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The Illuminati has been after me since my childhood. What the hell do I do?

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posted on Jul, 3 2011 @ 01:42 PM

Let's say I'm an Illuminatus looking for people who are a threat to my organisation. I head for ATS, of course. Hey, what have we here? A member calling herself MonarchSlave! Let's check her out. Now, that's interesting... This member is pimping her youtube video about the Illuminati on no less than 4 threads. Even better, she has a thread with another video where she actually shows her face. Got you! You didn't think you could fool me with all the paint on your face, did you?

Your right Jeanvaljean, i checked it out myself and MonarchSlave is linked to youtube videos talking about Illuminati gibberish that doesnt make sense.
In the video's she doesnt even seem like shes in need of help,just paranoid,confused and talking junk.
The only help she needs, is help snapping out of the head spin shes in...

No one knows I have this account, and if they did I truly fear the consequences. I'm running through a proxy and rarely post because of the risk I take in order to do so.

So,you go to all that trouble going through a proxy and making a "secret" account that no one knows about,but you make and broadcast several videos of talking crap on youtube?
And you want people to believe you that people like the Illuminati are after you and have conditioned you?
You have not proved any of your accusations.

Besides all that,you will notice the OP hasnt posted since the 1st page of this thread,let alone backed anything she is saying up,its all a bunch of crock.
Knowing this,the people swollowing it and comforting her look really silly and gullible,it seems...

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posted on Jul, 4 2011 @ 05:36 AM
reply to post by BillyBoBBizWorth

Take it from this insider that campaigns like this are happening as we speak.

The reason why she hasn't posted is more then likely the fact that based upon the first few pages of this thread she felt like she was being attacked and still to this day fears for her life and safety.

Do you have her YouTube handle so I can cheque out a few things.
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posted on Jul, 4 2011 @ 08:41 AM

Originally posted by BillyBoBBizWorth
Your right Jeanvaljean, i checked it out myself and MonarchSlave is linked to youtube videos talking about Illuminati gibberish that doesnt make sense.
In the video's she doesnt even seem like shes in need of help,just paranoid,confused and talking junk.
The only help she needs, is help snapping out of the head spin shes in...

I dont see any videos with her. I would otherwise be able to see what's in her head.

posted on Jul, 4 2011 @ 12:03 PM
All you had to do was go to a one of her posts in the thread and and click on her name and it will bring up her threads and posts on ATS, and account stats and such.

But here, ill do it for you...
Heres a link to her thread that has one of her youtube videos linked

Thread Link

Heres a video that Jeanvaljean showed in the previous page thats on her youtube channel,
Jeanvaljean also posted links of threads she has posted on,which have links of youtube videos where she talks about the Illuminati and also showing her face as clear as the day.
Ive read this whole thread and there are quite a few people that dont believe what she is saying is entirely true,including myself.
I dont know how anyone can believe what she has said when she hasnt proven a thing! and to state that she doesnt want opinions expressed against her own tells me this isnt true from my first look.If you come here and only expect your point of view to be acknowledged, then you are kidding yourself,because it doesnt work that way.

Video Link

And finally,heres a link to her youtube channel.


Have fun, if you continue to believe this garbage.
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posted on Jul, 31 2011 @ 12:32 AM

Originally posted by MonarchSlave
First of all, I'm a twenty year old female. My initials are M.M.M., and I was born in 1990.
Ever since I was a kid I was administered to a more casual stype of Monarch Programming that involves trauma based treatment that expliots mental disassociation. Basically, I was abused by my paternal father, who was a German adopted child and was also subject to the same treatment as a kid, only much more extreme. It is common knowledge that Monarch programmers are commonly Monarch slaves themselves. This has left me with somewhat of a Peter Pan complex, trust issues, and a general disassiocation of reality. You can read into what Monarch Programming is on the net, but let me get into some more disturbing details other than this.

First of all, I need people who are not skeptics on this subject. I need someone who knows how the Illuminati works, what they do, and how they hide themselves. I need someone who knows how they hide in plain sight in the music industry, how they run the media, and how they control peoples lives. I need someone who understands how deed seeded their influence in society really is, how they can easily plan murders, events, anything and how every neighborhood has Illuminati watchdogs. This is not a laughing matter, I am entirely alone in this and even my own mother was in on the programming.

