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Beyonce at the Billboard Music Awards, more NWO propaganda

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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 05:45 AM
reply to post by ZackMorris

There is a lot of Illuminati imagery in Beyonce's performance - see pictures and video here:

She dances with several pyramids, one made from dollar bills. She has checkerboard patterns in a lot of graphics like the Illuminati and Freemasons.

Britney Spears, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj used Illuminati and satanic imagery too. Check it out.
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posted on May, 25 2011 @ 05:51 AM
Glad to see that someone else brought this up because I didn't want to offer up the energy to this myself... and because I know how it all sounds. That said, thanks for pointing this out User8911. It's a perfect opportunity for people to maybe go back and see this for themselves, though, given the reactions (or non-reactions) of those around me at the time I realize it's all a matter of personal awareness. I feel an obligation however in telling you that you are not alone in your observations and/or suspicions and in fact it goes much deeper, as you might already be aware, than this single performance or the show as a whole for that matter. There was a blatant "theme" to the entire show that I personally found highly disturbing and I have been frozen in contemplation about this and certain questions it spawned within me ever since.

I have no need or desire to distort or exaggerate or prove a thing or to try to make this anything other than what it is/was. There is just no denying that some serious time and effort went into each of the aspects of the show I will bother to point out. I actually found myself not feeling well after viewing and as stated I have had quite a bit to consider ever since. I have since ruled out any self-doubt in terms of my own perceptions. I will not, however, even bother to mention the lit up steps that form the pyramid in the center of the stage... can just hear the response already. Deciding to share the following commentary was difficult for me as this all originated from a rather personal place and I am already feeling vulnerable before hitting the "submit" button. I am only speaking out on behalf of what others out there already know and therefore I cannot reasonably claim the credit... or for that matter... the consequence for putting this out there in cyberspace.

Was it just me or did anyone else notice that the central theme for the night was... in a word... "crazy"..?

[Note: for best effect and full impact you will probably want to take the time to view the "ceremony" for yourself before weighing in with any opinion]

On one hand, I want to say that my personal interpretation could be reflective of my own "awakenings" over the years but the disturbing message overall seemed to be targeted at those who, like myself, would be considered "awake" but who also remain "uninitiated" ("uninitiated"meaning "uninvited") as if to taunt or tease us. On the other hand, there is no "my" anything as the centralized "theme" is readily blatantly apparent as you will see. I will *try* my best to explain... but it isn't going to be easy. This is, in my estimate, part of the reason for all the symbols. A picture can speak a thousand words and can convey any consciousness, belief system, affiliation or concept to the indoctrinated multitude. In other words, this stuff is simply beyond words... and it really is...

I am not going to list every symbol or point out each time black and white or certain colors were used or bother to mention the costumes or concepts nor will I bother to post the lyrics to each of the songs because part of the process of "realization" is doing the actual work for yourself. To understand one must seek and one must lead their own quest. It is easier to write all of this (myself included) as a "nutjob" and that's a built-in "normal" response so if that is what you feel you must do then please, by all means...there will be weak points but it all balances out so hang tight and make it through the material before posting your opinion on the following concept too great for any one of us individually.

So the show kicked off with the "controversial" (read up on that yourself) "Rihanna" song "S&M" for which the lyrics include the line:

"Out the box, outta line (Oh oh oh oh oh)"
"The affliction of the feeling leaves me wanting more (Oh oh oh oh oh)"

She is then joined by "Britney Spears" who dances upon a pole after removing the playboy bunny mask she first appeared in:

Now it could be said that "thinking outside of the box" might be a tool utilized for awakening, right? One thing I have noticed is my own desire to understand more and more in my search for answers and understanding which I wouldn't mind calling an "affliction" of sorts. It's a gift and a curse. I am pulling this single line because, given the rest of the material I will be presenting and while it may not exactly fit the theme of "crazy" (well okay none of this is "normal" either) as previously mentioned, I do believe it fits the greater picture. If nothing else, okay, the show begins with a blatant "sex" theme of which would make Madonna appear a saint as not even she has ever been as blatant in all her performances over the years (not to mention the lyrics of the song "S&M").

