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Howdy Folks

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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 09:59 AM
Hello To all here this seems to be one of the best forums going on right now the best part of it is that it seems to have some really cool member's on here that can take slashes just because some one does not agree with them seems like a lot of mature people are here and that they realize that not every one are going to agree with them. It is quite funny when I first found this site I could not even figure out how to sign up missed the whole thing lol I need new glasses I guess or maybe a new brain. I even contacted the owner or mods trying to get in here then later on that same day I found it and man did I feel dumb Nope I am not a BLOND I SWEAR I AM A BRUNETTE WHO"S HAIR IS TURNING RED
And I have the temper for a red head as well
You know how when people say you need to jack up a car put a new one under it well that is me but I do not think that they can do that for me lol.

All fun intended I am some what smart I guess now I am going to make my own self laugh

I have been trying to get people into this site from the 21 yes that happen to be the day I found it for I was wanting to know what all people was saying about the stupid 21 thing and get a nice laugh I never believed it not one sec but mainly laugh and some stories I read even brought a tear to my eye for people fell for this stuff and some even took their own lives as well others and animals.

I am just a 27 year old chick with two beautiful daughters and a great husband all in which I would lay my life down for them.

I become smarter in the last 6 years on many things and I love to listen to others thoughts on things yes I may not agree but some times it makes you look at things differently.

I have some of the craziest thoughts and I am not a shamed to share them even if I do get laugh out of the place I am a person who knows who she is and I stand by my words and my actions and if I make a mistake I will be the first one to admit what I did wrong and take my punishment but I try not to make any but I do more then wish I did.

You all will get to know me more me then some may want to in some ways for I will not hold back if I am made mad but I have a nice ways with words and I never ever try to hurt any ones feelings and I can get my point across with out using hard words or a knife

I hope to become friends here with lot of you and I am an easy person to like and I get along with every one Until well you know lol. I am the best person any one cold ever meet but I am woman and you know how we get some times. I am a big joker and I love to have fun that is my middle name some times I think it is Trouble or NO (due me always telling my kids NO).

If you want to know more about me just ask and If I chose to tell then you shall know if not then Uh well ok you get it

Peace out folks there will not be a day the will go by that I will not be on this site some time or other unless I am just gone from the house or what ever. Love this site it rocks

Any ways that's my story and I"m sticking to it.

edit on 5/24/11 by Queenicess because: missing words with in text

edit on 5/24/11 by Queenicess because: missing words with in text

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 10:03 AM
Hello and welcome to ATS.

I can't wait to hear some of your crazy thoughts

That's why we are here after all.

Have fun and i'll see you around

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 10:06 AM
Howdy back at cha

Welcome to ATS! This is my fav site on the Net. There is always a good discussion going and you will never be bored here.
By the Way, my name is Linda and I look forward to reading your posts!!

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 10:25 AM
reply to post by Queenicess

hello, Im new here also. You certainly did a better job of introducing yourself than I did. Welcome

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 10:27 AM
my husband and I use to own a forum called we recently sold last year and after that I have never really found another forum that I wanted to be a part of until this one came in my path.

I want to thank every one for having me here and I hope that I can entertain as much as I am being entertained and I am sure that I can start some pretty good threads I am still getting a feel for the place and see what is and what is not allowed around here so I do not break any rules I hate breaking rules but some times I tend to bend them some what just letting you all know I am not a trouble maker at all but I will maybe from time to time test my limits I have always been that way. Thanks for having me on here it is nice to know that I am not the only only crazy person in the world. Just joking folks I love to try to make people laugh all day.


posted on May, 24 2011 @ 10:44 AM
Welcome to the starship ATS, crazy thoughts and intriguing discussion is common here. This is a place for skeptics and believers, which ever you may be does not matter, speak your mind and use words as your weapons.

- Simms

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 10:58 AM
Hi Queenicess ,

Nice introduction indeed, welcome to ATS.

I'll guess you find your way around here since the forums became easier to navigate/browse after the last update.

Take care and see you in the forums.


posted on May, 24 2011 @ 11:03 AM
Interesting you note that your brunette hair is turning red. My best guess would be that this is the result of copper toxicity, which isn't all too uncommon in our society these days and especially so for women. Women who take "the pill" are at a higher risk for developing b-deficiencies, and copper toxicity.

Anyways, welcome to the forum.

I must admit that your avatar is a bit disturbing, but it's your call.


posted on May, 24 2011 @ 11:10 AM
My mother is a red head and my hair has always had a red tent to it but it seems to be going full blown red i hate it I am not on the pill (not sure what pill) but I am on no pills but you are so right about what you said with it all.

If any one wants me to change my Avatar i would be happy to gots plenty to change it to I just loved that pic it was cool so I thought it would fit in here. Thanks for the welcoming

It is easy to find the forums and things but I am still rusty some what and any one who wants to give me pointers I will take them free of charge lol

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by Queenicess

don't change the avatar, it's beautiful.

Welcome To ATS!

posted on Jun, 11 2014 @ 12:31 PM
Well Things has been a bit rough in the last few years not been posting in here much but I have came back to see what I can see and what I can learn and I must admit some of it is bit scary as well as a bit funny this is the place I come to when things are out of whack and I know that many here has much insight to what is going on I watch no news hate the news all that you see is death and violence and then you got the celebs that seems much more important to the people what is going on with our country sad sad sad indeed. Any ways just wanted to say hey I am back see all around bend

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