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Exploring/tracking the possibility of land & sea animal events linked to earthquakes

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posted on May, 22 2011 @ 03:41 AM
In late October of 2009 the Sea Lions of pier 39 in San Francisco started the mass exodus. They were later believed to have reappeared in the Sea Lion Caves area in Oregon. Being aware of the widely observed occurrence of animals acting strangely before earthquakes I took notice.

I looked at how close they were to fault lines at pier 39 vs the caves in Oregon. They were closer in Oregon, strange I thought, oh well just a weird animal thing. Then Giant Squad invasion off the coast of California all over the news in Late January 2010. Normally found in the deep sea off the coast of Mexico, it is odd for Humboldt Squid to have migrated in such large numbers to the shallow waters of the Southern California coast. Again I noticed and wondered. Both events have happened before but in the past not ALL the sea lions left like they did this time and the amount of squid this time was unusually high. Again noted in my head and went on with life.

February 27 2010, 8.8 Chile --- April 4 2010, 7.2 Baja California Mexico. When these hit I couldn't help but think the build up/plate underground going-ons cause the animal events just a few months earlier.

Its known that chimneys exist under water, black smokers, white smokers, all hydrothermal vents. What if with certain earthquakes the gases expelled from these vents changes and all of the sudden makes the water in the area uninhabitable for certain sea life i.e. sea lions, at the same time the change or progression of change attracts other sea life i.e. Squid???

check out the centuries old legend of earthquake fish in Japan, sightings of this deep sea fish have saved villages many times.

So there you go. Thanks for hanging in for the long read.
Add instances of animals and earthquake connections
Add odd animal events for maybe later connections
and fire away on the theory


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