Next up... there's "Queen B" as she is apparently being referred to as now otherwise known as "Beyonce" performing her song "Run The World (Girls)” that is ANYTHING other than "ladylike" to say the least. I say this because, while I did and do understand one layer of meaning of the song and the message it contains (empowerment for women in a male dominant world), this performance immediately follows her receiving the "Billboard Millennium Award" presented by Michelle Obama with mention of "the positive role model for girls" she (sorry I would have to disagree) supposedly is at which point the actual performance starts and the visuals combined with the lyrics just sort of stood out without any further explanation needed.

The song is titled "Run the World" and the lyrics start out with:

"Girls, we run this motha (yeah!) [x4] GIRLS!" - (yes the "motha" implies "motha______")

"Who run the world? Girls! [x4]" - (interesting phrase)

"My persuasion can build a nation" - (also interesting)

"In this our, our love we can devour"

"You'll do anything for me" - (oh wonderful)

So I don't know about you but this is all sounding rather "healthy" in my book. I am posting the lyrics that really spoke to me along the lines of an awareness that did not come easily to be able to acknowledge let alone point out. As for my pulling single lines and using them out of context... I am justified given the circumstances involved. The only thing I am trying to create here is an illustration in words of what appeared on Sunday evening.

See for yourself:

Again just consider the repetition of "who run the world?" and ask yourself what first comes to mind. Add to that the symbolism (black and white checkerboard, the lion [sun], pyramids, black sun, black and white checkered earth followed by a spinning hypnosis wheel, etc.) and that's just a few) and you have enough right there to rule out any remaining hope this could all be simply attributed to coincidence or innocence of any kind. She of course receives quite the applause and offers up an acceptance speech.

Next up we have "Ke$ha" performing her songs "Animal" and "Blow" and it was this performance, if not the last, that probably got to me the most.. setting off my alarm bells.

[Note: Pay particular attention at the 1:25 mark when the platform she had been standing on rotates up as she steps off and displays itself for the remainder of the act as a looming black pyramid. Oh and not to mention the dudes in red!]

Now for the lyrics from "Blow":

"Back door cracked; we don't need a key" - ("cracked" meaning "mind" or "figured out" - key it seems meaning "infiltrated"?)

"We get in for free; No VIP sleaze" - (one of the "elites" now? or just thinking you are? or she herself snuck in an "uninitiated" friend? [see next 2 lines])

"Drink that Kool-Aid; Follow my lead" - (hmm, interesting)
"Now you're one of us; You're coming with me" - (hmm, even more interesting)

"It's time to kill the lights; And shut the DJ down" (dual layer metaphor?)
"(This place about to)"
"Tonight were taking over; No one's getting out" (dual layer metaphor?)
"This place about to blow" x5

"Now what (What); We're taking control" - (yet another "control" reference)
"We get what we want; We do what you don't" - ("we" huh? well "we" aren't part of THIS club)

"It's time to lose your mind; And let the crazy out" - (STILL another "lose your mind"/"crazy" reference - you getting it yet?)

"(this place about to)
"Tonight we're taking names; 'Cause we don't mess around" - (slightly threatening to anyone else? at least in "my" internal context at this point it sure is)

"(This place about to blow)" x 5 - (will be keeping this in mind for future reference)

"Go, go, go, go insane" - (what's the saying... "hear it enough times and it comes ____?" - just saying)
"Go insane" - (yes yes)

"We are taking, over" - (dual layer meaning - who is "we"?)
"Get used to it, over" - (pushy/threatening tone)

"This place about to blow" - (must be one of them new "hip" terms the kids are using these days... yeah)

NOW THE IMPORTANT PART: The lyrics: "we are taking over... so get used to it, America... this place about to blow"

[Note: see 2:59 for what was what was actually blurted out in this live performance. This is where I personally jumped off the fence after deciding to reserve any sort of collective judgment following the earlier Beyonce performance]

I think this is worth repeating in case I am somehow not able to convey this properly:
"we are taking over... so get used to it, America... this place about to blow"

From here on out it just gets "craz(ier)"...

