of psychological or neural linguistic programming triggers may also be used to conduct a show of the persons bodily responses to the hallucination.

* Powerful drugs are often also used to highten the effect of the hallucination, which can be quickly and subversively administered in drinks, food, illict drugs, and other means. In one of my experiences they were administered to me in a cigarrette.

I ask while you look at the algorithms of producing different kinds of hallucinations you keep in mind that a person being exposed to this is under the notion that they are witnessing the laws of nature being changed right before their eyes. I had seen myself this method used to make a screw screwed entirely into the seat of a subway train appear to be moving. I had seen this method used to make the setting sun look much larger, the moon dance around the sky, the sing focet bend like it was a head nodding, holes in a couch move around, objects on tables move, inanimate solid objects bend. I had also experienced this method of creating false miracles make a car appear to be levitating, thought I was not wearing my contacts these things are also taken into account by those who trigger these hallucinations.
The system for creating hallucination must first be conditioned into the person, which can and is easily achieved covertly, and then after it can be triggered with a conditioned stimulus, audio tone, visualization, or other definable triggers.
The scans of the hallucination charts are included in the attachments of this email.

I want to inform you that though this method, I believe, has been used one of the methods involved in creating the Sun Dance Miracle in Spain, to a crowd of 30,000-100,000 preconditioned spectators, this method can be used to produce individual and small group hallucinations. Which means a person deluded to think they have experienced a miracle in the way during one point in their life may depend on this experience for their fundamental religious experience. Whats even more controversial about this false miracle is that an immense christian prophecy was said to be given during this event. The same forces that created the false miracle of the Sun Dance propagated that a prophecy was given called the Fatima Prophecies. This method can also be conditioned in huges crowds, like for example during a Christian religious ceremony or parade while they move their statues or props around most of the people are watching the action of the show and are looking at the same things while triggers are being ingrind in them. The wikipedia account of the Sun Dance does mention that the Sun Dance Miracle was not the exact same for everyone and that there were variations which means people being conditioned in very large crowds are being conditioning from different perspectives with deviations but all with the same triggers setting off these eye movements.

(part 2)
Optical Formulas and Algoriths (Eye movement combinations)

I will now explain how these false miracles are created and how very precise and powerful hallucinations can be created. The hallucinations are created by combinations of eye positions and eye movements that people usually never use or experience and are conditioned to be triggered through habituating Condition Stimulus (which can be a sound or visual that triggers a reflexive movement that has been exercised during a period of at least 10 days). In a personès life most people only experience their eyes looking at different thinks in the exact same way, with both eyes focused on the same focus point, and both pubils being in the same dialation as each other. However when both eyes have different focus points or when the pubil of both eyes are different from each other many types of combinations of special effects can be created to produce many different types of hullunications.

I will provide the formulas of some hallucinations that can be created. The most basic example of a hallucination that is the least surprising is to take your finger and to hold it very close infront of your nose. When you look at your finger while concentrating what is going on in the background you will see a hallucination of doubles, this is often refered to as split vison, or crossing your eyes. When you see doubles of an object, you can squint one eye making the double on the opposite side of that eye of what you see look more oblique, more invisible, the more you squint that eye until it is completely closed and the double disappears. If you are looking at a light source the light source will appear to have longer and stronger rays the more you squint.

