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Transformers, Transformers Everywhere!

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posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 08:40 AM

Originally posted by neOrevolutionist
So here's the deal: Take a look at all the recent transformer explosions from the last few months -


Fire department officials responded to a transformer explosion at the intersection of 16th Street and Park Avenue yesterday evening, said a source from the Hoboken Fire Department.


The explosion occurred about 12:25 a.m. on Frank Sinatra Drive, behind the Monte Carlo resort. Responding firefighters were met by flames as high as 90 feet.


An electrical transformer blew up early Thursday morning, causing a fire on the roof of Nasco International Inc. in Fort Atkinson.


The Los Angeles City Fire Department determined that an underground electrical transformer vault caused the explosion under the southbound lanes of Westwood Boulevard.


Fort Worth firefighters responded to several calls involving transformers and electrical problems Tuesday night, Fort Worth Fire Department spokesman Tim Hardeman said.


Late Friday night only moments before the clock struck midnight a gathering of youths at the first annual “Campfires and Amplifiers” music festival in Piney Point were startled by the shock wave of an explosion coming from a transformer explosion which completely destroyed a supposedly abandoned building close to the campsite

and these are just a few from a quick search of news. I have also researched past years, and YES there are some transformer explosions, but not the amount and frequency.

IMHO...Something is up with either (A) The Weather (B) Elenin (C) HAARP or (D) All of the Above

What's your take???

My take? America's infrastructure is outdated and in need of urgent replacement.
Remember that massive bridge collapse a few years ago? Are you going to attribute that to Elenin? Harp? Aliens?

It's not secret that America's infrastructure is aging badly.
Thing's falling apart, exploding, is no surprise.

They could have started fixing it all ten years ago, but instead they invaded Afghanistan then a few years later Iraq and have spent hundreds of billions on two wars.

There's your answer.

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