Next up was "Cee Lo Green" with his rendition of the song "Crazy":

The relevant lyrics are as follows:

"I remember when, I remember; I remember when I lost my mind"
"And when you're out there without care; Yeah, I was out of touch"
"But it wasn't because I didn't know enough; I just knew too much"
"Does that make me crazy? Possibly"

"But think twice; That's my only advice"

"Come on now, who do you"
"Who do you, who do you, who do you think you are?"
"Ha ha ha, bless your soul"
"You really think you're in control?"

"But maybe I'm crazy"
"Maybe you're crazy"
"Maybe we're crazy"

Now, why was THIS song from 2006 injected into THIS years show as a cover exactly? Just something to consider, especially given all of what follows...

The band U2 was presented with the "Top Touring Artist" award at which time some footage from one of their concerts was displayed. It was in this sequence that they are shown performing a song off their last album called "I'll Go Crazy if I Don't Go Crazy Tonight" (among others) in a clip from a concert with a large screen above the stage which displayed the single image of an "eye"...

This may be viewed here [See 2:44]:

The "relevant" lyrics are as follows (though the whole song speaks for itself):

"She's a rainbow and she loves the peaceful life; Knows I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight"
(the term "rainbow" as it is used here should maybe ring bells for some of you - OR it's simply a "flower girl" - but I know better the metaphor at this stage)

"There's a part of me in chaos that's quiet; And there's a part of you that wants me to riot" - (fear of sharing certain realizations and wanting to do something about it once realized)

"How can you stand next to the truth and not see it?" - (hidden in plain sight)

"It's not a hill it's a mountain; As you start out the climb" - (journey of awakening)

"Do you believe me or are you doubtin?" - (anyone who's ever tried sharing their realizations sure knows this one eh? - ie "do you think I'm crazy/losing it?")

"We're gonna make it all the way to the light; But I know I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight" - (all the way to the "light" eh?)

"Every generation gets a chance to change the world; Divination that will listen to your boys and girls"

"Is the sweetest melody the one we haven't heard?"

"Is it true that perfect love drives out all fear?"

"The right to be ridiculous is something I hold dear" - (ridiculous as in "antics of the recently awakened raving lunatic" to those still sleeping?)

"You see for me I've been shoutin" - (attempting to wake others)

"Baby, baby, baby, I know I'm not alone" - (just as I know in writing all of this there are those of you who will understand completely... ie a good feeling/vindication/relief/NOT crazy lol)

"Let's shout until the darkness, squeeze out sparks of light" - (plan of action against the unnamed oppression? or hope)

"You know we'll go crazy, if we don't go crazy tonight" - (certain realizations and the hopelessness and helplessness that follows can be a real rough ride)

The show ended as it started with "Britney Spears" only this time with "Nicki Minaj" (of which both have displayed certain "searchable" similarities) with the songs "Superbass" and "Til the World Ends"...

This may be viewed here:

The lyrics for "Super Bass" include:

"You're like slicker than the guy with the thing on his eye, oh" - (almost didn't bother but why not?)

The lyrics for "Til the World Ends":

"Baby Let Me Blow Your Mind Tonight" - ("awakening" can be a real "mind-blower")

"Watch Me Move When I Loose When I Loose It Hard" - ("loose it hard" = gone "crazy")

"See The Sunlight; We Ain't Stoppin’" - ("sunlight" - marching forward to "enlightenment" and going "crazy" in the process?)

My commentary on the meaning of any of these lyrics is obviously subject to interpretation. However, it is when these specific words are heard with very specific accompanying visuals that compliments what was obviously the central theme of the entire show (ie "crazy" and/or "end of the world"). It is also very common for sophisticated (if you can even really call it that) songs (songs written for a specific purpose/intent) to have multiple layers of meaning) to have a "personal", "group" and "global" application or intent each of which may hold differing meaning, purpose or intent... that is a personal (secret) meaning, one that people will relate to at the singular/individual level and yet another greater more global meaning/intent that might also never be considered, discovered or even known. Okay so... sure... why not...? These are all just innocent "club" songs about nothing more than a little "bump and grind" and were never intended to be deconstructed with new purpose to have been injected. Yeah that and you can also take either the "red" pill or the "blue" one... and that choice is obviously your own.

In closing...

