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Robert A. Helliwell, radio science pioneer

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posted on May, 23 2011 @ 08:54 PM
Did a search and found no results so I apologize if this has been done.

I had no idea that this man had passed away recently (May 3rd) and thought it a shame that it had apparently received no attention here, especially in the science & tech forum.

When Robert A. Helliwell, a Stanford electrical engineer, heard a mysterious series of high-pitched, drawn-out whistles coming from his laboratory's radio receiver more than 60 years ago, his curiosity led him to a pathbreaking series of experiments exploring Earth's magnetic field and the belt of energetic particles beyond it.

Robert A. Helliwell, dies

He was involved in experiments in radio transmission in the antarctic at Siple station

Continuing that research, Professor Helliwell sent radio transmitters into space aboard NASA satellites to explore the radio properties of the Van Allen Belt, where highly energetic electrons and protons trigger the aurora borealis, the brilliant northern lights.


A more in-depth analysis of the man

I knew of this man but only vaguely, I had no idea just how much he was involved in. I thought it fitting that I mention him here.

(Search can be weird and unreliable at times so again, I apologize if this has been posted.)


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