Let's begin with the basics. As a child I was made to wear plain dresses with a single butterly on them, I was given a butterfly necklace for my 13th birthday (when one is considered a woman), and my mom would adorn me with butterfly barrettes. The butterfly is a symbol of Monarch programming, and it is an image that is supposed to represent the soul, many Monarch slaves within the music industry discreetly wear a butterfly in some form. The butterly of course is related to the name, "Monarch programming". Monarch children are subjected to varying degrees of torture, some more severe than others depending on how in depth the family is with the Illuminati, some of which are undergone mild programming even if they are from an outer family for the sake of keeping them servile. Children who are chosen for this are expected to have higher IQ's than most and an innate ability to connect to the spiritual and therefore are programmed early on to ensure they do not become "free thinkers". If a child becomes a free thinker, the next series of events in their life are staged in order to lower their morale and get them to commit suicide. They are often given planned areas to live in, planned spouses or boy/girlfriends, and everything down to their very school teachers are carefully selected.

My father was an alcoholic, he abused all of us children, and I was subjected to a lot of abuse as a kid. Before that I was subject to my mom and dad screaming at eachother on purpose to induce a sense of trauma before I was even able to speak. This caused me to be very shy, withdrawn, speaking only when spoken to, servile, scared, and extremely emotionally sensitive.

As I grew up I was subjected to types of media that would encourage an overly sexual nature, being shown many Illuminati made movies such as A Clockwork Orange when I was no more than eight years old. This did not work for the most part because I was shy and therefore inconfident with my body, so I remained innocent, however I was in many ways encouraged to engage in masturbation. Being told not only that it was normal, but healthy and good for me. In general, I was taught many things that when I turned 15 I would outright reject.

The phase from 14 to 15 is actually quite dramatic, and cannot be psychologically explained because one does not go from being a relatively 14 year old girl to suddenly being an anti-Illuminati anti-government 15 year old is, dare I say, a spiritual transformation. All the prior programming compeltely backfired and suddenly I was aware of more than I would have been had I been raised a normal child. My teachers and peers would mock me, call me weird, and tell me I was insane for thinking that the government did 9/11, that they control too many aspects of our lives, etc etc, and most assumed I was just trying to be rebellious and cool. However, they were severely mistaken.

At this point in time a friend of mine had told me "give me your soul", handing me a white sheet of paper, I signed it, being indoctrinated into being an atheist at the time, and went on with my life, thinking nothing of it.
Years later this document was relinquished and holds no legal ground whatsoever anymore, if it had any in the first place.

This next chain of events in my life after that moment were too positive to be normal. I was not the most attractive girl, I was not likable, I was goth, reserved, people were afraid of me, others mocked me, but all in all no one liked me. But nonetheless suddenly after that I had people asking me on dates, popular people wanting to hang out, guys that I know would NEVER like me asking me out. I had people offering to pay for my #, all kinds of stuff.

It was only recently I noticed during these years, my neighbor's van a few doors down was a private company of his, a plumbing company, but the logo was a crosshair with the letters MM stacked on top of eachother within the crosshair. The guy was obviously a Mason, but I had never noticed that the logo was a threat to me and a message to the neighboorhood that I was "in the crosshair" of their "sniper", they had me in their sights, basically saying they were pointing their gun at me because I was getting out of line.

Not shortly after that I undergo intense demonic attacks that are akin to being shot in the head, just after I reach what I thought was a state of pure enlightenment. Aka, I found God.

My teachers knew things about me I never told anyone, sometimes I would catch them slipping up and saying # they couldn't possibly know. I was bullied by the staff because of my beliefs, they couldn't change my mindset and so they subjected me to police state like rules and threatened useless things on me.

Then I drop out, meet my first boyfriend, turns out he's a Mason and he was only sent to date me for the sake of putting me in a vulnerable position spiritually. He leaves me and the next thing I know, boom, lights out. He spoke in the same way they speak in music videos when they're using cryptic Illuminati language, basically speaking Babylonian, although at the time I had no idea about this language.

Now I'm seeing people coming out with music relevant to my assault that no one will understand except them.
People can call it insanity, but I need legitimate advice and I need people to spread the world on what they do.
This isn't a joke, this is real, the music industry, media, they're all Luciferians and would rather KILL a monarch slave than let them go. The fact I found out about all of this was never supposed to happen to begin with.

