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"It has long been known that one horse is faster then another, but which one?..."

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posted on May, 23 2011 @ 05:48 PM
"..., but which one? differences are crucial"


Let me start this off with a simple idea...

What characteristics does the president in twenty thirteen need, nay must, have...

These songs cover part of the emotional spectrum so this is where I start...

Work hard at what he does...

Fiscal Responsibility....


Alpha to Da-man leadership

side observations....
so far no-one even measures up...

no one....

I am half expecting the real working man to tell them all where to go...

not a single one measures up to this...

What america is seeing...

Vacations to foreign countries
*working man "whats that"
*i would rather have a new washing machine then a trip to spain - working mans wife
*sorry youll have to get a scholarship

BETA males...
The whiny response when america collectively said no thanks you pick up the healthcare check...
Please forgive me for my past
Well Israel needs to share

Tire inflation is why Americans use so much gas
* negatory mythbusters
Gas prices are going to fall causing a recession
*liberal mathematics.... it is called more money to be spent
We represent the American people
*republican masquerading as tea party

Fiscal Responsibility
*voted pay raises...
*no cuts in their salary (upper government)
*millions on trips by all parties (pelosi being the whinner and chimp)

you can add your own

I see a wide open spot for a leader to sweep the bozos out.... I have to ask what characteristics do you see this leader possessing versus what we will probably get

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