I will now exlain formulas for the special effects of hallucinations that are more shocking. The hallucination of making anything a person is looking at, wheather it is an object on the table, the sun or moon in the sky, a hole in leather couch, or anything else, appear to move is as follows. When both eyes are looking at an object and only one of the eyes looks away from the centre, the object will look like it is moving in the opposite direction the eye has moved in at a speed proporation to the eye movement. In detail what I am describing is:
The hallucination of making something a person is looking at move to the right can be done by making the left eye move to the right while the right eye remains focused on the object. The speed of the hallucination moving depends on how fast the right eye moves to the left. To make the object the person is focusing on with both eyes look like it is moving up, such as levitating, (a hallucination of something moving up or levitating) can be done when one of the eyes moves down while the other eye focuses on the object.
The hallucinations that are caused by pubils changing differently from one another, such as when one pubil gets bigger and the other pubil gets smaller. This creates the special effects of hallucinations that cause objects the person is looking at to look like they are getting bigger or getting smaller by a substantial amount.
The hallucination of an an object that looks like it is spinning is caused when a person leans his head to either shoulder without realizing he is leaning his head. The effect of a person tilting his head causes the hallucination of the object they are looking at to be rotating in proportion to the tilt of the head.
How to make someone elses eyes move and pubils change to make them see hallucinations caused by the different kinds of special effects. This is accomplished through the psychology of conditiong and associative pairing and triggers. If every time a person moves their eyes in the same way while they hear the same sound or see the same visualization over and over again a few days each day for 10 days, later when they hear that particular sound or see that same visualization their eyes will move in that exact same way. The idea is to use very distinct sounds or visualizations to associate to the different types of eye movements or pubil diulation so that when they are exposed to the person it will instinctively or reflexively cause them to perform this eye movement. The conditioning process can be done very easily without the person every knowing they are being conditioned to have these triggers. Forever it may only take a person hearing a particular sound every time their eyes follow a statue being moved from the left part of the stage to the right, and hearing that same sound whenever they watch something make their eyes move in the same way. The changes of the Pubil size can be conditioned to be triggered I think by using a light to make it change while a sound or visual is exposed to the person a few times every day for at least ten days.
I can send you a better explaination of how hallucinations are created and used to delude people into believing lies. I can send graphs showing graphically the different special effects that can be used to create many kinds of hallucinations with anything a person sees. Places and props can be prepared to take advantage of the hallucinations for more dramatic effects. The hallucination can be used on someone and the cause of the hallucination can be attributed to whatever the person will believe can cause it. It can be told it is caused by alliens from other planets, spirits, ghosts, dead people, stone statues, gods or whatever they are willing to believe.
When a person talks about hallucinations it is very important to differentiate wheather the hallucination was caused by someone using false miracles on him like in the way I have tried to explain in this letter to program or delude him or wheather his hallucinations were caused by another method or source. These hallucinations are used by the British Monarchy to make people believe lies and follow their instructions under the impression that they have witnessed miracles, supernatural occurance, paranormal events from their god or none human sources. They used this method on me to try to make me think I was a prophet and they also used it on me to try to make me follow their instructions under the impression the hallucinations were miracles.

If you want charts and graphic depiction email me at disclosure" and I will send you them if you can upload them and give me a link. If you can make better quality graphics when my hand drawings such as animation gifs email me and I will give instructions on how to accurately create them

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 03:38 PM
reply to post by ManchurianDisclosure

Uhhh...huh. I'll go back and read your entire thread after this, but wanted to go ahead and ask what church exactly were they trying to get you into, and where can I find all these miracle workers?

I've only ever been lucky enough to see or attend run of the mill services, and am now glad I pretty much don't ever get to church anymore's pretty much just me and me bible.

Where can I view all these wonderful tricks?

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 03:44 PM
You can upload pictures under tools then goto pictures ang uload there, then just grap the link for embedding in ats on the image page and add to the post.
But reading your text, induced "side to side eye movements" and it nearly took ten days to read it all..
(sorry had to throw that in)
But our mind plays tricks on us all the time
welcome to the matrix
the rest is up to you.

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 03:46 PM
Great post! S&F! VERY interesting!!
The whole time I kept thinking "Project Blue Beam" and large-scale population manipulation....

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 03:47 PM
You wrote a whole lot for a whole lot of nothing. 'Miracles', such as levitation, are possible. Of course there are a lot of people who trick people and try to perform false miracles, but that doesn't disprove that miracles are possible.
On a side note, the sun and moon do appear bigger as they move closer to the horizon.

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 03:49 PM
I smell the blood of a Schnitzel-man!

I mean really, I hope you get away alive too..especially the get away part. Is that you, Bernie?

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 03:50 PM
reply to post by ManchurianDisclosure

OK, that doesn't really sound like it makes a whole lot of sense. Can we go ahead with some videos or actual sources on this other than an email offer?

I just have a hard time suspending disbelief on this one as sounds like what's described wouldn't present any illusions of movement, since you'd just have differing fields of vision. Little help here please.

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 03:52 PM
Do you mean the email at this site as far as getting these charts you have disclosure" I was thinking typo. Would love to see the charts and I emailed the contact at the site.
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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 03:57 PM
Just wondering - I don't suppose you are a writer who's book failed to get published - Just a thought!

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 04:10 PM

Originally posted by Ghost375
You wrote a whole lot for a whole lot of nothing. 'Miracles', such as levitation, are possible. Of course there are a lot of people who trick people and try to perform false miracles, but that doesn't disprove that miracles are possible.
On a side note, the sun and moon do appear bigger as they move closer to the horizon.

I'm sorry but by definition miracles aren't possible unless the perciever doesn't understand what is happening, and this is achieved by the use of technology.
And what he wrote was highly informative and interesting. I could see how a few of the more intelligent people could use these tricks to rear their sheep in :p

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 05:45 PM
Wow, I can understand how each separate eye "dysfunction" from the norm would cause the perception to see a "real time" hallucination!