I. Need. Help.

I need help as well GOD is the only one who can help you,i have been a target of theirs all my life the only reason i am alive is due to my DNA the aliens need it,for human evolusion

posted on Jul, 31 2011 @ 01:23 AM
reply to post by TheImmaculateD1

Hi i needhelp i am a target of the ORGANUZATION EMAIL ADDRESS

posted on Jul, 31 2011 @ 01:35 AM
reply to post by kalunom


posted on Jul, 31 2011 @ 01:41 AM
reply to post by kazzlee20

My life has been like the Truman show i have been monitored all my Life,men have been paid to meet me,the organization have tried to kill me for many years,they have done everything in theri power to destroy my life.
Perth Western Australia is the most corrupt city in the world,THE NWO IS UP AND RUNNING HERE VERY WELL I MIGHT ADD..
The ETS control all government departments in Australia so i would asume the rest of the world.

posted on Jul, 31 2011 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by BillyBoBBizWorth

Knowing this,the people swollowing it and comforting her look really silly and gullible,it seems...

I really don't care if I appear silly and gullible. In my heart it seems better to have some compassion for an individual such as this, instead of being cold and unbelieving, and trying to tear her down. Lets say she did make it all up?..(and we don't know that for sure )..she obviously is an individual who is lacking in something, and I still have compassion for her.

I think she believes her story...and has put it out there for help..if she is making it all up...then in some strange way she is still looking for help.

posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 12:09 AM

Originally posted by Caji316
Contact "Project Camelot" and they will see to it you get some type of help.....Good Luck.....


posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 06:43 AM
Stop saying Masons.

Masons do not have the broad picture of things that are going on. Masons are the Entry Order to many Secret Orders around the world.

Free Masons is at the very bottom of the hill. You progress from Free Masonary to Knight Templars / Malta / Seneta and so on.

Stop blaming Masons. It isnt the Masons. Weed is the entry drug for Other drugs is to Free Masonary to Secret societies.
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posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 06:53 AM
i want to reply before i read you OP or the thread...

if a group have been thwarted this many years by a child that grew to adulthood... they must not have been trying to terminate you...
but must be conducting 'the chase' so as to hone your sixth sense and other psychic traits

i too have come face-to-face with them who have evil intent, but i've been fortunate to either outmaneuver them or outwit my nebulous foe just at the right times (so far)

but hey i'm certified, schizophrenic

posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 11:59 AM
reply to post by milkyway12

It is the ETS that have all the control ,they have the controls in their hands ,just like a computer game.
We live in the Matrix

posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 02:07 PM
I have no idea why I returned to this thread. I saw it back towards the top and wanted to see if the OP ever returned to it. I really have an issue with the immaculate1. It's really funny that when I tried to objectively look at the situation you got really defensive about it, making assumptions of truth without knowing the OP on a personal level. YOu also make the assumption that because you think you are some sort of pseudo expert on the subject that your opinion holds more validity than everyone else. So you thought it would be great to attack me.

After checking out her videos I've changed my opinion. I don't believe a single claim she makes. She showed me she's a liar. If she was that in fear of her life she wouldn't have her face plastered on you tube videos. She also exhibits the characteristics in her videos of someone who doesn't believe what they are saying. So her supposed monarch conditioning wasn't very effective if she doesn't have the discipline to hide liar's pantomimes.

Now that's not to say that she doesn't believe some of what she's saying but she certainly doesn't believe all of it.

And Immaculate, even if the monarch program is real, it does not mean everyone who claims to have been involved with it is telling the truth. And it says a lot about you to 100% dive in and tell everyone they are wrong and she's telling the truth after only a smidgen of information from her. There is a process to determining the truth. You skipped the process. Faith needs to be tempered with good judgement. And there is a place for believers, skeptics and those in between. They all have a part in getting to the bottom of things like this.

Ask yourself this, is my original potential explanation of this being a coping mechanism for a "normal" traumatic childhood more likely than an all powerful secret organization torturing her, controlling her and conditioning her then following her and stalking this random girl who says shes going through all these steps to hide herself yet puts her face on YouTube for them to see? You also said you see 10 different outcomes for every scenario, but you fail to even look at the most logical explanation for her plight? Was that one not in the 10?

