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Time travel theories (

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posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 01:36 PM
I do realize that there are many topics dealing with time travel but bear with me here.

Now my knowledge of time traveling might not be as intricate as some, i have not read every book, every theory, ever schematic. One thing that I would like to look further into is why we cant think ahead and tell ourselves to travel back in time and set stuff in place or do things that we needed (like in bill and ted). Why can we not do this? Is it becuase of a time wall in 2012? Can we really but arent able to in our life times? Are there people who have done this? Is time travel infact possible?

These are all questioins that I would like to discuss on this topic. Plz feel free to join in the converstaion.

First I would like to start off with my input on all of these. Why can we not do what they did in Bill and Ted? I belive that we cannot do this not becuase of the lack of a time machine but becuase of a "time wall" in the year 2012 that many time travelers claim to be there. Although there are many people who say you cannot travel into the future becuase it is not yet set. We do not infact know that. If we were to take the veiw of time travel in a show like DBZ the future is in fact set and there is an infinate amount of times running at once, each a bit a head or behind of others. This would make time travel into the future as well as the past possible. But still then, if that is true than we should be able to do what they do in Bill and Ted, saying that we have the ablitity to time travel in our time and there is no "time wall" or something in our way....

Just thought i would get the ball
ing. As well like all the other topics on ATS all I am trying to do here is to gain some insight into a topic that I perhaps do not know that much about as well as share some information with people who know less than I (few). Plz add constructive critisism. If there is already a topic on thsi plz forgive me/ignore
. Finally plz forgive my lack of knowledge on what the theories are called, i am not good with names
and keep in mind I am a newer member.

PS if you are wondering why i am going into such detail about not being an A$$ about the stuff i have just posted it is becuase in the past i have encountered some trouble with stupid people being ignorant.

posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 04:11 PM
My thought is that a given time line is singular.
If you travel back into the past from the future, then logically that event of your arrival and stay are already back there in the past. If they aren't then you didn't travel back to this timeline, therefore you didn't time travel, you universe jumped.

I suppose the seductive notion is that you can 'change the past/present' to alter the future/present.

Perhaps the past as well as the future doesn't really exist, at least not in the way we (want to?) think about it. The past may be an illusion of our minds. Many of the 'facts' of history are incomplete abstractions and some of them are probably just plain wrong. The intricate complexities of each instant are so deep and mysterious that we really have no concept of the past.

Our minds also sometimes try to deal with the future by playing out different scenarios as though more than one possibility existed. Since only one sequence of events will happen, it could be this is an illusion of our minds. Perhaps free will is also an illusion.

It makes it sound like the past is an automatronic disneyland ride, "one E ticket to go see ancient philosophers". In a strange sense every event that has occured in the past is reflected in the present. The past is all around us, just in a re-arranged fashion. We think of the past as fixed (dead?) and ridged, in fact it may be alive all around us

It's not that i don't want people to think about the future and potential consequences of their actions, it's just that i think people have to have a slightly looser grip on it. You can hold a cube of jello in your hand, but if you clench and squeeze it, it smashes between your fingers.

posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 06:27 PM
I too think that time may be just and illusion that our minds make. There is one theory albeit not a leading one that trys to do away with time by making each moment eternal, like pages in a book. Each moment is a unique configuration of all the parts in the universe. Whether this configuration can be remade I can't recall but it would seem to me very unlikely because the whole universe is involved, and even if i could be remade it wouldn't necessarily be the past or future just another copy of that certain configuration or page in the book.

posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 06:33 PM
i too believe that time is relative and is just a way that our minds use to catetgorize what it percieves. if we could train our minds then we could (theoretically) timetravel etc.
if you really think about it, in an emergency or in sports, time is percieved at a much slower pace than what others percieve.

posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 08:21 PM
wat is it with all these time travel topics??!!....It seems everyday there is a new one posted.

All ive been able to obtain from all these threads is that time is relative and that its all in our heads.

Well if its all in our heads, then how can possibly travel to a certain time if it only exists in our heads??...Time is not a physical thing. Its jsut a though. How do u travel to a thought in the future.

Also, i find it very hard to beleive that time travel is possible into the future. How can we travel to a time that hasnt happened yet???...Clearly if we could travel to a future time, it means that everything is predetermined in some kind of way and i personally dont agree with that.

posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 10:20 PM
Here is my current theory and view on time:

Time is just the remembering of the past and speculating on the future. Without the ability to remember the 'NOW' only change and chaos would exist and not time. But once the 'NOW' can be remembered then the past exists and time then exists.

I believe our actual universe is in a sense alive (call it God if you will). Every moment that passes its current configuration is recorded/remembered down to the very tiniest particle. Memory works in a very different manner for this being though, it is much more vivid. There would be no difference that we could tell from our current 'NOW' and a memory of this being if we could somehow become a part of one of its past memories.

Time Travel could be possible in 2 ways. One would be for this being to reconfigure itself to one of its past memories. This would be the truest form of time travel as it would not create a sperate timeline it would just overwrite the now with a past 'memory'. Humans, I assume, could never achieve this sort of time travel.

The second form of timetravel would involve somehow accessing the 'memories' of the universe or God. Once this was accomplished and a method for transporting yourself into the memory was found a new timeline would be created. Why is this? Because you would have just created a new memory inside of the universe/God. The universe or God would have a memory of the past event and also a memory of the same past event but one with you in it. Once in the 'memory' there is no gauruntee that it would continue the same way as before. It is highly like that it would but it is also possible, that free will being the bitch that it is, people may make a different choice or you may have an effect on them. But it is highly likely people will make the same choices but it is not set in stone.

Time travel to the future is a tough subject. It would be easiest for the universe/God. Since it knows everything it can make a guess upon what the future would be like and therefore reconfigure itself. However, since the universe/God can think about the future then a form of 'memory' of this beings best guess on the future should also exist just like the past. If this being thinks half as much as we do then there are likely an infinite number of future 'memories' that we could time travel to. None of them are necessarily our future but they are the best guesses of this being.

So time travel in the future would be possible in a sense. You would be going to A future but not necessarily one that would happen.


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