It was with hesitation that I bothered to spend the energy to put this all together let alone share it in a public forum. It is furthest from my intention to "glorify" any of this in any way whatsoever. I am also rather aware of the accountability and responsibility that comes with sharing this information as you never know what ONE thing it may be that whether realized at the time or not is the ONE thing responsible for the "awakening" experience. The process of "awakening" can be a difficult time (moreso for some than others) and can literally alter the course of ones life. I find myself, therefore, extremely reluctant to share all of this with all of that in mind and I take that aspect very seriously when it comes to these matters in both my private, personal and virtual existence.

That said...

At the end of the day, there is simply no way for me to rule all of this out as the result of mere coincidence nor some twisted trend that will fade away as it has over time continued to manifest increasingly throughout all media culture and has never been as blatant as it is at this current time. I have heard all of the arguments... it's just to make money... it's cutting edge trend... oh it's just marketing... well it's not right whichever direction you wish to make sense of it.

On one hand, the artists themselves may or may not have had control of the song choices used in the performances and may or may not have been aware of the symbolism and what it may or may not convey to the audience and the artists may or may not be pawns in a game of a very real dark agenda...

On the other hand, I am forced to consider all of the technical planning in terms of design, special effects, set, color scheme (did you notice all the black and white?), performance lineup, intentional controversy (language and content not for kids/families), etc. that goes into such a production not to mention the fact that there have since been lawsuits filed involving the FCC. I mean, consider all the planning and rehearsals and follow the money and then tell me this wasn't intentional. Perhaps one has to read a little between the lines? The specific song choices used alone... I mean c'mon! Blatant! It's in the repetition... the "mantra" and "energy" of the "incantation" among the "symbols" intended to offer one meaning to "us" and another to "them"... OR it was a message to the sheep with at least one eye open.

My point is that it's televised events such as this one that will tend to draw people together and will tend to be a point of discussion the next day in the office or on Facebook or wherever which is a given. While I made a point to watch ahead of time JUST to see if indeed such content would be readily identifiable I never expected to see all of THIS! Given the nature of the show, I walked away not feeling well... mentally or physically. Now imagine what the impact might have on "friends" and "families" without their knowledge on the subconscious level. That aside I must say it was both alarming and disturbing to watch friends of mine literally cheer all of this on as if to say they support the content of the songs in terms of the lyrics and all their innuendo and the symbols and all their dark intent. To put it in the shortest way I can think of... it was simply NOT a good time. I actually at one point felt like I was witnessing everyone around me being conditioned and programmed and to see the reactions (or lack thereof) was truly disturbing for me on a deep psychological and spiritual level and with a renewed sense of wanting to share this with those friends but realizing they may actually be safer remaining unaware. With awareness comes accountability and the loss of innocence. That being another reason I found this so disturbing right there... because those responsible for putting this show together have clearly demonstrated that they are/were operating with negative intent upon the masses. No question! There just isn't any way around it anymore. I'm a 35 year old man who loves it fast and loud and this all disturbed me greatly. This intention will become more and more frequent as time goes on... just as it has until now... only never before so overly (say it again) blatant! We are living in an interesting time.... no doubt. There is a certain building "oppression" that will force many to the point of awakening... just as it is happening all around us and just as it happened to me.

Yeah sure it's only rock and roll... MTV kinda stuff eh? I can assure you I'm no stranger to the culture that is all that one born in 1976 would have been exposed to. A music lover for as long as I can remember and having been brought up before the dawn of the internet and cell phone age and to see all of that emerge at that awkward age where you're still a kid and not yet an adult and then to have made that complete transition myself I feel I am in a unique position (my generation) to offer up the (possibly unique) perspective that comes with all of that. Media has come a long way baby!

So I suppose I have been "enlightened" just long enough to "get it" when it's presented but apparently not for long enough in that this show had the impact on me that it did. I think I've spelled it out pretty good in case you're at this point still wondering what the big deal is/was for me personally.

I will share the smallest of possible examples that came out of my own awakening, the following common sayings or phrases meant one thing (and only one thing) to me my entire life, that is, until realization forced me completely into another way of thinking. Those phrases (you should be readily familiar with) are the following:

"get with the program" as well as "more (to it) than meets the eye"

In case you didn't catch that just go back and read them again. Enough about that...