And no offense but you said that you fell 250 feet in free fall, you've been hit by cars and can't be killed unless you are shot or stabbed. However the 250 foot fall is infinitely more traumatic than a run of the mill knife or gsw. That doesn't even make sense. You say that you don't want to post a video of it because you don't want the attention. Why not put a mask on and just post it here. That way you don't get anymore attention than you already do.

I've tried to be relatively unbiased throughout this thread but it's just turned incredibly ridiculous. It's almost like people want to make the most insane and unbelievable claims and then get hostile if you so much as question them about it much less don't believe them. You posted on Monarch's youtube account to deny ignorance, but you are propagating ignorance by demanding people accept yours and her claims without a shred of evidence. Isn't that an ignorant thing to do? I appreciate this is the gray area but that doesn't mean any intelligent and logical thought needs to be abandoned. Logic is just as important to the gray area as outlandish unsubstantiated claims.

posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 03:22 PM
I agree,

no one "morbidly" paranoid as she claims she is would show their face on youtube, let alone give "lectures" about all that crap in public on youtube.

I think she is a pathological liar/attention seeker, and yes she needs help, either way.

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 03:55 AM
replyto post by caladonea

Dear Caladonea, you are indeed right, and Clintdelicious is a staunch , diehard skeptic- and I am not being sarcastic towards you at all, Clintdelicious. Nor am I patronizing you. There is always room for healthy skeptics. In fact, one should always possess a measure of it so we do not fall prey to scams,etc. I do understand Clintdelious reasons for his unbelief in this thing called the "Illuminati", and the things related to it. I used to feel exactly the same way he did. I thought things like vast conspiracies were simply ridiculous and therefore did not exist. I felt very strongly that people who spoke badly about our government, and said that the gov't. was out to get them, that they were targets, that the gov't, was completely corrupt, and etc.-were looney toons. I can sincerely say I never took anything seriously if an individual(a jaded,miserable,freak-I thought.) was speaking about the evils of our gov't. In fact, I very much disliked those kinds of individuals who seemed desperate for attention, and to me they didn't make any sense. They sounded completely wasted, seemed unstable,as well as creepy, and yes-paranoid!
But now I feel very differently about things that are happening within the world, including our government, and the evils they are getting away with-hidden in plain sight! The reason for my change of outlook is due to the fact that I started researching certain things that I heard of but thought did not exist or believed it to be a hoax. I began reading an online book by FritzSpringmier and Cisco Wheeler(goofy names, but they are fakes to hide their true identity.) I began to read about things I have never heard about that were right under my nose my whole life! I started with unbelief that something insideous was happening within our gov't./society. And now I am going on 2 years of hours and hours of research and have discovered that something is indeed a foot, so to speak. It is very difficult to even know where to start listing and discussing everything that I have learned up to this point.
This is a very simplistic overview of some things I have learned. The Illuminati is not just a snobby,country club of bored/jaded rich men/women. It is an organization that at the very upper echlons is extremely organized, has specific plans for mankind, is comprised of the world's most wealthy and prominent figures, and their stated goal is to usher in a New World Order in which these people will rule.
Depopulation is just one of their ambitions.In their eyes, the less people, the less people to rule, and thus the easier it is for them to manage society. Planned parenthood,abortions,divorce,unstable relationships,homosexuality,vaccines laced with disease (unknowing to us) that we are told we need(ex: the flu shot, the adult pertusses(sorry about spelling) shot,etc., China's one child per family, and forced abortions to those who do not abide by this rule, provoking suicide to the masses through entertainment(There are documented cases of teenagers committing suicide, and almost committing suicide after Marilyn Manson concerts.)-other Satanic concerts promote suicide, certain movies, certain actors/actresses who believe in promoting birth control to 3rd world countries (not out of concern for the women, but to actually try and control the number of births these women might have),DEW-direct energy weapons, and electromagnetic harassment where beams of light are directed into houses which can cause in the extreme, death. These weapons also are designed to create friction in relationships, divorce,disease, and such stress that some individuals go crazy(from things the dew's cause, such as shock sensations to the body,very loud noises in the head that nobody else hears, schizophrenic like behavior, etc.), and are institutionalized, and thus spend the rest of their reproductive years inactive. There are more examples, but not enough room