I myself have a misshaped cornea in my left eye, without corrective lens I see 90 degrees as 85 degrees; doorways, tables, anything at a 90 I could not trust my eyes.

Surprisingly I have spent my entire life seeing everything from moving shadows to actual perceptions such as a dilation of one pupil; once for an entire day I had one eye dilated. Once I could only see in black and white or shades of gray!

LOL, all this time I have been creating my own Miracles!

I was never a religious person so I was only around friends who went to church; I checked it out but it was all too creepy for me at such a young age. I am considered Spiritual; likely looking through my own rose colored glasses!

Loved the Thread! It makes perfect sense to me. However, do you address why or who perpetrated the Spain Event? Do you believe it has anything to do with today? Such as like a False Invasion scenario? Or even the Stars dancing would be a sign too that people are looking for! That is one that could be "administered"; eye training could be done through a News Source by way of the "ticker" that carries information. A box to the left, flashes, eyes scan it or perhaps one eye scans it, then the ticker flashes at the bottom. I could see how people watching for 10 days continuous would be suddenly "programmed".

I would suspect that the training would be done during a "crisis" that can be aired and debated to death for hours and hours. I wonder! Is this World Wide or specific to a region?

I probably will not be effected since I am seeing things already on my own, plus I don't watch TV!

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 05:49 PM

Originally posted by Ghost375
You wrote a whole lot for a whole lot of nothing. 'Miracles', such as levitation, are possible. Of course there are a lot of people who trick people and try to perform false miracles, but that doesn't disprove that miracles are possible.
On a side note, the sun and moon do appear bigger as they move closer to the horizon.

Yep. Miracles happen. Only you never see them, you can't prove them, and they only happen to other people.

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 06:03 PM
Which eye do I dilate to turn water into wine?

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 06:10 PM
Ive been trying to upload diagrams I made to show you the hallucination types visually but the uploads have froze. The event in Spain was orcastrated so that they could claim that during the "miraculous" event a incredably important prophecy was given that was too controversial for the world to hear at the time and was locked away in the Pope's desk for a time when the world was ready to hear the message.
This is how this religious organization creates it policy, by attributing it to devine sources during great miraculous events. I fear the prophecy was actually a major trigger the Papacy had prepared so that whenever they wanted their followers to implement their directives they will release the prophecy in a dramatic uncanny performance that will have their followers do whatever they want.
Personally I think the letter has something to do with their plans for the New World Order and their revolution against the democratic government, installment of church authority, and their ambition to set up the capital of their Christian World Order in Jerusalem.
You heard it the real conspirator's behind the world order is an alliance between the very powerful and massive Churches for world domination with their capital in Jerusalem. Among the Churches in this alliance include the Church of England, The Papacy, and the Russian East Orthadox Churches. While the Churches are insighting terror on their people of a NWO they are really blindly preparing their followers and new followers to create it. There is no other power in the west that can ever imagine setting up a New World Order especially the tiny secret groups church propaganda fear monger about and deflect the blame to.

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 06:20 PM
While I figure out how to upload the diagrams, I hope you will all ask me about what specific mind control technique you want me to reveal, I especially like talking about triggers , visual and audio sensations that regression bodily functions, actions, and behaviours, triggers are used to create the special effects that are covered in the great lore and attributed to other causes.
I've been a victim of this since birth, they had even chosen by birthdate by forcing an "induced pregnancy" inorder to prepare me for the role they had assigned for me and create the illusion I was born on a symbolic date. If you see leaders with special birthdates chances are their parents or their organization, or invisible guiding forces, prevented contraception until a range of dates in which they can safely create a premature birth on th day they wanted, the date can easily be 1.5months before the natural birthdate and I heard can be greater with much more risk.

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 06:41 PM

You are right SOME churches and Gurus and sects etc do use many methods of brain washing, trauma based mind control, hypnosis, magic tricks illusions, peer pressure violence to keep their members how they want them.

I promise you from personal experience not all do.

Cults are terrible, I really respect your passion and courage in exposing this and also by getting away yourself.

Please share your experiences if you can or want to, but my friend I would take your information to someone like the following and choose which country you are in:

Click Here and Choose Organisation for your Country

I have a lot of respect in this field for Steve Hassan he is a real pioneer, has been tackling all interpersonal mind control for 30 yrs esp your type of experience, go here to and maybe contact him with your info, I know he will be responsive to you HERE
after sharing the info youve brought here to look around the site.

