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Florida lawmakers voting to get rid of text books.

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posted on May, 23 2011 @ 07:09 AM
I saw this on the news and living in Florida I am HIGHLY against it.

I know e-readers are all the rage and fad right now but replacing text books with iPads is not the way to go. It is expensive and they aren't very sturdy. Nobody is going to steal your chemistry or math book, but someone sure as heck will steal your iPad or Kindle.

On the news they stated that they would cut classes and jobs just to pay for these iPads. Now how is that any good or helpful? The Florida education system is in need of a major redo as is the rest of the country.

iPads are not as reliable as a book. You drop it you are screwed, you spill something on it same thing. Books are cheaper and in the long run better and more cost effective. Books can last years, I doubt these iPads will last that long with all the usage they will have being used for a classroom. Also these things are not good for your eyes so now kids will get bad vision and or headaches as a result.

I really don't think these lawmakers think of any of this!

Now, state lawmakers are turning the page on old-fashioned textbooks. Under a new mandate, within five years, half of all books on campus will have to be in electronic form. It's all part of a push to modernize education, in the name of improving student performance. E-books may be part of the playbook for a cyber-savvy education. But, they're also expensive. After years of budget cuts, many districts could be in for an old-fashioned and very painful lesson in economics. Buying an iPad, Kindle or Nook for every student could run up to $12,000 per class. That's on top of the cost of the actual books.

Modernize education?! Why not modernize it in the educational form not technology? Is it so they can look cool and hip? Yes that is what I think..Why not have more teachers and better learning programs?

Improving student performance? I don't agree! It doesn't, it's just a digital reader how does that improve ones performance? Better teachers and programs improve performance.

Who will pay for these? The school or the parents? What if the parents can't afford them? Are they going to lend them one? No...I remember when I was in school and if you couldn't pay for the book they lent you one so everyone had a book. I do not see that happening with something that costs about $500 bucks a pop.

Even though federal grant money could help with the initial bill, some districts may have no choice but to eliminate classes and even teachers.

How is eliminating teachers and classes good?! It isn't! Lets lay people off and cram classes so we can look cool with our iPads in class.

I am a huge iPad fan but I don't think they need to replace text books. They are talking about doing this in the next 5yrs here in Florida. It amazes me because Florida has a high unemployment rate and the school system isn't that great yet they are concerned about replacing books with iPads.

I am so against this!

posted on May, 24 2011 @ 02:18 PM
Should I have said FL lawmakers to vote on the next doomsday?!

GEESH! You people don't respond to anything unless it's doom and fricking gloom...


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