The Illuminati is not just something one might call a fad,nor is it just active in the USA. This insidious group is in literally every state of the USA, every country in the world, and is thus worldwide. About 1% of the US population is Illuminati-that is about one million eager, power hungry people with one goal in mind-world domination. The cry you hear these people utter for "unity",and for"oneness" etc., is just a front for "One world gov't." You cannot ever have "one mind" in the world unless someone takes over and unifies everything-money,religion,faith,etc. And to do so would be to compromise everything the US stands for-individuality, the right to practice your beliefs,freedom of speech,freedom to think for one's self,etc., and these things are an abombination to the Illuminati.
It should be noted that the Illuminati falls under the umbrella system with them at the very top. They are the giagantic sized umbrella that shades and shelters all other cult/occult, religions, and businesses that serve them. It is ironically a triangle shaped system as well with them at the top, and the other groups getting wider and wider at the bottom. These people are incorporated in every aspect of life, usually they have a day cover which is something respectable like a business man, or school teacher, a soccer coach,a social worker,etc. Then at night, they go to their training classes, or a specific,scheduled ritual, or a handler programs their person to perform in whatever they were trained to do, They have all kinds of jobs,and expectations whatever role they play-all roles work together, and are therefore needed. The Illuminati highly depend on a squeaky clean image for their cover. Image is everything to these people, and they will do whatever it takes to make sure that they always look good, and respectable.
I have researched so many programs for hours and hours, and after 2 years, I still feel as if I am barely scratching the surface. There is so much to learn, it is endless. Nevertheless, I plod on, taking notes as I go,and looking for others to talk with about these things. By programs, I mean things like the Monarch program, the MKUltra program,Operation Paperclip, Mind Control programs,and many,many others...they are endless, and they are endlessly evil, demented,sickening,and monstrous-created by monsters. This poor,wretchedly harassed girl of 20 indeed sounds like a victim. And here is my opinion why:1) she notices unusual activity/cars with the weird logo with her initials on it in the crosshair in her neighborhood,2) her parents are acting cruel and acting like cult parents by the things she's said that I have researched, 3) she admits to Illuminati training and having to wear everything with butterflies(this is a very big symbol for them,and also a way for other Illuminati members to recognize one of their own), 4) people are speaking in cryptic Illuminati terminology around her,5) she went from no friends to literally everyone(meaning those kids whose parents are also Illuminati.) wanting to be her friend, and offering to pay her for her phone number, 6) the masonic boyfriend , and, 7) Programming failure-the ultimate sin in their eyes. When a monarch slave remembers her training,this causes great concern for the handler. They do not let one go quietly into the night, nor does one get to simply leave the group, and go peacefully on their way. It should be known to the reader that when you enter this group, you enter for life. No exceptions, no excuses, no favoritism- not for anybody. Anyone who tries to defect, usually has to start a new life,with a new name/identity,or they are murdered, or hounded and harassed, and basically made to feel extremely helpless. If a program fails, they will try and kill the person, or get them to commit suicide, or have them committed to an institution for life.
This girl needs help. She needs all of our prayers-everyday. I think she is so very,very brave. I am so sorry for what you are suffering. This is real. But with God all things are possible,and there are no plans that can or will succeed against Him. NONE. When you became His child, He chose you to be His forever. These people cannot have your soul, nor can they tell you what to do anymore. I know you need more than words, and I'm sorry that I do not know someone who might shelter you and give you the physical help you need. My ears will be open, and I will make it my goal to pray for you everyday. I will pray for protection, and for more and more people to help you, and support you.
I hope I didn't bore everyone to death with my extremely lengthy reply. And Monarch, please let me know how you are doing.( GOD'S protection and LOVE to you always.

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 04:20 AM
u need help big time .... if your paranoid about your neighbour in your street be paranoid about being tracked right now there moking you on the internet.. i thonk there going to abduct you soon you should carry spare clothing if you think there following you and change cloths in underground services so the satelites cant chase you.. you should also sleep with a man every night to be safe

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 04:24 AM
reply to post by MonarchSlave


You are free.

It is your own mind that is making you a prisoner.

As your name says, embrace freedom.

posted on Aug, 7 2011 @ 08:03 PM
reply to post by litteonecries

Good read and you touch on alot of topics that are indeed true, since you mentioned Cisco Wheeler i also recommend you read about Cathy O'Brien if you haven't yet, she too is a victim of mind control and does a good job of explaining what she went through.

posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 09:09 AM
Grab your will and make it stronger. When you see fear , walk up to it and smack it upside the head.

Also, change you name, that is a beginning.

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