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Forgiving Her Son's Killer: 'Not An Easy Thing'

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posted on May, 20 2011 @ 08:18 AM
I found this story inspiring! After getting into numerous "an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind" discussions here on ATS it's interesting to actually see someone put it into action.

Mods: I toiled a bit on where to put this, I apologize if it needs to be moved. -her-sons-killer-not-an-easy-thing?sc=fb&cc=fp

posted on May, 20 2011 @ 08:21 AM
She has a beautiful heart to be able to forgive 1 who slayed her son. I can respect that totally and would hope I can develope more with this type of love. Amazing very sad but amazing.

posted on May, 20 2011 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by pyrodude

Wow! Is it odd for me to have mixed emotions about that story?

I mean, good for her.....I guess? I couldn't do it.

Has she truly forgiven him, or has she just latched onto a young man to replace her own son? And, since he is responsible for her loss, he is kind of obligated to let her latch on in this way.

Is this a weird variation of Stockholm Syndrome??

I am happy anytime someone else finds something to make them happy, I don't like to criticize, but I have to say, that story left me scratching my head and wondering.

posted on May, 20 2011 @ 11:48 AM
Thi story reminds me of how powerful true forgiveness can be. Obviously the woman will never get her son back in this life,and she could see how truly sorry her sons murderer was,so it seems fitting that she could forgive him for something he could not go back and change ,as much as he might want to.

I think her son would want her to forgive him as well, if he was truly sorry.

That being said,I think it is very difficult to forgive those who really are not sorry, and I'm not sure they should be.

It bothered me when I saw an interviewer ask the Doctor ,who's two daughters ,and wife had been tortured than killed through a house fire that he managed to escape. Of course he said he couldn't forgive..(it was also less than a few months prior)..but it seemed like the person doing the interview expected that if he was a good person,he should forgive.
I think I would have wanted to punch the interviewer,then ask.."are you ready to forgive me"

posted on May, 20 2011 @ 12:08 PM
reply to post by getreadyalready

Wow, I'm not sure I could be that forgiving; but I know that it is the healthy thing to do. Holding on to rage and hate only harms the one holding on to it mentally, emotionally and physically. I too, have mixed emotions over this story but I tend to believe that she did find the strength to forgive. I note that he says he's yet to forgive himself.

Amazing story.

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