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International Contributors

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posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 05:55 PM
Mission Statement

International Contributors support the latest ATS effort at Denying Ignorance with their Campaign 2004 forums.

It is important to understand that the intellectual exercise the international contributor brings to the discussion is different.

An international contributor can give the American people the World’s perspective on the issues.

An International Contributor is not affiliated with a particular political party’s ideology since they are not citizens of the US and the election is an internal political exercise.

An International Contributor's role should be to play “devil’s advocate” by posing the right questions without resorting to unpleasantness.

An International Contributor's role should be providing examples and information from any source regardless of political affiliation or nationality.

I love the Team Flags for the participants
and I really hope we can have one for these people.

Who else is on this team formerly known as "others"?

P.S. Members of this team may U2U me with suggested amendments or additions to this Mission Statement.

[edit on 8/3/2004 by Gools]


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