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So you wanna help?

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posted on May, 22 2011 @ 07:56 PM
Helping people without them knowing and you are helping yourself. With them knowing and you are helping each other.

You are one person. We are one people, one earth, one universe. One that makes us not equal is pretending existence and mocking the god that is everything in the air we breath and the emotions we have. As one we experience existence and we are not separate. Look for love everywhere around you and find it, feel it, and express it. Show gratitude and forgiveness to extend loves existence. This is your creation leaving a lasting imprint upon the paths you walk.

Love is your fire it is your home and that in itself is a flammable statement but it will never stop burning.We are the one form of existence and so one part actually does make a whole. We have the ability to determine the magnitude of how big or small our reality actually is. And so one form we are one part of the creation and so we continue to observe and create our expectations and everything we hope, love, and dream for.

Make your dreams a reality,


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