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New Animal feed that can be used as Ethanol fuel.

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posted on May, 22 2011 @ 12:11 PM
It would appear that efficiency in Ethanol fuel will be showing some promising results for future fuel consumption.

Iowa State University's Hans van Leeuwen has moved his research team's award-winning idea for improving ethanol production from a laboratory to a pilot plant.

Now he knows the idea, which produces a new animal feed and cleans water that can be recycled back into ethanol production, works more efficiently in batches of up to 350 gallons than on a lab bench.
"We're learning we can reliably produce good quality and good quantities," said van Leeuwen, Iowa State's Vlasta Klima Balloun Professor of Engineering in the department of civil, construction and environmental engineering.

No doubt that this will save millions of dollars for ethanol producers here in the states but how much exactly will they be saving?

Van Leeuwen said the production technology can save United States ethanol producers up to $800 million a year in energy costs. He also said the technology can produce ethanol co-products worth another $800 million or more per year, depending on how it is used and marketed.

So many uses for ethanol as a Fuel, Antiseptic, and for other purposes as well. I just hope they can make more cars run on this stuff as well but most likely will never happen.


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