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Obama: The Greatest Disaster Film in the history of Cinema!

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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 06:11 AM
Ever get the impression that since the election of Barack Hussein Obama that it's all kind of like watching the greatest disaster film ever made. I mean, just think about it - the gulf disaster, floods in the mid-west, swarms of tornadoes sweeping the country, sea life beaching themselves with increasing frequency, gigantic sinkholes, debates about where he was born or even if he was born and not a bio-genetically hybrid engineered by aliens. Then there's the collapsing economy, one of the world's worst earthquakes in Japan, nuclear disasters and spewing radiation blanketing the country and contaminating our food supply, involvement in new wars for "humanitarian reasons", magnetic pole shifts, zombies, the bizarre stories surrounding the death of one of the world's most controversial terrorists, the TSA molesting children, The Patriot Act, etc.

It's somewhat like taking the most horrific disaster and horror films ever created and combining them all into one big overwhelming epic and most poorly written script imaginable.

Someone suggested that it was kind of like waiting for the Dan Brown sequel #3- "The Presidential Da Vinci Code: Armageddon", where the background of a Presidential Anti-Christ comes to light through the discovery of his hidden birth records.

Just imagine the possibilities - the CIA, Bank of Rome, IMF, Federal Reserve, Opus Dei, Top Secret British Birth records secreted within the Vatican Library, that must be protected at all costs lest the true identity of the President of the US be uncovered, aliens descending from the skies, the Rapture, Mayan prophecies, ATS and of course 2012. These are just a few of the things the movie could include, along with the Global Elite, world wide cataclysmic earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, asteroids crashing into earth, fights in fast food restaurants, an exorcism in the White House......well, you get the picture.

Oh, of course - what would be the most appropriate soundtracks to use - "The Omen", "The Exorcist", maybe "Jaws", perhaps "Halloween"? Well, here's the fun part - you get to decide.

So, here it is - please submit a brief outline of your script for the new Obama Disaster Film along with the appropriate soundtrack and perhaps suggestions for which actors you would like to see portray the characters in your new film, and anything else you can think of, just remember - please keep it clean!

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with and how it all turns out in the end!
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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 08:54 AM
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It'll take a while to write the script, but.....

Movie title: Intended consequences

By line: The wrong man, in the right place at the right time will change the world. Be afraid.

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 09:06 AM
Yeah ! And
Worse of all a moose of a wife !
They need to sack the casting director!
Complete disaster !
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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 09:28 AM
reply to post by ProRipp

Now, now

People will say your racist by calling the first lady a moose (that's code speak according to the progressives), but I don't think she is all that attractive myself.

Of course, every morning I wake up I greet myself in the mirror with a smile and a hearty "Morning Ugly!!"

The electorate put him in office, not her. It is his policies that I do not like, and even though she does have his ear, he is the one I hold responsible (and Congress too).

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 10:46 AM
Directed by Micheal Bay? :-p

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 01:46 PM
Denzel Washington as Obama, that has to be a lock surely?

2nd line


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