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Is Time Travel Possible? A spirit-based theory of time...

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posted on May, 20 2011 @ 12:38 AM
I was reading my daily engineering e-newsletter yesterday, and near the bottom there was an article about some recent research into reverse-time events.

One experiment seemed to show that a reverse-time event could not take place if the result of that event would be the negation of the particle associated with it.

Another experiment indicated that real reverse-time events can't happen in our universe.

The newsletter then asked readers to leave their own opinions.

I decided to try to write down what I knew about time, and I discovered that I could do this, but that most would consider the ramifications of my idea absurd.

In 1954, Hubbard concluded that:

Time is basically a postulate that space and particles will persist.

This is spirit-based time, which is how I currently understand it.

In this concept of time, all existence is in “present time” and persistence of matter and energy, in this universe, is an apparency driven by the collective intention of its creators (us).

“The past” is nothing but records of other “present times” that we create and hold in present time as we go along.

In traditional mathematical models of objects in motion, time, for convenience, is given a dimension. In non-traditional mathematical models it may be assigned more than one dimension. This promotes the idea that time has dimension. But in spirit-based time, it has no “real” dimension, whereas space does.

This gives a clue as to why Hubbard's work continues to be so ignored and rejected. To consider that the persistence of the whole universe relies on nothing more than what amounts to social agreement gives the impression of a universe that is much more frail than it really seems to be. The alternative view, that spiritual intention is much stronger than what most of us would think, is equally unsettling.

Yet have you ever actually seen any evidence of a “place” called the “past?” The world is full of records of it, and our minds are full of memories of it, but has anyone ever exited from present time to “go” to the past? We use the analogy of travel when speaking about the study of records and remembering, but these activities are really all done in present time.

Likewise, the “future” seems to only consist of concepts of what it could or should or probably will be.

The fact that matter and energy persist is so obvious that in most physical systems, the creation or destruction of matter and energy is not allowed. To suggest that these things really persist only because we want them to is a very radical idea!

But if you give the spirit a much more prominent role in life than it is traditionally given, this concept of time actually aligns with experience, and has led to great advances in the rehabilitation of human ability.

posted on May, 20 2011 @ 01:10 AM
reply to post by l_e_cox

Einstein basically pointed out that we were measuring time like it was something different that the rest of the world around us.

Imagine when travelling North, South or East we measure in Metres, but when travelling West, we measure in Seconds. It would make a mockery of measurement of space, but Einstein said that was what we are doing with time.

Due to the maximum speed (the speed of light) we can say that 1 second equals approx. 386,000 meters.

Suddenly, the measurements are no longer three dimensional but four dimensional (the fourth being time) and so much mystery in Physics becomes commonsense. We can even use the same equations we use for spatial measurment and they tell us about this new combined thing called timespace.

This Einsteinian conceptualization of time as another dimension has been verified and tested both mathematically and experimentally.

Somethings that fall out of these theories are the concepts of Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky bridges, timelike loops and also the concept of time dilation, all of which have been verified mathematically and, in the case of time dilation, also by observation. In these scenarios, time is bendable.

Time travel is possible, but it implies that travelling backwards in time may not "put the genie back in the bottle", so to speak.

If you were to break a flask in space and it's full of gas, the gas will dissipate according to physical rules. If you make the time variable in these equations negative, the gas still dissipates & doesn't neccesarily return to the flask.

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posted on May, 20 2011 @ 03:24 AM
reply to post by l_e_cox

Time does not exist as such. It is only made of thought, the thought 'tomorrow' is the creation of time.
This existence does, like you say, only exist presently. It is always now. The eternal now.
It could be said that time is a distance - from here to there.
But in our experience (which is where we measure from), we can never be anywhere but 'here'. I sit 'here' in front of the pc and where ever i go if i happen to check my location i will always be 'here' and 'now'.
If there is only 'here' and 'now', there is no room in this dimension for time or space. No room for 'things'.
When i look at a star, it is seen now and here to me. Someone would have had to have told me about how many millions of light years away it 'really' is??? But i see it now and here, instantly, intimately.
The words and thoughts are what create the illusion of time and space.
Without time and space can anything actually exist at all?

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posted on May, 20 2011 @ 08:08 AM
My understanding of time and space is that both are 3rd dimensional illusions. The Double Slit Experiment showed how an electron can be in two places at once.

This makes perfect sense to me how it is possible. I say not only can an electron be in two places at once, but people can too. That is, only going to be an acceptable statement if you believe in higher dimensional entities.

Regardless of whether you do or not, I have actually even witnessed how space is an illusion by my own observation, and it really doesn't exist as much as we think it does.

It can be understood and observed by following a line of thought that begins by recognizing that all is one. If you can't grasp that, then don't worry about trying to understand what I'm talking about, or what it means to be in two places at once, because you won't.

Let's just say that if all is one as consciousness, then although I think I am limited to the space that is my body, my higher self that is consciousness is aware of other "spaces" simultaneously. Thus, I am everywhere and everything and differentiation does not exist. Without differentiation, there is no space, because space can be defined as the distance between one object and another. Well there is no difference or defined distance because those objects are one. It is a well-crafted illusion that doesn't gain much popularity because the implications give rise to thoughts that exist outside of most people's comfort zones.

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