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Heatwave and Volcano dream.

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posted on May, 19 2011 @ 09:01 PM
Last year in January 2010 I had a dream that half of it has already come true.

I was putting my shopping in my freezer in my shed. The padlock in my dream had 777 on it. (Meaning it is to do with Revealtion.) Whilst I was putting it away, a hotspot of lava was bubbling up under the floor but the shed wasn't harmed or damaged in any way. I looked around and the usual mess in that shed wasn't there, as if the focus of my dream was just the food.

We both felt as if there wasn't enough food in the freezer, so we went to get some more at the local supermarket. We had just finished paying at the till when over the tanoy came a voice saying will everyone leave the supermarket, as it will now be closed.
I looked back up one of the aisles and I could see another lava hotspot; much bigger and it was burning the food and shelves. It had already burned people.
People started to panic and get into cars that were not driven by themselves but by others. My spouse and I, couldn't believe this and went to our own car to drive home.

What I noticed, at the shed-scene my spouse and I were wearing trousers and a lightweight coat.
In the supermarket scene we were wearing shorts and a tshirt, meaning it had to be a heatwave. And what is highly unusual is that my spouse hates wearing shorts and only does so, if it is a heatwave.

The shed part came true on 14 April 2010 with the Iceland volcano, that was one of the best things to happen to UK. I know you are going to go WHAT? But I have a copy of old but now hidden knowledge, that granite dust is a very good fertilizer that keeps working for years without needing to repeating it.
This volcano had been reported to have acted very unusually, as it moved it's usual ascent tube to the surface to erupt under a glacier, so it produced much finer ash then it usually does. And it was more explosive, so it managed to reach the jet stream, which then blocked (didn't move).
This meant a fine layer of granite dust is now all over Europe and I can testify that my acid loving plant Camilia became very unhappy for a little while (yellow leaves) but this year it has been a record breaking year for flowers, and this has been duplicated all over the plant world, including my fruit trees.
I truly believe that only God could have made the volcano act differently, block the jet stream and then enable the fertilizing dust to reach where it needed to. A blessing in disguise. (probably not thought so by the people on delayed flights.)

Now we are supposed to have a heatwave in May, in UK this weekend. (This has occurred before in 2005 so not that unusual) but it suddenly reminded me of my dream.

The first hotspot didn't do any damage but the next one does and it stops people buying food. So I am putting this out there to be aware, that it could get a bit rough for a while, food wise and maybe airplane wise, IF the Heatwave happens now!

I have seen a satellite picture of the chemtrails being made over the Irish sea, to dump all the incoming moisture from the jet stream, over the Sea instead of reaching inland, causing this so-called drought. I personally have not experienced a shortage in my garden but I hear that Anglia is. Where Market Rasen is BTW, where it is experiencing small EQs.

I am praying that this drought, they are fear mongering, doesn't happen. I and my children, did get a storm to happen on 9 May, by singing.
Peace and love.

posted on May, 21 2011 @ 04:07 PM

Originally posted by AriesJedi
I and my children, did get a storm to happen on 9 May, by singing.
Peace and love.

Any chance you could do this again under test conditions? I`m sure that a certain leader in Iran may be interested in this unusual technique of preventing Europe from "stealing all of his rain".
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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 08:19 PM
No I doubt it.
We have sang 'Let it rain By the Wombles' and no rain occurred. And 'I am Singing in the Rain'. I have seen a UK satellite about the time of the Royal wedding and to the west of UK there were loads of chemtrails (weather modification) lines, obviously dumping the rain in the sea.
We just sang at the right time to get an expected storm that was already due to UK.

We have another song we accidentally found made rain happen 2-4 hours later. It's a folksong called The Fish in the Sea. We were learning it for homeschool and we found it kept raining after. So when we need rain we sing that song.
If you understood how we are all connected and the Slyphs are linked to rain, you too could find it easy to make rain.
Peace and love.


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