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SECURITY: Airport Security Issues

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posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 08:38 PM
Since September 11th, 2001, airport security has increased dramatically. Bush has said that they need to increase more, Kerry has said that they need to increase, it is obvious that they do.

There have been a lot of securities put into place including:

-Thousands of federal air marshals flying on tens of thousands of flights each month.
-Tapping innovations in technology - such as a more robust passenger pre-screening system and 100% screening of checked baggage.
-Better perimeter security and hardened cockpit doors.
-Dedicated screeners - 56,000 of them, hired, trained and deployed to all 429 commercial airports. On average, they move some 2 million air travelers, and 2 million-plus pieces of luggage, safely through security every day.

Are these enough? Will they only get changed / increase when there is another terrorist attack using planes?

There are still ways for Terrorists to get weapons onto airplanes, and that isn't the only issue.

Even an attack in an airport would be devastating, and there isn't much stopping them from bringing explosives into an airport, without their luggage being scanned until they board their planes.

These security issues need to be dealt with before something else happens.

Bush on Airport Security

Kerry on Airport Security

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posted on Aug, 5 2004 @ 06:46 PM
The issue of Airport security is a troubling one to be sure. The current system has alot of holes and needs some fine tuning to provide the level of protection that we need to secure our planes and airports.

How much security is too much? We have to have a balance between the needs of keeping safe, our traditional freedoms, and the ability of our airlines to make a profit. My case in point is El Al.

El AL has an all encompasing security plan that begins before check in and may even progress on the plane itself. However, what is not mentioned is that El AL is heavily subsidized and otherwise would not be able to turn a profit. it would be impossible for the US airlines to completely imulate EL Al's security practices without severly impacting our aviation community.

Is our current security plan perfect? No at all, however as I stated above fine tuning of the system will continue over time. Using a continuous quality improvement model will help to perfect the system and make flying safer for everyone

posted on Aug, 6 2004 @ 12:45 PM
Airport sercurity is something is always going to be on high alert for a good while now specially since the IRAQ war, and until terrorism ends its gonna get more increased.

I think that the sercurity should be increased, or at least give the sercurity working there, special powers, for example to check whoever's luggage, or should luggage be checked before entering an airport ?

Final Verdict: Until the terrorism threat is brought significantly brought down, the sercurity is only going to increase. Increasing might cost more resources, but it could save lifes, but then what happens when another attack happens else where? is that area going to be as well sercure.


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