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Nibiru on Switzerland and Iraq BANKNOTES.

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posted on May, 22 2011 @ 05:56 PM
I was checking this out and even stranger if you check this link

The first place person was to have won the rights to design there new bills but due to public backlash the second place person gets the rights to design the bills released in "2012". To note though check out the 200 francs bill by the original winner DNA on the front and another solar system on the back as well some other odd images to check out. As well strange i find that the new winners 200 franc bill also included a telescope or a signification of astronomy


posted on May, 22 2011 @ 06:17 PM
Here is the 100 Franc Swiss Banknote...

The guy on the front is Swiss artist, Alberto Giacometti.

This is some of his art...

Here is the obverse of the 100 Franc Swiss note...

So if those are supposed to be the Annunaki then I imagine this must be their cat...

posted on May, 22 2011 @ 07:00 PM

Originally posted by DOUGH3914
Not to mention we do have a super volcano. What could anybody do to prepare for the unknown. Lets just hope that there is a next realm when we die so all can be at peace and ease. Good find though

We have 3 Super Volcanos, Colorado, Long Valley and Yellowstone
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posted on May, 22 2011 @ 07:11 PM

Originally posted by Hindenburg
you can even see the moons orbit around the earth. this is very detailed i'm sure there is more hidden information

Blow up your page to 400% the cicles look like math. Look at the UFO like one in front of the guys eye. What is it supposed to be?

posted on May, 22 2011 @ 08:14 PM

Originally posted by SaneThinking
I was checking this out and even stranger if you check this link

Ugh, those are the new bank bills for 2012 in my country? Good lord are they ugly....
will have to look at them for a few years, oh dear. *sigh*

posted on May, 22 2011 @ 08:33 PM
Well I have to wonder why no one has worked out that the orbit of 'Nibiru" on the note is quite small, does it look like a 3600 year orbit?

It's not much bigger than the outer planets orbits, it barely even leaves the solar system.

posted on May, 22 2011 @ 09:11 PM
a rap song about niburu's 3600 year orbit:

posted on May, 22 2011 @ 09:21 PM

Originally posted by Afterthought
Thanks for posting this! I wanted to give it a bump.

By the way, where are all the debunkers???

I am wondering that also. Usually any thread with Nibiru/Planet x in it is immediately jumped all over by armchair scientists screaming it doesn't exist! Sitchin is a fraud!
They will all get a surprise one day. I am ready, been ready for years.

posted on May, 22 2011 @ 09:51 PM
reply to post by autowrench

You and me both!
I do find it extremely strange that NASA and all the government outlets are only releasing small bits of evidence that happen to be written in ways that enable them to backtrack and counteract their statements. As I said in a previous Nibiru thread - People need to start taking this seriously or seriously consider that our ancestors were mermaids and mermen because there are too many underwater "cities" to simply say that nothing has ever disrupted our Earth.

posted on May, 22 2011 @ 11:12 PM
reply to post by Chadwickus

You are right, but the sun' size isn't exact either, yet the circle in the middle represents the Sun.

Nice find, very cool. But the object with the red orbit looks like a comet since it has a tail, and it is blue, right? Isn't there a prophecy about a blue "star" or comet coming to bring destruction on Earth?

Bravo to the poster who found the images of the Hundert Franken. When I first saw it in the video, the image of the elongated humanoid, made me think of the pictures of the elongating stick alien that went over a building...

posted on May, 23 2011 @ 12:17 AM
NowanKenubi beat me too it!

is it just me, or do the images of the "tall men" on the note itself and the actual piece of art..

bear striking resemblance to the recent "tall alien" video(s?) out of spain..

not to mention all of the old giant skull/skeleton/starchild info I'm sure most of us have glanced over in the past..

lends more credence to the whole nibiru/annunaki theory imo..

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posted on May, 23 2011 @ 04:38 AM
reply to post by LaTouffe

I've looked into niburu and I think its actually there I did some searching on it google/youtube bing trying to find info on it I came across this video on youtube that showed a picture of a red planet coulda been a star but it looked like a planet with moons around it and coardinates to where the picture was taken from in google sky and whoever its not there anymore the spot has been blanked out and as far as I'm concerned its the only spot blanked in google sky there's no logical reason for it look it up I'd give you the link but I am on my cell

posted on May, 23 2011 @ 04:53 AM
reply to post by LaTouffe

Great find S+F
Anyone able to translate the Russian (?) text???

posted on May, 23 2011 @ 04:53 AM
Holy smoking do-do, that's the most compelling view on planet x I've seen. (I wasn't buying the idea)
My next question is who designed the note?
and can we get an explanation from a scientific point of view, Why there is an outside 10th planet interlocking in a cycle with our solar system on a swiss franc note

posted on May, 23 2011 @ 05:12 AM
Well it is obviously a comet or something, but those 3 figures on the note is more interesting to me.

surely interesting

posted on May, 23 2011 @ 05:32 AM
This is a joke isn't it? The diagram is a stylised representation of the solar system. The distances from sun to orbit of each planet (excluding neptune,uranus and pluto) is completely disproportional. The outer planets are not even on there. Finally the "comet" has an orbit which is within Uranus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's freaking artistic licence , nothing more. The artist would be in hysterics if he read all the above interpretation.

Where is this desperation coming from? Could it be that every single prediction for "mega events" in 2011 to date has come to nothing, so the next "big one" ( comet Elenin) is being hyped up in your minds through desperation to have something happen !!!

posted on May, 23 2011 @ 05:34 AM
OK a star and flag to get more attention, on this one.
Hope its just a joke! but i don't see the funny part

posted on May, 23 2011 @ 06:00 AM
reply to post by Chadwickus

Its two dimensional Chadwickus, but you already knew that.

posted on May, 23 2011 @ 06:04 AM
Looks like Halley's comet to me people." target='_blank' class='tabOff'/>

posted on May, 23 2011 @ 06:11 AM
I've struggled to get an definitive image of the trajectory of Halley's Comet, but the more authoratitive one's show it as about there. well at a stretch. Don't shout at me, just saying. If one takes into account creative and artistic licence it's not that far off.
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