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Researcher: War Protesters are Life's Losers

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posted on Mar, 27 2003 @ 06:43 PM
Researcher: War Protesters are Life's Losers
LAST UPDATE: 3/27/2003 7:02:40 AM
Posted By: Jim Forsyth
A Texas A&M University sociologist says many of those people participating in anti war protesters are life's losers.
"By participating in a protest against their society's norms, the individuals are attempting to destroy the standards by which their failure occurs," Howard B. Kaplan told 1200 WOAI.
Kaplan heads the Texas A&M Laboratory for Studies of Social Deviance.
Kaplan says there is a 'significant relationship' between issues of 'self rejection' and an increased likelihood of engagement in social protests.
"Participating in protests can increase one's sense of power to produce results," Kaplan said. "Goals that were previously unattainable become more attainable by virtue of collective action, and participants are positively viewed by those around them who share their same standards."
Kalpan has studied generations of Houston school children, starting in seventh grade and following them into their twenties.
He says for people who's 'emotional ties with conventional membership groups are severely weakened,' participating in social protest activities have 'self enhancing effects.'
"Where experiences of rejection and failure are overwhelming, and also associated with membership in a conventional group, participation in anti war protests allows the individual to reduce negative self feelings without causing a negative self judgment," Kaplan said.

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