I personally do not regret it. I also do not recommend it. There is a cost... it is up to you to determine whether
there is a cost for freedom or not. If you agree that the truth shall set you free then I can only tell you that
that seems to be the case indeed as I have truly broken from the "box" the institutions have conditioned me into since birth and there are both positive and negative aspects to this (especially societal) along with a previously unknown and often murky set of boundaries/limitations that I continue to work through as my search for "truth" and "understanding" continues. Just know that once realized always realized. There is no going back. Sort of like riding a bike...


Everything stated here is based upon my own experience and opinion alone and therefore please do not take my word for it or use this content to proceed in your own quest without performing your own research. *There is more than subtle distinction to be made between "knowledge" and "realization" and while you can by method obtain "knowledge" it is "realization" that will obtain you... that is, I had no choice in the matter in the way it smacked me harshly, bluntly and undeniably all in an instant and you're never the same once this happens. I was only seeking...

Now please blast away or add anything I may have left out as you wish. Just remember this isn't about "me" so say what you will but for the purpose of constructive discussion please try to attack the message and not the messenger. This is NOT any message of mine alone. If you must attack the messenger then so be it. I will assuredly have been through much worse. Besides, I couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted to and never once did I have ANY idea that this was what may or may not lie on the other side in terms of what I used to think the "awakening" process I had always heard so much about. At no time was I sure it would ever happen to me. Am I sure that I have had the "awakening" experience happen to me? No question. Am I stating that I am now "officially" awake? No? I don't know. I don't believe there to be such proper consensus. That is subjective. I have no idea, just as before, that which I do not yet know and therefore have yet to realize. It will be an ongoing journey until this physical life ends.

What is the point to all of this? That is for you to "realize" or determine for yourself. Going to have to leave it right there...

[Final Note: The links to the videos will most likely die or disappear. I left some things out and did so on purpose for the sake of length of post and time. Your thoughts, questions or comments would be most appreciated so please don't hesitate to send me a private message for ANY reason at all if you are so moved one way or another]
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posted on May, 25 2011 @ 06:17 AM
reply to post by User8911

What does this have to do with the topic?

And why are so many men on here resorting to bashing women? Are the males of ATS really that insecure?

posted on May, 31 2011 @ 12:27 AM
reply to post by spectre76

"Crazy" was Ceelo's song when he was in the duo Gnarles Barkley. Beyonce, Britney, Rihanna perform's were Illuminati based. Kesha, not really. I actually know Kesha bec. she plays dodgeball in L.A. with me sometimes. She's kind of dumb. Just a tool for her company.

See Beyonce's/their Illuminati connections:

posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 06:09 AM

Originally posted by mikeleo
reply to post by spectre76

"Crazy" was Ceelo's song when he was in the duo Gnarles Barkley. Beyonce, Britney, Rihanna perform's were Illuminati based. Kesha, not really. I actually know Kesha bec. she plays dodgeball in L.A. with me sometimes. She's kind of dumb. Just a tool for her company.

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond and for the clarification on the song "Crazy" for which I still see a theme for "crazy" and/or "insane" throughout the "ceremony" as with U2 as well as for Ke$ha and particularly in the following lyrics:

"It's time to lose your mind; And let the crazy out"
"This place about to blow" x 5
"Go, go, go, go insane"
"Go insane"
"We are taking, over"
"Get used to it, over"

...and then there was this... which regardless of the context, intent, purpose or origin, I felt was intentionally designed to activate alarm bells within the subconscious and I given current events around the globe as they pertain to "America" I just felt the statement overall was, to say the least, irresponsible:

"we are taking over... so get used to it, America... this place about to blow"

Again, given all the time it took to put together costumes(military horses, etc.), props (pyramid platform, cannon, etc.) and overall concept I find it hard to believe it was all mere coincidence. The fact is (at least in my mind) that this performance (like most others) was awkward, depressing, oppressive, dark, negative and plain strange. As for the entire production... I failed to see ONE truly positive message in the entire ordeal. I found it to be more anxiety inducing than entertaining and I'm not even normally as sensitive to time wasted on such things.

Thanks again for the added information...

posted on Mar, 25 2012 @ 12:53 PM
reply to post by spectre76

Thank you spectre76 for the great posts, I know I arrived back way too late but still, quite interesting.

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