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Cleansing fire

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posted on May, 23 2011 @ 10:41 PM
Walking thru a field in the moonlight, the dew wetting my bare feet. My hands brushing the top of the grass. Patches of mist floating in the air. I can see puffs of white as I exhale. Walking a path I cannot see. Following only by a blind instinct.

I feel your presence somewhere in the distance. Having traveled so far and so long. Putting one foot in front of the other. Ghosts of my past walking side by side. Intrepid voyagers following in my footsteps. I see their outlines, moonlight highlighting their features, shining through my quiet companions.

The lonely howl of an animal somewhere in the distance. I howl back. Animal to animal we speak to one another across the gulf of eternity. For I have been lost for so long. Not sure whom I was. Like my silent followers my features never complete.

Lighting striking the plain all around me the smell of ozone in the air. My excitement builds. A storm in my soul slowly building. A bolt of lighting strikes me driving me to my knees. My vision filled with a blinding white light, my flesh on fire all consuming burning away all I was. All my memories put before me like a collage of who I was. Each one exploding after the other till none remained. Purified in a shower of flames.

I rise again newly born into a world of light. All around me a field no longer desolate, but filled with the beauty of creation. I feel lighter for a part of me is missing, something I've given. A gift to you to your creation. My soul and my body I've given for you. To bring you into this world.

An eloquence of beauty undefined fully illuminated with life. Glowing with a radiance of a thousand suns so bright lighting up every corner of my soul I stand before you. Blinded by your light.

Your life so fresh and pure, an innocence unencumbered and undefined. For it wasn't I whom found you but you who found me

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