I love ATS but really to help you really let go of the mind control or things they did to you, to be truley free, happy and in your own skin as such, if youve left the group and are still thinking about them and posting about it, making it your mission right and normal as it seems now, to spend all your time NOW and in the future focusing on them and the past, well sorry but honesty m8 you are still as controlled as when there.

Still spending all your time and enrgy feeling bad emotions, they will still have a Grip on you, so post on my links, look at the resources in your area and Leave ATS and similair sites alone for a bit.

Get strong, be truley free and come back straight away to tell us about it. Happy and Free.

Thanks soo much for what youve shared fly like a bird my friend.

researching similair groups

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 07:03 PM
reply to post by ManchurianDisclosure

I was wondering if you could tell us what happened finally? Did you ever confront them about your knowledge of induced states, trickery...etc. Did you break from this group or join them? And how? Also if they are currently trying to recruit you.

Would you mind sharing some of that with us?

I also wanted to state that, your experiences don't sound like the typical Monarch-style "training." It sounds more like a cult than anything else. Also, with all this amazing hi-tech technology...where did they access it?

How many members does this group have and how did they find you?

Thanks in advance...

posted on May, 27 2011 @ 02:06 PM
reply to post by TETRA.X

Correction the email is

I got wound up in this organization since before I born without any choice. My parents were paired together without their knowing because of their families and the symbolism inherent in their families. My name, birthdate, family ties and background, symbolic characteristics of my relatives, their nationalities, etc were all considered desirable characteristics for a puppet leader they wanted to implant in a new religious movement.
This religious movement is being created subversively by intelligence agents operating under an alliance of churches. This particular project was started by the head of the Church of England the Monarchy to create problems in the world that the English Church hopes to appear as being the only one with the solution to the problem.
It is a project that the English Monarchy is hoping will trigger Christian fundamentalism in the west and lead to the down fall of democratic government and to the rise of a Christian authoritative monarchy from which they hope to lead a crusade to conquer the world and rule from Jerusalem.

posted on May, 27 2011 @ 02:14 PM
reply to post by ManchurianDisclosure

Wait, so you're saying Catholics and Anglicans (like myself) are going to set aside differences that seperates them today (the anglicans dont recognize the pope as an authority figure, and only the arch bishop or the church of england has main authority in his own jurisdiction) and team up to take over government?

posted on May, 27 2011 @ 02:55 PM
Photos of How Hallucinations Look

Here are some rough visual depictions of how the Hallucinations work. The drawings are very rough by hand, if you want to help me make better qualty or even animations such as with photoshop,image ready, or by other means let me know and I will be happy to assist.

The following visual depiction of how different types of Hallucinations are create:

(1) Hallucination type 1: This image depicts visually how Hallucination Movements are created in the Directions Left-Right, and Up, Down. This method also can be used to show how to make a doorway entrence appear to shrink as in the second image in the lower depiction.

(2) Hallucination Type 2: This image depicts visually how Hallucinations are created of objects a person is looking at getting bigger and smaller, as well as Hallucinations of things moving further away or coming closer.

(3 & 4) Hallucination Type 3 & 4: This image depicts visually how Hallucinations are created of objects a person is looking at spinning to the left or right. The lower diagram depicts how Hallucinations regarding specifically when looking at light can be created, Type 4 Hallucinations, causing light source to create longer or shorter beams of light.

(5 & 6) Hallucination Type 5 & 6: This image depicts visually how Hallucinations of objects splitting into doubles can be created. This is the same method used to create the mystic experiences people claim of seeing ``Auras`` or ``energy fields`` around a person or objects when both doubles overlap with a slight protrusion. This hallucination type allows you to choose how fast the doubles move away or closer to each other, or how far apart they stay from one another.
Hallucination Type 6 is a Hallucination type that works with split vision or doubles by controlling how transparent either of the doubles appear or wheather one of the doubles in invisible.

Example of a Hallucination Show
The following is an example how the different types of Hallucinations I have depicted can be combined to create a spectacular hallucination show of things moving around getting bigger and smaller further and closer spinning around and if its a hallucination of a light shinning brighter and getting dimmer. In this sample hallucination show I did a rendition of the Sun Dance Miracle because all of the descriptions of the witnesses were of either one of these hallucination types, meaning that miracle in 1917 did not do anything more than this system of hallucinations can do.

This second depiction of a Hallucination Shows was my attempt to create what the trigger script looks like the many different triggers that would have been conditioning before a person could be made to invasively experience these hallucination against their will. In this depiction I was playing with how triggers wouldd be named, organized, and how someone directing the hallucination show would be making calculations.

Ill finish this post with a final diagram that I have left ambiguos without actually saying what type of hallucination this one creates. If you have any ideas please post what type of hallucination you think these eye movements produce.

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